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Friday, 15 September 2017

Explosion at 8:20am on Parsons Green Tube - advice about how to stay safe in attacks

This morning London saw the detonation of an improvised explosive device on a tube at Parsons Green Tube station.  It is said that the devise exploded at the height of rush hour just before 8:30am this morning (15/09/2017). Reports say that the device had a timer and that it is being treated as a terror attack.

An eye witness who was on the last carriage of the train at Parsons Green said that he got onto the train and then within 2-3 seconds a "massive bang occurred" and he saw an "orange fireball" circumferencing the carriage ahead which looked like it was coming towards the carriage that he was in. Naturally, in his account, he said that this then led to mass hysteria as hundreds of passengers tried to escape the train from various carriages. Other witnesses say that a "chemical acrid smell" came through the train as they saw a fire ball. An eye witness who saw the device itself said that it was disguised in a shopping bag with a white builders style bucket inside it with wires coming out of it and that it was on fire when he saw it. Reports say that the device exploded but did not fully detonate.

22 people were taken to hospital mainly with flash burn injuries and many people have injuries from being tramped at the station as they tried to escape. A pregnant woman and a young school boy are said to have been among some of those being trampled and trapped during the commotion. Fortunately no-one is said to have any life threatening injuries. A tweet was posted of a passengers chard hair, head and face earlier today after the incident as seen here tweeted by @cupid5tunt 

Assistant Commisioner Mark Rowley advised that the public should "remain vigilant and alert" and not be "alarmed". He also said that anyone who took videos or images at the scene can upload them to:

So what should you do in the event of a suspected terror attack?

At the last terror attack in London we saw the Metropolitan Police issue a RUN, HIDE, TELL policy as seen in this tweet from their twitter profile @metpoliceuk

She Inspired Her have found these useful tips via The Telegraph to stay as safe as possible during such an incident

Remain vigilant and alert
Escape if you can
Consider the safest options
Is there a safe route? RUN, if not HIDE


Can you get there without expsoing yourself to greater danger?
Insist others leave with you
Leave belongings behind
Nactso say: "Run to a place of safety. This is a far better option than to surrender or negotiate"
If you can see the attacker they may be able to see you
Be aware of your exits
Find cover from gunfire e.g substantial brickwork / heavy reinforced work (remember that bullets can penetrate glass, brick, wood and metal).
Be quiet - silence your phone and turn off vibrate


Alert the police by calling 999 as soon as possible
Location - where are the suspects
Direction - where did you last see the suspects
Description - describe the attackers, numbers, features, clothing, weapons
If you cannot speak or make noise listen to the instructions given to you by the call taker 

The terror threat level in London is currently at severe and there is speculation now as to whether it should be raised to critical. 


In an emergency call: 999
Report suspicious behaviour or activity to the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on: 0800 789 321

Stay safe London 
She Inspired Her

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