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Introducing African Print to your wardrobe with Mother/Daughter owned Fashion Label 'SeaBass'

SeaBass is a fashion retail brand which officially launched in August 2017, with the aim to merge bold and beautiful African prints with stylish and contemporary shoes, handbags and accessories. The two strong women behind this unique, vibrant and cultured brand were inspired by their love of Ankara and wanted to assist women everywhere be able to "add a splash of colour to their outfits and experiment with prints", knowing that every woman can look beautiful and express their personalities through style and fashion.

Today at She Inspired Her we get up-close-and-personal with the women behind the SeaBass brand to find out more about the brand, the journey and what is coming next!

Welcome to She Inspired Her! We are excited to find out more about you both. Let's start by introducing yourselves to our readers - what are your names and how are you connected?

Joan: My name is Joan and this is Natalie, and we are a mother-daughter team.
Wow what a duo! Sound's very inspiring to have a mother and daughter running a business together and what a great brand you have established, we love the branding, vibrant colours and of course what a great name!
Joan: We wanted a name that really captured the essence of our brand and uplifts the women who wear it. 
The name SeaBass is actually an acronym for: 


Amazing! So you officially launched in the summer of 2017. What led you to want to establish your own fashion retail brand and how have you incorporated this into your merchandise/products/goods?
Natalie: We have always adored African prints and African fashion and it's quite easy these days to find nice, good quality African print clothing. However, when searching for African Print shoes, bags or accessories for ourselves we often found that the finished product would not be of a very good standard, anything that was of a decent quality was usually ridiculously expensive. 

We are both naturally very creative individuals, my mum especially, so one day we started making items for ourselves and wearing them out and kept receiving really nice compliments and request from friends and family. 

From there we decided it was worth a try turning it into a business, and have kept African prints and African culture at the heart of everything we produce.

So who is SeaBass designed for?
Natalie: SeaBass is designed for all women, of all ages, shapes and colours. Yes, we have African prints incorporated into most of our products, but we are not solely aimed at an African-Caribbean market. African prints are becoming more and more mainstream and are popular with all races, and if you love the look of African prints but are not ready or confident enough to try a full outfit, then are products are a great way of introducing African prints to your wardrobe. 

What are your thoughts and approach to SeaBass catering for the vastly varied and often very individual styles and desires of women with regards to self-expression, character, personality and confidence?
Joan: The way women dress often reflects their personalities, but some women shy away from wearing bright colours and bold prints because they may not know what colours or tones suit them or how to mix and match prints. With our products it is easy to add a splash of colour and prints to your outfit, for example by paring a simple black jumpsuit with a pair of our red African print wedges along with matching waist belt and choker you can really transform your whole look. Our products are worn to be seen, and we want the women who wear them to feel confident and beautiful.
This sounds incredible! Where can She Inspired Her readers visit SeaBass to see more of your products?
Joan: Our full range of products are available to purchase on our main website which is sea-bass.co.uk

You can also find some of our products on Etsy at seabassuk and you can follow us on Instagram at seabassuk

So, what is next for SeaBass? Do you have anything else in the pipeline for the brand?
Joan: We are currently working on a men’s range, some items of which we will be launching at the Amour Destine Shop & Social event on 31st March 2018! 
We are also planning on expanding our range into clothing and children's items also, in the near future, so we have a lot of things in the pipeline which we are excited about.
So you will be showcasing and selling SeaBass products down at the Shop & Social Event! That is great! Tell us more about your involvement in Shop and Social! What can readers expect to find at your stand on the day?
Natalie: We worked with Annie and her team (at Amour Destine) last year for their She Inspires Me event and are so pleased to be returning this year for Shop & Social. Since the last event, along with the re-brand with have introduced a completely new product range, with a lot more variety. We have some very unique shoes and bags for all occasions, along with a wide range of jewellery and accessories that are all hand made, that you won't find anywhere else!
Seabass are offering a Special Deal to all She Inspired Her readers who attend Shop & Social and buy from the SeaBass stand! Tell us more about this great deal!
Joan: If you visit our stall on the day and make a purchase of £15 or more on any of our products across the entire range you will receive a free thank you gift!

For FREE Tickets to the 'Shop & Social' event click here

Visit SeaBass today at: www.Sea-Bass.co.uk 

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