“The Joyful Mother, Raising Happy, Confident Kids Starts with You”
This week at "She Inspired Her" we were lucky enough to catch up with and interview an amazing woman by the name of Sigrid Kjeldsen, who runs a very inspiring on-line business, dedicated to mothers and their needs and overall happiness!
Please take a moment to be inspired by and connect with a fellow female in business, who great passion and intentions for mother's everywhere!
Crystal Celebrity interviews Sigrid Kjeldsen of 'The Joyful Mother' blog:
What does ‘The Joyful Mother Blog’ offer to mothers:

The Joyful Mother offers one on one coaching and other on-line courses and products that help conscious mothers to dissolve resistance, in the form of stress, self-doubt, frustration, anxiety, overwhelm, etc. These are all things which can tend to stand in the way of  mothers being able to live and love; as the Joyful Mother they are meant to be.
What is your personal role in this process:
I am THE Happiness Coach for modern moms. I am a go-to guru for moms who recognize that motherhood does not have to be a struggle and who feel driven to take responsibility for their own happiness, making this their most important parenting tool.

In ONE line; what do you aim to achieve through the Joyful Mother blog?

That sounds amazing! Please elaborate on this line to summarise your overall intentions to She Inspired Her Readers:
My dream is to impact the lives of women that do the most sacred of all work - mothering.
I see YOUR power, I see my power and I see how by calling that forth, real happiness is effortless for both you and your family. My dream is to live in a world where happy mamma is a default experience, where we know what this means for each of us and know how to keep this alive and real in our lives.
Imagine what kind of impact a tribe, a society of happy, balanced, whole mothers would have on society?!?
I am blessed to have a gift for bridging the depth of spiritual truths to modern day life and am focused on making these lessons practical, tangible and real for YOU.

Very inspiring indeed! 
I can see your work bringing relief and strength to many mothers in the future! So where can people find you?

Please check out 'The Joyful Mother' blog website at:

Fantastic! Would you like to offer our readers anything that they can take with them today?
Yes I have two great freebies for all the readers of She Inspired Her:
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Wow! Thank you so much I am sure our readers everywhere will appreciate it!
Thank you for being such an inspiration to women everywhere! We wish you every success with your future ventures!
Crystal Celebrity
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