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Hurricane Maria Aftermath in Dominica - HOW YOU CAN HELP!

Following Hurricane Maria's destruction of many parts of Dominica as well as many other countries, Dominica need your help! On Monday 18th September 2017 the Caribbean Island of Dominica was hit by a category 5 hurricane named Maria. This level of hurricane ripped through the island reportedly removing in some areas 95% of the roofs from housing, destroying many buildings, this amongst other tragedies including badly damaged hospitals and churches and so far 7 deaths have been reported, suspected to rise over the next few days as things become clearer. The island has been left in complete darkness with all power and signal gone and little to no contact with the outside world. Help is needed on a HUGE scale to rebuild this small island.

Relief for Dominica have set up to have donations collected and shipped to Dominica asap! People of London - if you are able to donate any goods from the lists below please take them to your nearest drop-off point on the dates and at the times shown on the flyer above and you will be doing a great service to the people of Dominica and to the island which is now once again in the process of having to be repaired, in many cases from scratch.
Note: It has been asked that people do not donate any clothing at this time but you can see a list of much needed supplies below.

Supplied requested include:

Canned Food, Dry Foods, Water, Water Purification Tablets

Medical Supplies, First Aid Kits, Mosquito Repellent

Sleeping Cots, Mattresses, Pillows, Linens, Towels and Blankets

Handheld Radios, Satellite Phones

Roofing Materials, Hand Tools, Wheel Barrows, Plywood and Generators

Tarpauline, Flashlights and Batteries

Thank you in advance for all your support - please share this post on all platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Pinterest etc to get it maximum exposure!

Get in touch with Relief for Dominica:
Join Relief for Dominica on Facebook

Twitter: @CrystalTheKing / Instagram: @CrystalTheKing

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