When you think of a pest controller, the image often depicted in our minds is a man in overalls with some sort of chemical container strapped to his back. It’s very rare that it evokes the image of a woman. It really does beg the question why there aren’t more women in pest control jobs.

Only 5% of the people working as pest controllers are women. This is a low number but it has been on the increase up to 3.8% in the past few years with more and more women working in pest control companies and helping UK homeowners get rid of their unwanted pest problem.

Over the next 10 years, the number of women working in the pest control industry is expected to rise to 20%. Most women are put off by being a pest controller because of the work it involves. Being a pest controller is a really dirty job, and involves getting in some not so nice situations from time to time. There are plenty of creepy crawlies to deal with and to most people this is really off putting.

However,  more and more women are feeling comfortable in the working environment within the pest control industry. This is because the methods of pest control are changing and making a difference to how pest controllers work. Instead of just going into a property and spraying chemicals around to get rid of pests, the industry is moving towards new and modern methods using technology for pest control. This means the treatments are becoming less harmful and destructive overall, making being a male or female pest controller much more appealing.

Women already in the pest control industry are using this technology boom to use different techniques within their field. It also means there’s more and more pest control jobs becoming available for women in training, upper management and other areas of the industry. Pest control is becoming more of a welcoming industry to women as well. In the past it was very much a male dominated environment, whereas now it’s more welcoming meaning more women are being drawn towards this line of work.

Although the industry is definitely changing for women, there are still some challenges that we have to overcome. Many female pest technicians find that they are judged on their looks, and not by the job they do. In fact, most women pest controllers say that their clients were surprised when a female exterminator showed up to do the job. Others say that men in the industry still don’t consider women equals in the industry, assuming that they can’t do everything that they do. Experienced pest controllers with the proper training and skills will be able to get any job done, no matter what gender they are.

If you’re thinking about a career in pest control, it’s a great industry to get into. The salary and benefits are good, and the hours tend to be flexible. Get in touch with your local pest controller if you’re thinking of joining the industry.

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