Are you 16-30 years and living in Southwark, London?

THE SHIFT Business Launchpad's Enterprise and Wellbeing Space is located in Keeton's Rd, Bermondsey, London SE16 4DB and they are currently offering people aged 16-30 years and living in the London Borough of Southwark the opportunity to take part in a FREE 12-week programme to take them from business idea to test trading stages! Do you know anyone who would benefit?

Business Launchpad's Service Offer 1

Access to a FREE co-working space from Monday - Friday (9am - 5pm), which would normally cost £250 a month. The co-working space has been designed and created to promote a sense of wellbeing for our clients. Along with the co-working space is a wellbeing room called ClearSpace which is filled with bean bags, plants, cushions and quotes where our clients can take a break, relax and feel calm. For 16-30 year olds living, studying or working in Southwark

Business Launchpad's Service Offer 2

A 3-month Enterprise & Wellbeing Programme to help take young entrepreneurs from idea to test-trading. The 12 week programme will help clients refine their business idea, learn skills such as budgeting, marketing and pitching as well as provide them with the opportunity to pitch for awards of up to £400 for their business. Sessions will take place every Thursday from 6pm - 9pm (starting 17th October)  and one Saturday a month (starting 19th October). Business sessions will be held on the Thursdays and Wellbeing sessions will be held one Saturday a month. Included in this offer is also access to the free co-working space and wellbeing room (offer 1). For 16-25 year olds living, studying or working in Southwark

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