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So today we put the spotlight in Rebecca Jest, founder of!
We all have various experiences and interesting stories about what made us start up our business and Rebecca Jest started a new business within the field of weddings and wedding insurance.... because her own wedding was ruined and this lead to a great loss for herself and her partner.
With personal and determined passion Rebecca wanted to make sure that she could play her part in helping other women to avoid the same problem and started up

What do do? allows people to compare prices for wedding insurance in one central place, at a few clicks of the mouse, it is a convenient, simple and much needed site and well worth taking a look at if you are planning a wedding or know someone who is! Although still in many ways a start-up business we already see great potential for it in the wedding industry!

So Rebecca! We hear that you had a bad wedding experience and this is what inspired you to set up a wedding insurance company. For the benefit of our readers, tell us how NOT having wedding insurance affected you in this situation?
Basically my partner got ill and we had to cancel at short notice. 
Wedding insurance could have helped us as we lost the deposits totaling over £8,000
That's so unfortunate and yes we agree, you never know when something will go wrong and when it does you need to be covered! We see you learned this the hard way but commend the fact that you took it as a trigger to move into business and help others to avoid the same thing. So congratulations on that! 
S0 what were the first steps that you took to start this business?
I began with registering the domain name and looking into the niche more.
Then my next step was setting up an affiliate deal with an insurer.
Great so you secured the domain name you wanted first - this is very important indeed! Did you find the first steps into the process of running a business challenging?
Yes it was challenging as it was something new from me being a housewife!!
Wow, total life and routine change! So for the sake of our readers, who may be in a similar position, what is the best advice you can give?
Just do it. The fear of it is worse than anything - but you have to just go for it.
Great advice! So what sets you apart from regular insurance / wedding insurance companies?
We offer a full comparison service, whereas others will offer their own products.
Great! So people can get a full perspective on what is out there for them and grab the best deal through your site - sounds fab! So how do readers and brides/grooms-to-be get in touch?
Interview  and article by Crystal King - She Inspired Her

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