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Spotlight Feature: #WomenMeanBusiness NLPR Ltd Founder/Managing Director Natalie Leonna

British-Dominican business creative Natalie Leonna is the Managing Director/Founder of NL PR Ltd.

NL PR Ltd excellently provides a comprehensive branding and business silver service fully tailored to meet business and multimedia company requirements, whilst providing the highest quality of PR expertise, business marketing and multimedia branding for clients, corporate brands, multimedia companies and business executives. 

"Starting off as a model in 2006 securing a vast amount of work with the help of then Manager Tigerlee Henry, it didn’t take long before I realized I preferred working behind -the-scenes and on the other side of the camera - creative directing. Between 2005 and 2009 I partnered up with Tigerlee Henry with whom I planned many events,  managed models and worked closely with some great PR professionals and it was then that I found my niche." said Natalie Leonna.

Natalie Leonna - who currently resides in Gidea Park - is also a very proud and dedicated Mother of three beloved children and highly values the very importance of family coming first even with her intense daily business schedule and high demands and expectations of successfully operating the ever-growing NL PR Ltd.

"With myself and Tigerlee slowly veering off into our own ventures I continued to expand my network and assist those who needed my help in the music and fashion industry, as the clientele and network continued to grow, NL PR was born in 2010" added the NL PR Ltd Founder/Managing Director.

Natalie Leonna's NL PR Ltd creative business company provides exceptional professional services in Public Relations, Fashion PR, Event Management, Web Design, Branding and Creative Agency. NL PR Ltd has collaborated with noteworthy leading corporate brands such as Debenhams, Toni and Guy, Island Records, Bellazzi, Caffé Concerto, USM Media Group, Waven, S Child Couture, Starr 7, Super Mothers Network, Yace and many more reputable companies. NL PR Ltd have additionally organized successful events for the Luton Arts Festival, Stand 4 Something and the Super Mother’s Annual Ball for three consecutive years in a row to name a few. 

"The NL PR Ltd Founder and Managing Director network in the fashion industry I decided to add to the NL PR family and create the NL PR Creative Agency. A home for all Make Up Artists, Hairstylists, Stylists, Photographers, ,Videographers, Illustrators and Graphic Designers with Creative Direction services also offered from myself." noted Leonna.

In addition, the talented Natalie Leonna is the Co-Founder of reputable British-Caribbean registered charity The Relief for Dominica. The Relief of Dominica registered charity fully aids and champions the relief efforts in the wake of Dominica's well-documented Tropical Storm Erika. NL PR Ltd founder Natalie Leonna and Celebrity Creations Founder/"You Deserve" Singer-Songwriter/She Inspired Her Editor-In-Chief Crystal King - who is a loyal lifelong friend of Natalie Leonna and also Dominican- have also exponentially collaborated on collectional donation events in London, United Kingdom in support of the ever-united citizens of Dominica via The Relief of Dominica registered charity foundation.

"In 2015, I started a charity initiative with three other ladies Antonia Fender, Jade Roberts and Lashanna Ingliss in the wake of Tropical Storm Erika that ravaged the island of Dominica last summer. This Initiative offers assistance and aid to any Caribbean or African country ravaged by natural disaster." stated Natalie Leonna regarding The Relief of Dominica.

Natalie Leonna currently proudly serves in an ambassadorial-type role for patriotic Dominica descendents via The Relief of Dominica registered charity and fully ensures betterment for Dominica and its citizens courtesy of The Relief of Dominica's philanthropic endeavors and support; Storm Erika unceremoniously and devastatingly shook the 72,000 populated Caribbean nation. 

In June 2016, Natalie Leonna joined 3-time Award-winning and Future 100 certified media publication In-spire LS Magazine Ltd and has since made a solid impact in a brief period of time since her arrival in showcasing and demonstrating versatility, leadership, technical skill and professional services through her various contributions for In-spire LS Magazine Ltd as evident with her array of superb cuisine reviews, solid multimedia event coverage, media interviews with celebrities coupled alongside with her overall creativity, professionalism and business acumen. 

Natalie Leonna's NL PR Ltd business currently has a wide variety of vastly exciting ventures in store and the talented British-Dominican Model-turned-Managing Director/PR excellently continues to up the ante with each passing year in growing both personally and professionally. Natalie Leonna unequivocally demonstrates and boldly reinforces that in a man's world, women mean business!

NL PR Ltd Website: http://www.nlpr-online.com

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Spotlight Feature: #WomenMeanBusiness NLPR Ltd Founder/Managing Director Natalie Leonna Spotlight Feature: #WomenMeanBusiness NLPR Ltd Founder/Managing Director Natalie Leonna  Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 18:34 Rating: 5

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