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In-Spire LS Magazine officially unveils “Music Matters Vol. 3”

Three-time award-winning and Future 100 certified In-Spire LS Magazine officially unveils “Music Matters Vol. 3”. The multi-format and Various Artists-driven “Music Matters Vol. 3” prominently showcases a richly diverse array of the most uniquely talented unsigned and relevant independent recording artists from around the world.

In-spire LS Magazine was founded by award-winning creative Sasha Shantel Bennett alongside business co-founder Syianne Raemond and celebrates its 6th anniversary in September 2016 since the inception of the ever-evolving and award-winning company inaugurated in 2010; In-Spire LS Magazine consistently scores over one million readers per month, whilst serving as a passionate hotbed and home for advocating independent art.

In-spire LS Magazine's "Music Matters Vol. 3" firmly stands tall on its very own merit as an undeniably authentic offering strongly underpinned with a stunningly diverse spectrum intertwining pop, R&B and hip-hop music, whereas the captivating aura of the compilation unmistakably transports avid listeners on a musical journey where laid-back, breezy numbers and certifiable energetic club bangers invariably define "Music Matters Vol. 3". 

"Music Matters Vol. 3" unequivocally ushers In-spire LS Magazine's ever-growing music division to the destination and hotbed where independent music wholeheartedly matters. The multi-talented acts spotlighted on the impressive Audiomack release from In-spire LS Music delivers on full promise and remains as 2016's independent recording artists to watch. In-spire LS Music is the destination where music matters. The future is now.  

1. B Hype x Twista - I Can't Wait
2. Bre-Z - Realish
3. Alexander Star - This Is My Era
4. C. Carter - 64
5. Raven Felix x Snoop Dogg - Hit The Gas
6. J Tubbs - Grinding
7. Spencer Kane - Ghost
8. Crystal King UK - You Deserve
9. Gabriel Ray - Cater To You
10. J. Lately - All About You
11. Startah x Crystal King x JakDanz - I Got It
12. Verses - Drunk Driving
13. Young Trel - Ashanti
14. Skai - For You
15. Mr. Jet Black - APB
16. Carlene Laurel - Get Up 
17. Absoloot - Rap Genius
18. Telli Prego - Do What I Wanna
19. Gizzle McFly - Figure 8
20. Allen Kass - Gas Session
21. Ase - I Beat
In-spire LS Music Matters Vol. 3 (Stream):
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In-Spire LS Magazine officially unveils “Music Matters Vol. 3”  In-Spire LS Magazine officially unveils “Music Matters Vol. 3” Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 10:57 Rating: 5

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