Hi Inspirations!
There is nothing like a neck turning headline to re-awaken us all after a long week!
And how has your week been? Hectic? Non-stop? Manic? Productive!
Well hopefully you are all busy getting  all the right things done effectively and growing your empires, a day at a time, continuing to define yourselves as powerful, unstoppable business women – ready to take on the world!!! 
So it's Saturday and hopefully you now have your feet up and are sipping a cup of tea? Well if not… do me a favour ladies… take a 5 minute pause... for the sake of sanity…. put the kettle on and lets find out what this ludicrous  headline is all about!
I'd like to introduce you all to a fantastic blog, created for women called:
A popular blog for women, written and run by "a 30-something dallas girl about all things skin and body" - also referred to as:  "Beauty blogger. Skin fanatic. Dessert enthusiast"! A
n incredible woman (of course), a great find and a great read!
Crows’ Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite is a beauty blog that offers serious, proactive tips on achieving your best skin and body with a big dose of humour and the occasional dessert for good measure (we all deserve a treat, a joke and a pamper tip at LEAST once a week)!
“One Girl's Guide to an Unblemished Life”!
You MUST check it out! GO GO GO!!
Bookmark it now! Honestly, whenever you have half an hour to spare for yourself you can click on the blog, catch a few laughs, pick up a few beauty tips and drool over some delicious easy to make, mouth watering treats to go with that cup of tea!
Here's the link again:

1. This weeks "Make Me, Bake Me": Double Chocolate Caramel Fudge Brownies
2. This Week’s "Gotta Do" : Smoky, Metallic Eye
3.  DIY ; Vanilla-Cinnamon Brown Sugar Body Scrub
Have a fabulous week, you are all so beautiful and inspiring – keep it up and remember to let us now what you are all getting up to in your businesses from time to time. We love to be inspired!

Article written by Crystal Celebrity
of She Inspired Her
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