WOMAN POWER: Destiny's Child are Back!

Hey Inspirations!

I write this blog with a serious smile on my face - DESTINY'S CHILD ARE BACK!

These super women stormed onto the scene in the 90's with songs like "Bug-A-Boo", "Survivor" and one of our favorite here at She Inspired Her, the epic soundtrack to the Charlies Angels movie "Independant Woman"! These songs all had the taste of 'girl power', a sprinkle of 'diva' and a kick of "Oh no he didn't"! And women and girls alike, around the globe were hooked on these powerful heroines!

With a few change overs and some trial and error along the way, we finally met to the final 3 members of Destiny's Child; Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams and we were all uber satisfied with their mature and sophisticated album release "Destiny Fulfilled" - but hold on, fullfilled? Was this to be the end of Destiny's Child and their final album? We all though that maybe this was the case as the three ladies went off to embark on seperate projects and their solo careers...

 ....But oh no no ladies, fear not as THEIR BACK!
Beyonce announced on her blog on 10th January 2013.... "I am so proud to announce the first original Destiny's Child music in eight years! - Beyonce"

Listen up world: On Thursday Beyoncé announced that Destiny's Child are releasing their first album of original music on January 29, 2013

 Having made great successes of themselves independant as singers in the mainstream, singers on the dance scene, singers on the gospel scene, an X-Factor Judge in there and more successes over the years since they parted, the girls are back together, stronger than ever and ready to release their next album!

Well well well... our prayers have been answered! We cant wait to see what will be delivered in 2013 from these POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, EMPOWERING and INSPIRING women!

Destinys Child; She Inspired Her Salute You!!

Article by Crystal King - Celebrity Creations Management

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