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Today we catch up with another, newer female business owner who will help us to help YOU when exploring running an business ON-LINE! The lady we speak of is Jessica Jaffe, the creator of a fantastically innovative on-line business called 'Over Coffee' 

Running an on-line business can be tricky and often we have ALL the ideas and NO idea HOW were going to start it! I mean; what does it really take to run a business via the world wide web? Will your idea work? Do you need a specific qualification?  How will you begin the process of setting it up and were will you take it in the long run?

We took time out to set up an interview with Jessica Jaffe of 'Over Coffee'. 
Jessica has a background in qualitative market research and we wanted to find out a little more about her own personal experience and journey from this career into running her own on-line business. Read the interview below to find out what advice she has for anyone following in her footsteps and launching on-line, the troubles that she faced and faces, the reasons behind her launching 'over coffee' site and how YOU can benefit from being a part of the network and of course.... her favourite coffee!!


Hi Jesse! Well done for taking the steps that you took to become another inspiration for our readers and starting your own on-line business! 

So tell us about 'Over Coffee', what type of site is it and why would our readers go there?

The main concept is "Anyone can meet over a cup of coffee, and anything can happen." 
The site is a social network, a blog, a shop, and (also supplies) coffee drinks info and coffee shop reviews. Coffee is what brings it all together ... and it is what brings us together, as people from different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. 
There is also a virtual coffee shop and eventually, the plan is to open up a real coffee shop...
It will reflect the life, the people, and the various cultures from the website .... it will offer coffee drinks from all over the world and on the walls and tables would be pictures of people from the site and their coffee stories.
This site is about coffee, people, travels, and about the shared experiences that take place over a cup of coffee. In addition, (it is a directory for) coffee shops in your area, you can also add your favorite cafes to our world map, learn about different coffee cultures all over the world and even browse our own coffee shop on our site! 

Wow, an interesting concept indeed - I know I have had many-a-great business idea pop up over a good cup of coffee with my staff and often actually have had many professional meetings over coffee (and tea, and cakes mmm...) - so I totally agree! 
So did this idea come from similar experience?
As a true coffee lover at heart, I always felt the liquid caffeine gave more than just a boost to my step. A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. You find out a friend is getting married, you end up face to face with an intimidating first date and hide behind your 'Cup of Joe', you disclose deep-rooted secrets, you find yourself in a new world with new people and new coffee cultures. Even when you are alone with a cup of coffee, something is happening. Some may call it a caffeine addiction, but I choose to see it as a bonding experience. People don’t take enough time to appreciate their daily coffee rituals! The act of “having a cup of coffee” has far reaching effects – personally, interpersonally, and someday perhaps it will stand as the world’s greatest peacemaking tool.

"Anything is possible: Anyone can sit over a cup of  coffee and, anything can happen"


Wow! Now this I LOVE! I can see you have great vision of  WHERE you want this to go! This sounds like a beautiful evolution for your business! Now lets gets down to the business questions!

When you decided to do an online business did you take a course or need a qualification? Or did you find you had enough skills and knowedge to just get up and go!

When I decided to go ahead with 'Over Coffee', I didn’t have any “official” business expertise, but I did have a burning in my heart. Luckily, I was also surrounded by many motivating people who believed in the idea and my vision. However, I wasn’t completely out of my element. My background in qualitative market research, with literally years of experience sitting with users, shopping with customers, and interviewing people in their homes also gave me the insight and knowledge on how to best approach an audience and fill a need. Also, working in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gave me the more technical side to developing a website, content, and affiliate campaigns.

Fantastic! So What challenges have you faced so far with your online business?
Over Coffee is still very much in the beginning stage. I’m now learning more of the “business” side; the side that involves making a significant profit to cover expenses.  Challenges so far include building the Store aspect of the website, connecting with the right distributors, and connecting the products to the right customers. 
As a woman who wants to see the website turn into a bricks and mortar coffee shop, I believe this transformation will prove to be the biggest challenge.

Well we have our fingers crossed for you! Keep that vision strong!

What advice / crucial steps would you give to any of our readers that are thinking of setting up a similar business to your own?
As someone who still learning and growing, my advice is actually to talk to people from all walks of life about your idea and vision. Too many times, we keep things to ourselves out of fear of whatever, but turn to others. Hear their impressions, perceptions, and even suggestions. It might open unexpected doors, and it will surely keep you moving and climbing to the top.

Great advice for our readers, that is what this is all about!
So if you could send our blog viewers to ANY coffee shop anywhere in the world for the perfect coffee, where would you suggest they go?

I still very much miss the Tea Lounge where I lived in Brooklyn (New York). 
There are a few local branches... it’s a great atmosphere, comfy, funky, nice, and they also bring in music, comedy, and talent acts throughout the week.
Oh wow! I think I'll check that out next time I hit New York - sounds great! 
And finally - just to satisfiy my own curiosity... what is your favorite coffee brand?!
(Smiles) This is a tough one. There are some coffees I have yet to taste, but simply love their background story and values. "Delicious Peace Mirembe Kawomer Coffee” is one such coffee cooperative. In terms of what I have tasted, I may be biased. Several years ago, I visited a friend who was working and living on a coffee bean farm in Kona, Hawaii (the Big Island). Being there and then having their coffee was one of the best coffee experiences I’ve ever had. The coffee farm and their brand is called “Konacopia”

Well thank you so much for taking the time out to inspire our readers with your story! We wish you all the best on your new business venture!

Readers who wish to check out the site can go now to:

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Thank you for reading!

Article and interview by Crystal of She Inspired Her