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Is swiping left really going to get you the partner of your dreams?

Tired of being single? You're probably tired ...of being tired... of being single? Correct?

Yes, that's actually you and thousands of others across the globe! Wait! So surely this means you all just need an effective way to find each other, seen as you are all on the same mission! Problem solved? Right?

Ah, but where can all the good singles go? It seems many have flocked onto dating apps in the past few years which has become a booming industry for the app creators - great for the creators! Yey! Yet half of the people using these apps are all still... tired of being tired... of being single! So what's the real problem here and further more, what is the solution?

Most 21st Century singles have got to the point where they can easily list all the crazy names of all of the dating apps they have tried out over the years from tinder and plenty of fish to happen and hinge... where do they find these names?! 
These serial dating app down loaders can all explain how each dating app works, what it means to swipe left or right on someones face and also give detailed (sometimes hilarious, sometimes scary) accounts of hundreds of dates that they have been on and encountered via these apps. Yet somehow they are all still shockingly tired of being tired... of being single!

Dating reviews on select websites are definitely a helpful way to see what people are saying about their experiences and to see which apps and sites are actually doing their job. On the right sites you will also come across genuine, mature and encouraging success stories (yes, shocks, there are actually real happy couples out there) who have met online and left the site in an actual relationship like this eharmony in uk review about one of the few sites that uses an effective interpersonal relationship questionnaire to find out what you are really looking for in a relationship, using your answers to assess your compatibility with others on the site; consequently giving you a much higher chance of finding your perfect partner!

I mean let's face it, people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds have caught up with this millennial lifestyle; working a full time job while building a small business on the side, whilst taking on freelance jobs on weekends to fund the dream alongside being a single mum or dad with young kids on the go, making sure that we somehow pick up a lean, mean and green smoothie during the school run and definitely squeeze in a quick pilates class before bedtime. All of this to be one step closer to something that, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head a little to the right, can look like something that resembles happiness! 

So where on earth should we all find the time and energy to actually go out and meet people! Surely swiping left or right during a train commute, in between a quick power nap, is the easiest way to find true love! It's tiring just reading it all.

Ask yourself, if you truly do not have the time to find love in the first place, or to fill out a proper questionnaire online about your wants and needs in a relationship and confirm these to yourself (as most people do not even know what they want) will you ever have the time to actually participate in the relationship that you are so desperately seeking? The answer needs to be yes, you will make the time possible because you are worth-it. (Thanks Loreal).

In the end we all make time and prioritise the things that we truly want out of life! So how about allocating yourself a little time to truly putting yourself out there with more than just a screen swipe between yourself and your next relationship! Broaden your horizons, swap Netflix for stepping out into the world and seeing who's out there, use a real dating website that offers more than just a face and a few quotes to bring you face to face with the perfect partner and take comfort in knowing that they are out there searching for you too!

Article written by Crystal Emmanuel of Celebrity Creations Management

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Is swiping left really going to get you the partner of your dreams? Is swiping left really going to get you the partner of your dreams? Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 10:54 Rating: 5

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