Hi guys and dolls!

As most of you already know I am a proud female business owner! 
I have been running my creative agency and events management company 'Celebrity Creations Management' for 6 years now and I also own and manage Cats Recording Studios in East London - alongside being my own brand as a singer and model. Last year I was the winner of the "Most Creative Female" award at the London Young Women's Awards and I also have been running a blog dedicated to and targetting and audience of women in business called 'She Inspired Her' for the last year .... I'm a  busy bee building my empire and loving every minute of it and always looking for new ways to inspire young people to be at their personal best with their skills and talents!

Recently I was contacted by Awad Bhenick - Director of Blue Sky Media - and asked if I would attend their Enterprise Day for various year 11 students, as a special guest judge and Business Dragon for the day! I was more than happy to take on the role and for the chance to get involved and offer advice and inspiration to those wanting to get into the business scene! The event was organised by  Blue Sky Media and the London Borough of Newham 14-19 partnership scheme and what a great job and privilege  to be offered to me - I was in my element and being a HUGE fan of shows like Dragon's Den and The Apprentice I was buzzing to do it right from the word go!

The Enterprise day was hosted by Newham College of Further Education in East London and I was joined on the panel by three other business 'dragons' Elisabete Furtado (Sales Associate at Ralph Lauren), Gary Jarrett and Zulehkha Waheed - a great bunch who know their business!

We were there for the full day as dragons to give these students an insight into the real world of business and the hurdles and challenges that you may have to face to get your ideas across to the business world and turn them into a reality. The students were in groups and each group had to pitch their unique business ideas to us 'dragons' across the day. At certain intervals throughout this process the groups were able to have one-on-one time with the dragins for us to teach and advise them about finance, technology, marketing, and HR and then they gave their final pitches to us at the end of the event- mimicking a real investment pitch that they would give to a real dragon.

Overall this event was inspiring for everyone involved. I got some amazing feedback from the students themselves about how much they enjoyed it and their determination to follow in the footsteps of myself and the other judges in the years to come. It is always nice to be told face-to-face that you are inspiring in some way and I was really really happy to hear from some of these year 11 pupils that I had inspired them on the day and that they would love to do what I am doing and start their own mini empire to secure their futures on business! Great results as that is exactly what I was there to do! On top of this I myself was inspired and would 100% do these types of events again and again - they are so important and there is nothing like bringing out the best in young people and watching them shine and enjoy it! They were a very bright group of individuals and all of their ideas and energies were at time surprising for their ages, I wish them all the best & truly believe that each one of them can go far!

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CREDITS: Images, Blue Sky Media