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This week at She Inspired Her we caught up with the inspiring female entrepreneur, Harley Street trained clinical hypnotherapist Lynda Scrivener, who is the beautiful brain behind an on-line company called "i-Stress Relief"  www.i-stressrelief.co.uk
We wanted to interview Lynda about her journey and inspirations as a woman in business and also to find out more about her business and what it can offer to our female readers.
The i-Stress Relief site is set up in the form of a blog and its sole purpose is to give much needed advice and direction, to anyone seeking to find out more about the natural methods available for dealing with stress. With the end of the year and the festive period looming, we all probably have those end of year targets and deadlines on our minds, not to mention stressing out at the very idea of starting the forthcoming Christmas period madness i,e. the shopping, the cooking, more shopping, the family invites, the kids demand...etc etc etc!!! Stress will undoubtedly increase for many women during this period, so stress relief is a great subject for us all to look into right now! We can now find the solutions for eliminating the stress BEFORE IT EVEN COMES with i-Stress Relief. (What Causes Stress)?
Some free advice, articles and videos can be found on the i-Stress Relief blog site, including the availability of instant downloads of both an e-book called "Dealing With Stress Naturally" and a Self-Hypnosis mp3 also aimed at relieving stress. So why not click the link, download the mp3, sit back, listen and relax....... and start to feel better immediately! You can also purchase a great variety of stress relief related products via the blog - some of which we think will make great gifts this Christmas and New Year. Check out the article Relaxation Techniques for Stress today!
We think the site is really an amazing place for us all to be able to go and learn about stress relief and the many method that are available to us, that we may not know about yet. The advice on this blog and the products available can be so beneficial to us all in our every day lives and we commend Lynda Scrivener for putting her time, effort and expertise into this much needed blog for us all.
So what made Lynda Scrivener start i-Stress Relief and what did she encounter along the way? We interviewed Lynda this week to find out exactly that! So let's take a look at her journey now....
1. Hi Lynda! Is i-Stress Relief your full time business or do you also do other things alongside it?
 My full-time business is as a clinical hypnotherapist focussing on helping people one-to-one, and this blog will help others overcome stress using a variety of natural methods.
2. Tell us more about you as a female business owner! What made you decide to start this business?
 I am a Harley Street trained clinical hypnotherapist and I'm seeing more and more clients each week for stress-related issues. I set up this blog to help people suffering with both everyday and chronic long-term stress, offering a wide range of advice, videos, products and instant downloads. Stress is known to contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, suicide, alcoholism, cigarette addiction, drug addiction and other harmful behaviours, and also negatively impacts on our immune systems meaning we are more susceptible to serious illness. Our hectic lives mean that we all experience various levels of stress quite frequently, and this blog will help you to find alternative stress relief methods.
3. What difficulties have you faced as a female business owner and how did you overcome them? 
 I've faced the classic difficulties of never having enough time and feeling guilty if I spend too much time on my work. As a hypnotherapist, I work during school hours only, finishing with my last client at my clinic by 3pm. Even though my two sons are now 13 and 15, I still want to be at home when they get in from school to make sure I'm there for them if they want to talk about any problems at school or need help with their homework. I've done all of the work for i-stressrelief.co.uk at home around my family. I've also got the hang of outsourcing tasks, meaning I can free up valuable time to either spend with my family if they're home, or concentrating on money-making tasks rather than admin etc.
4. If one of our readers was in a very stressful situation and had less than 5 minutes to compose themselves and 'de-stress' themselves to a certain level of calm, what would your top tip be for this? What works for you?
The best way to quickly de-stress is to practice self-hypnosis. This is a learned skill, but once you know how to do it, it's a very quick, easy and enjoyable way to de-stress. Until you're able to hypnotise yourself, you can download my self-hypnosis mp3 for stress relief from www.i-stressrelief.co.uk.
5. Please give our readers one piece of advice or a moto that you follow as a business woman! 
My top tip is: Don't try to be Superwoman! Get help wherever you can, and pay for it if necessary. You aren't the only person that can do that job efficiently. It can be hard to let go of jobs you do regularly, but just bite the bullet and do it. I ship out my admin and my ironing because I am so slow at both of those things, and the supermarket delivers my food shopping. Decide what's really important to you, and also what you can let slide a little bit. To me it's important that I return my hypnotherapy client phone calls asap, and also that we eat a freshly prepared meal together as a family in the evenings, but it doesn't bother me if the beds go unmade from time to time (shock!)
Haha! Well we raise our glasses to that! Let's all take a leaf out of Lynda's blog and look forward to stress free days and nights in the future! 
Thank you Lynda, you are definitely an inspiration to us all and we thank you for adding another solid brick to the female business world empire! She Inspired Her salutes you!
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Interview and Article written by Crystal Celebrity (Crystal Emmanuel) 
Founder of Celebrity Creations Management & She Inspired Her