Friday, 28 September 2018

The BBC Bus in Hackney seeking people from the Windrush Generation during Black History Month

The BBC Bus in Hackney
Are you from the ‘Windrush generation’? Did you arrive in London between 1948 and 1971 from a Caribbean country? Do you have an item that brings back memories of your heritage? Perhaps it’s a pair of gloves, an item of clothing, some tickets, a case, a letter or a photo? Or maybe it’s a memory you’d like to share?

If so, BBC Radio London invites you to a special day to share your stories and/or bring in your photos and mementos connected to Windrush. We’re not asking for items to be donated, but just to explain what the items are and to relive the stories behind them.

If you’d like to take part, the BBC Bus will be parked outside Hackney Museum on Wednesday 3rd October, so book your slot now!

To apply
Age Limit: Applicants must be 18 years of age and over.
If you wish to share your story on the BBC Bus, please book now by emailing us with the following information:
1.     Your name
2.     What time slot you’d ideally like? (see below)
Slots available on the BBC Bus outside Hackney Museum on 3 October 2018
Slot One
Slot Two
Slot Three
Slot Four
Slot Five
Slot Six
Slot Seven
Slot Eight
Slot Nine
Slot Ten
Slot Eleven
Slot Twelve
Slot Thirteen
Slot Fourteen
Slot Fifteen
Slot Sixteen
Slot Seventeen
Slot Eighteen
The BBC Bus will be outside Hackney Museum, 1 Reading Lane, London E8 1GQ
An applicant can be joined by one other person only on the BBC Bus as there is limited space.
We will operate on a first come first served basis.
The BBC is not guaranteed to broadcast your story and is working in partnership with Hackney Museum.
Email address
Closing date
Wednesday 3rd October
How we use your information
The information you provide will be collected and compiled by the BBC for the purposes of assessing whether you are a suitable contributor and to contact you about the show. It may also be used for developing and producing the show as well as any associated website content, programme, publicity, promotion and/or distribution materials. Unless you have indicated otherwise, the BBC will only use your details in connection with this show and the associated material. Personal data will not be shared with any other third party without your permission. The BBC will retain your data in accordance with our retention policy and Data Protection legislation. Please visit the BBC's Privacy and Cookies Policy for more information.

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