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 So it's nearly Valentines Day and we have officially hit the month of love! 
Here at She Inspired Her we hope you will all be in for a special treat this month - whether it be from your other halves or that special person in your lives or a special treat for yourself - we all deserve a good treat! 

Well, whomever you find special enough to purchase a gift for this month or in the future, why not consider buying something different this year? How about going for a unique gift idea that you KNOW will never be forgotten. We recommend that for something new, special, one-off and trendy this year you should try out to the very trendy, very chic and of course female owned: "Geeky N Chic"!

This brand is amazing and refreshingly retro! A one stop shop for hand-made lego jewelry pieces!
Yes this on-line store has everything from lego cufflinks and scrabble cufflinks to rosy lego rings and jeweled chains!

Geeky N Chic cater to business men with geek chic flair and women who like to have that extra special edge! We love that all their products are eco friendly . 
The founder of this amazingly creative jewelry store reported "I actually started this business with my 11 year old daughter Cherish... she got bored and so now I continue on my own and it has taken off". 

Well done! What a way to spring into business!We think its so great to take inspiration from young minds and we are glad to that someone we are reviewing actually took on the initiative to continue with a good thing, follow an instinct when it felt right as guess what... it pays off!

Geeky N Chick have just launched on! For those of you wondering how easy this is the founder says "believe it or not (it) is a LONG process and (it) took me almost 3 months to get approved and up and running"! We think this is a useful piece of information for our readers to pick up on. If any of you are thinking about setting up on take this comment into consideration and do your research! Make sure that you know the time restraints you may face and the process of approval, right from the get-go! Always be prepared, plan ahead.

You can check out Geeky N Chic today on-line:

Check out Geeky N Chick Amazon Store HERE:

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