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Hi Inspirations!

Today at She Inspired Her we extend an invite to you all to a fantastic Workshop.
The ‘Building Confidence’ workshop is a 2-day workshop taking place on both 21st and 28th April 2013, run by E-Six – a wonderful business led by a very inspirational woman, 
Patricia Brown in East London.

We sent one of our newest interns Laura Makhloufi to do her first interview and catch up with Patricia Brown and to get you the inside scoop of what you can expect to experience on the day! So lets see how they got on!

Laura Makhloufi Interviews Patricia Brown of E-Six:

Hi Patricia, before we start please tell our readers what “Be6ckton” stands for?
E-Six, Beckton Community Life Coaching Project

Great! So what was the inspiration behind the creation of E-Six and when was the company founded?
E-Six is a social enterprise, established in March 2010.
The inspiration behind the creation of e-Six is a passionate belief that everyone has the right to have an experience of getting unconditional support.

This is very inspiring, so what is your own professional background?
I qualified as a Nurse when I left school and then re-trained as a Beauty Therapist. I realised that my passion was for the holistic support of people and went into Complementary Therapy, specialising in Black Skincare and Haircare and Make-up for Black Skins.
I trained as a Lecturer and taught Anatomy, Physiology & Massage for ITEC, C&G & NVQ & OCN Black Skincare and Haircare for nearly 20 years getting my BSc in Human Physiology along the way and moving up the ladder as an Examiner and External Moderator. As I approached my 40's I took time out to consider where to go next exploring Mentoring, Coaching & Counselling. I loved Coaching and have been Coaching ever since.
I graduated in MSc in Coaching Psychology in 2011 making me one of the most qualified Coaches in the land!

I hear that you have an event coming up that our readers can attend – fantastic! Please tell us more about the event and what the attendees of this event can expect to experience on the day?
Building Confidence is a 2-day workshop taking place on 21st & 28th April 2013
Do you criticise yourself constantly or say yes to things when you really want to say no?
Do you have all you want but still feel there is something missing?
Do you find that you drive yourself to be perfect?
Do you think you have low confidence?
Do you think you have high confidence?
Do you feel stuck or at a loss to know what to do in certain situations?
Do you want to be happier than you are today?
There are many more reasons for doing this workshop and if the answer to any of these questions is yes then this is the perfect workshop for you.

Why is it important for our readers to consider attending the E-Six event?
Building Confidence is not an event it is an experience.
It is an experiential workshop designed to change people lives.
It will gently guide you step by step towards having a more happier and fulfilled life.
It is an empowering 2 days after which if you do not think that it has been of any use to you or that you have not benefited in anyway we invite you to ask for your money back. Yeap! That’s right!! No questions asked! The conditions for this refund is that you have attended the 2-days of the workshop and you ask for your refund within seven days. So what have you got to lose?

Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know about E-Six?
We offer different fees so no-one is discriminated against due to their personal circumstances and invite you to check out our other workshops; Being More Successful, Improving Your Relationships and our International Coaching Week workshop Life Coaching For Beginners.

To register to attend the Building Confidence experience at the Knowledge Dock Business Centre please visit: buildingyourconfidence2013.eventbrite.co.uk

To learn more about Patricia Brown and her projects view her BLOG: www.be6ckton.co.uk

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