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Female Business Owner Amaka Akuchie encourages women everywhere to 'Love Thy Heels'!

Here at She Inspired Her in recent years we have seen that more and more women are prepared to take the plunge, start their own businesses and build a successful life as a 21st Century, independent and strong woman in business! We strongly believe that this rise is directly related to women having many more female role models in business to look up to and we salute all those whom have already started out on this journey and have taken time to share their stories with other women.

Who better to inspire other women into business than those already doing it successfully themselves. It is our goal at She Inspired Her to continue to spread the positive word that 'Yes we can'! Where better to start than with another spotlight review focussing on yet another inspirational female business owner and her story so far!

Today Crystal King puts the She Inspired Her spotlight on Amaka, the Founder of 'Love Thy Heels', which is a handy solution for women who carry their heels in their bags to work and social affairs!

Hi Amaka - it is a pleasure to have you visit She Inspired Her today to discuss your newly established brand 'Love Thy Heels'! To help us understand your journey better, let's start at the beginning! Had you always been a business woman and entrepreneur or did your idea of starting a business come along as more of a 'lightbulb moment' during your journey on another career path you were following?

I have been seeking to create the life that Ive always wanted and (to) have my own business for years and I decided, fresh off the back of a trip to America last year, that I'd need to really think about the direction I would like to go in. Professionally I am a qualified pharmacist, so I had no business experience prior to starting my own! I came up with "Love Thy Heels" simply because I didn’t like having to carry my beloved heels on the way to work or on a night out in plastic bags! When I couldn’t find a Debenhams, Monsoon, or H&M bag, I’d have to use a Sainsbury’s bag! I finally thought; "I’m just too stylish for this, hehe..." - thus the 'Love Thy Heels' high heel bag was born!

Wow! Sounds right up my street and a great solution to a daily problem that no doubt many women in business and party girls have! I Am NEVER without a nice pair of flats in my bag to change into after a long day running around in heels for work! 
Can you give our readers THREE reasons why they should purchase a 'Love Thy Heels' bag today as their shoe carrying solution?


REASON 1: The 'Love Thy heels' bag is a cute and stylish substitute to a plastic bag for carrying your high heeled shoes (with specially placed inside pockets for each shoe to sit snuggly and safely into it)

REASON 2. If you love your heels, give them a beautiful place to live, keep them clean and (free) from scuffing, while making a statement at the same time.

REASON 3. Our high heel bags are lovingly handmade in Europe from 100% natural cotton, so it can be used over and over again and can be washed and cleaned, unlike plastic bags, also being kinder to our environment.


Along the way, were there any platforms online that you found useful/helpful that you could recommend to our readers?


Yes, I found Meetup.com quite helpful in terms of meeting like-minded people and networking. 


Sounds great! So how do our readers find you and get their hands on your wonderful product?
Your lovely readers can buy their Love Thy Heels high heel bag via our website at www.lovethyheels.com

And they can find us at:





Before you go - do you have a motto that you like to follow in life that you can share
with our readers to provide some inspiration?

Yes, I have a few!

“It’s a marathon and not a sprint”.

“Never forget why you started”.

“It takes 10 years to become an overnight success”

Visit Love Thy Heels today at:www.lovethyheels.com

  Posted by Crystal King
Female Business Owner Amaka Akuchie encourages women everywhere to 'Love Thy Heels'! Female Business Owner Amaka Akuchie encourages women everywhere to 'Love Thy Heels'! Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 13:41 Rating: 5

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