Cleo Forstater is a young female entrepreneur!  Cleo  runs her own clothing label 'Clee Clothing', supplying customised
T-Shirts,sweatshirts and hoody's. From designs featuring very well thought-out themes like the "Made In..." (range which allows you to showcase the country you were made in with its own special barcode) to the new tongue in cheek e "I Love Ur Mum"! slogan t-shirt, there is something for everyone!

For me personally, when looking into Clee Clothing and their product range, I was most intrigued by a very interesting and unique urban accessory called the 'snood' (shown above) and even better is the 'chain snood', (shown to the right) which I may have to rock myself very soon for a shoot or two as I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

I met Cleo at the London Young Women's Awards this year where I was blessed enough to be the winner of the award for "Most Creative Female 2010"! When I was at the awards ceremony I met many of the contestants and Cleo definitely stood out to me! Not just her fiery beauty but also the fact that she was extremely on point on the day and had even set up her own stall at the event to promote her clothing line
. When I caught up with her after the ceremony, she was very sweet and likeable as a person (which is very very important because YOU ARE YOUR BRAND), as well as her being very level headed and focussed!! I saw so much potential! And you know me, I LOVE potential!

This month I caught up Cleo to find out more about her ventures as a young designer and to hear more about how she started up, what problems she faced, how she overcame any boundaries that she faced along the way and to hear about the future of Clee Clothing.

HERE IS THE RECORDED INTERVIEW (Apologies for the background disturbances during filming and the sun was in my eyeees)!!!!

I do hope you will find Cleo's story and advice useful and inspiring for your own journey.
Remember, there is no age limit when it comes to inspiring and being inspired, so take note and see what you can learn from the beautiful, talented Miss Cleo! :-)

GO GO GO!!!!
Check out the "CHAIN SNOOD" (Scarf with a Hood) its my favorite item as pictured here - CLICK THE PICTURE TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE ITEM:

Crystal Celebrity xxxx