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Lord Knows and JoShe Boutique Founder Sheila Lordeus #12Watch

Fort Lauderdale native Sheila Lordeus is the founder of JoShe Boutique and LKM Productions LLC which is home to women's lifestyle blog LordKnows and website The Social Lyfe.

After experiencing numerous years employed as a Paralegal, the ambitious Haitian-American ultimately opted for a calculated gamble in altering her primary career aspirations in the pursuit of happiness. It was a paramount turning point professionally and personally as the Florida-born creative became a part-time Radio Co-Host on Yodpodner in Florida, which was a fruitful experience that essentially inspired Lordeus to pursue the dream of traveling overseas whilst garnering further industry information, techniques and acumen about surviving - and thriving - in the ever-competitive media business. 

The ever-motivated Floridian thereafter relocated to London, United Kingdom for a year and attended Kingston University in London; Lordeus currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Sheila Lordeus studied journalism at Kingston University in London, United Kingdom.

Furthermore, whilst building and expanding a multimedia career encompassing presenting and journalism, Sheila Lordeus continues an insatiable desire to share her own unique experiences and journey on the compelling Lord Knows blog and The Social Lyfe website. 

Lordeus' chief purpose for The Social Lyfe and Lord Knows brands were inspired on the basis of numerous requests from friends and colleagues regarding Lordeus' international travels; The Social Lyfe additionally provides intriguing view points and vivid social life commentary whereas Lord Knows provides relatable content for female readers.

The ultimate liberty for Sheila Lordeus to live the dream as a full-time self-employed career woman consumed all Lordeus had been searching for, whilst continuing to redefine and evolve her professional career, Lord Knows brand and existence when many refused in daring to dream and believe. 

Sheila Lordeus is the personification of a strong-willed and vastly independent Black woman in media and her appealing journalistic stories and intellectual Lord Knows blog posts are based around a richly diverse interest of women's lifestyle, fashion, love, travel, professional sports, food, DIY and media. Lordeus' Lord Knows blog has accumulated collective praise from respected media industry peers and has garnered a niche and ever-growing audience since its official launch. 

Sheila Lordeus' unique voice as a writer empowers, inspires and motivates women with the Florida-born columnist's life and career experiences alone creating entertaining, straightforward and sincere content without being self-absorbed.

Sheila Lordeus Twitter: @Lord_KnowsMe

Lord Knows Official Bloghttp://www.lordknows.org

The Social Lyfe Official Websitehttp://www.thesociallyfe.com

JoShe Boutique Official Websitehttp://www.josheboutique.com

Article by +Dean Perretta 
Lord Knows and JoShe Boutique Founder Sheila Lordeus #12Watch Lord Knows and JoShe Boutique Founder Sheila Lordeus #12Watch Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 13:21 Rating: 5

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