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So the sun is here and we are all thinking about where we would like to travel and how we would love to spend our summer this year! If you are anything like me you are vowing to not hold back this year and make it the best summer ever after all of your hard work and graft!

Celebrity Creations Management have their annual Dubai trip looming and I will be joining!  The Dubai Weekender trip takes place every year in May and October and this trip will feature a fantastic opportunity to attend and network at BeautyWorld Middle East - one of the worlds largest hair, beauty, wellness and perfumery trade shows! Not to mention four marevllous nightlife events set up across the trip for guests travelling with the Dubai Weekender and daytime excursions available too!
So take advantage of this FINAL opportunity to join us all for an incredible 5 nights of the Dubai Experience from 28th May - 2nd June 2014! (scheduled flights depart from London Heathrow on the evening of 27th May 2014)

To aid you in making this decision we have decided to give you the incentive of £15 off the trip PLUS FREE TICKETS to BeautyWorld Middle East (this offer ends Sunday 11th May 2014 so book now)!!  CLICK HERE

To find out more about the packages available and to grab this fantastic deal

Ready to pay your deposit and full package price now?
Call the Dubai Weekender Rep today: +44(0) 7534912016

We hope to see you this year for the Ultimate Dubai Experience!
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