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So, today we have a new inspiration to connect you all with and she is amazing! Introducing the successful female business owner.... Sophie Hogg of Wardrobe Design Online!
Sophie Hogg is the founder of Wardrobe design on-line, a place to go for some of the most fabulous sliding wardrobe doors and mirrors available in the UK, made to measure and delivered straight to you in the UK! 
If your wardrobe needs a make-over, new doors or you want to give your room a bit of a makeover then Wardrobe Design Online is EXACTLY where you need to go for a quality service! See the testimonials on the website today at: www.wardrobe-design-online.com
We wanted to interview Sophie Hobbs so that you could all get a deeper insight into her story and her journey as a female business owner, grab some great tips from her and of course the opportunity to get in touch with her directly for future business, purchases, quotes and collaborations!
Crystal King of She Inspired her Interviews Sophie Hobbs of Wardrobe Design Online:
Hi Sophie! Glad I could catch up with you! I hear that you were a food technologist before you started up Wardrobe Design Online - that's a big switch! Many of our readers are considering a career move, so how easy was it for you to switch from being a food technologist into having an interior design career? Was it a smooth transition? Did you encounter any problems along the way?
wardrobe sliding doorsThe switch was pretty easy, as I just sort of 'fell into' a career in food technology, and never really felt it was for me, despite the 20 year career! I've always been very creative and there wasn't much room for that in my food job, so interior design was a real relief when it came along.
Oh great! So you told me earlier that you were a novice at web design - but still managed to create your company website! Well done! Do you have any advice or site recommendations for fellow novices reading the blog so they can also do what you did?
The biggest thing I had to learn was how to put a website together that the search engines would take notice of. There’s no point in having a website if you can’t get it on page 1 of google for your keywords. Not sure if I'm allowed to promote anyone here, but the reason I was able to start my website was through http://www.sitesell.com recommended to me by a friend. They enable you to build your site in building blocks, and have the best resource I ever saw for building your own site, also the forums were fantastic and people were so helpful. 
Of course you can! She Inspired Her is 100% for our readers! So if the site will benefit them we are more than happy to blog it (go readers go, check it out - LINK ABOVE)! 
So how do you balance work and family/home life?
pink bedroomsBalancing home and work life has been very difficult and meant lots of early mornings and late starts, however leaving my main job (last proper day today!) means my time is more flexible, I can spend more time on my own business and more time with my husband and 2 children – they’re 15 and 13 so nearly grown up now, I couldn’t have dreamt of doing something like this when they were smaller.
Fantastic, it's great to see that this can be done! You have a showroom too! So did you face any challenges opening the showroom? How did you overcome them?
  1. Yes I did face challenges opening my showroom. I was lucky to find the perfect place pretty quickly, it’s shared with other home improvement businesses too, so we all help each other out. However I did face
    1. Funding – the bank wouldn’t lend me any money as I was a new business so I borrowed £4000 off my credit card to fund the showroom
    2. Many of my customers want to pay by credit card, and my applications for a card terminal kept being turned down, because, guess what, I was a new business! However I met a really helpful lady from the RBS at a networking event and she got my application approved. Turnover has doubled since!
    3. Getting decent reliable trades men to fit my sliding wardrobe doors was a problem, to begin with I had a few customer complaints which is unacceptable, however that has just now been resolved, and I think I’ve found the perfect company to fit for me – again word of mouth.

Cherry with<br> gold framesThose are some great points for our readers! It is indeed very important to look into these things in advance, so readers, take these tips on board!! 
You took a huge step to resign from your full time job but we can see your future being bright! Tell our readers what positive and negative thoughts / feelings ran through you when contemplating the decision to go it alone - how did you push past these and take action?
  1. You’re right, there were mixed emotions when making the decision to resign.
    1. Sadness at leaving some really good people that I work with
    2. Scary times leaving a regular salary
    3. Turning my back on the ‘comfort’ of a 20 year career, where my knowledge and experience left me very confident in what I was doing.
    4. Excitement at doing my own thing, building something from nothing and seeing it grow, prosper and before a profitable, viable business.
    5. Freedom! I can work when I want, everything is my call. Of course I will be at work every day, but I will be there because I want to be and I love it, not because I have to be.

Well that is a mixed list of emotions and we are proud to see that another fellow female business owner took a risk and moved into a bright future! Well done! She inspired HEr salutes you and wishes you all the best! How can our readers get in touch?