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I hope you are all well, warm and enjoying the festive season!

When I first started my businesses' I had very little guidance in terms of what I should have been doing to get the business out there and to bring in the pounds! I had only my own determination to succeed and a handful of potential clients that I knew I could spark up some business with, and for the beginning stages I was working with that alone. At the time I had very little idea of the power of marketing and just how much difference a great marketing structure can make, to the amount of money that your business brings in for you.

Marketing is an ESSENTIAL part of every business! Whether you are new in business or have been running a business for years, having a marketing strategy in place is definitely a necessity! You need to have one there to ensure that you begin to and then continue to make those all important sales! After all you can sell anything if you do not have anyone to sell to!

While doing some research recently I came across a website called  "Marketing Essentials" by  'Chris Cardell Marketing'. I found the information here to be very useful and well written and so I have decided that
I hope you will find the in it is only right that I share this information with you all! Hopefully you will find it to be beneficial to you and your business ;o)

- Marketing Essentials
- 3 Secrets to Marketing
- Marketing Reports
- Why you don't want to pay attention to Marketing Magazines
- REAL Business Marketing
- 3x FREE Marketing strategy reports (For Download)

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ENJOY the learning: