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The Importance of Taking the First Step

I regularly exercise. One day I woke up with an acute pain in my leg, reluctantly, I limped out of the bed and decided to walk a few steps to still get some exercise; even if it meant that I couldn’t meet my daily target. I ended up clocking up 12,300 steps, which exceeded my daily target.

All of life’s journeys begin with a step. There are many areas which may require you to take the first step towards your goals, even when there are hindrances and obstacles.

Let’s take a look at 4 areas that may be relevant to your life today and how to go about putting things into actions in each area for a more successful you!

1. Career  

First, let us look at your current career status. Have you been in the same position within your career for a while? Maybe you are un-satisfied with your current role? Maybe you are seeking a complete career change? Or you are simply confused and have no idea what to do next!

If any of these are the case, you are not alone so don’t beat yourself up. Even the most successful CEO’s and millionaires of our time had to start from somewhere and take the first step from that place. A good place to start will be to research the things that are required for your ideal role. This will give you an insight into what you need to do next and provide a new direction and set of actions for you to focus on. It is always good to have a clear goal and action plan.

2. Believing in Yourself

We often believe that we are limited by our current abilities and circumstances, yet if you haven't tried something yet it is fair to say that you do not yet know what your capabilities are!  Push yourself to try new things, develop new skills, why not get yourself a career coach to help you along the way? Whatever you do, don't stop until you reach your goals! This doesn’t mean being overworked either. Take just one step at a time. Do things at a steady pace and you'll find that you have taken the first step towards becoming the best you.

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3. Utilise your Creativity

Everyone was born with a talent, even if you are not sure what yours is yet! Whether it's cooking, dancing, singing or blogging. Try out new things, go on new, fun ventures in your spare time. Follow through with the creative talents that you have and turn them into an adventure. Your soul is a well of creativity and possibility, dip into it and draw out the treasures that await. You may be surprised at what you find!

4. Stop Procrastinating

Don't make excuses! Try out our quick challenge to help you walk towards your goals today:

a)      Ask yourself ‘What do I want to achieve each week this year’?

b)      Make a checklist that is fair and even.

c)      Each day ensure that you look at the checklist and make the effort needed to achieve your listed goals for that week.

d)      At the end of each week – treat yourself to something special as a way of celebrating the accomplishment of that week’s goals!

Don't live regretting the steps that were not taken 10 years ago! Start taking new steps today!

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Article by Tutu Soetan of Dwelling @ Ease

Tutu Soetan is a Change Specialist at Dwelling at Ease 

Her purpose within this role is to work closely with each candidate to unlock their full potential. She works with individuals on a 1-2-1 basis, giving them the tools, advice and confidence building that they require to take things to the next level and to ensure that they can hit their targets and manifest their visions.

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 Article Published by Crystal Emmanuel of Celebrity Creations Management

 Find more careers advice and opportunities at: www.SheInspiredHer.com 

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  1. Straight from the gut. Message cuts right through to drive you to TAKE A STEP!

  2. Excellent article! I needed this because I've been procrastinating about making a move on a few things career related lately - thank you :)

  3. Oh how I long to dwell @ ease and be wrapped in His arms. Tutu is actually a great Achiever and motivator. Nothing compared to taking bling steps that leads to success. A very good article. There ain't no limit for you .

  4. Great Article, such a positive vibe ��


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