Saturday, 2 March 2019

10-Week Free Food Business Training Course by GCDA

Do you want to run your own food business?

No idea where to start?

Need assistance understanding how to get it off the ground?

Why not attend this FREE 10-Week Food Business Training Course in Newham run by GCDA. Starting from 7th March 2019.


This FREE course will cover areas including:

- Business Planning
- Understanding the impact of the food industry
- Legislation, Licencing and Compliance
- Market Research
- Menu Planning including Costing
- Financial Planning, Management and Funding
- Marketing and Branding

The course will end with a market where you will be able to put  all that you have learned into practise, with real customers!

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Free Trial Class: Young A-Listers Self Empowerment Drama School

Do you know a young person / young adult who has talent?
Are you ready to help take their acting career to the next level? 

Young A-Listers is a part-time self-empowerment drama school that enriches, uplifts and educates its students through personal development and drama. A school that assists students to become professional actors and provide them the life skills and personal awareness they need to succeed in life. 

The school is run by actor Samuell Benta (Eastenders E20, The Black Ranger - Power Rangers Operation overdrive). Students will not only learn and develop their acting, they will be learning many areas of the entertainment industry and receive guidance for their journeys developing them to becoming efficient self-starters. 

Young A-Lister teaches its students to be successful A-Listers in their own movie called ‘life’. There are also guest celebrity drop-ins and visits from high profile industry professionals

Students will visit film and TV-sets and observe the creation process, which can spark other talents they never knew existed within them. Upon evaluation of their overall talent, skill and professional attitude with their end of year performance, they will also have the potential to join the BentaVision ‘Performers Catalogue’ for Film/TV and Theatre work that the company will be producing in the future.  

This Young A-Listers opportunity is available for:
Tweens: (9-12 years)
Teens (13-17 years)
Young Adults: (18-21 years)

For A FREE trial class and more info please visit.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home Near The Beach

Are you dreaming about buying a beachfront house? 
Surely a beachfront home is a dream come true for most! The amazing feelings and sounds that come with the waves lapping right at your doorstep. The vision of golden sand while breathing in all that fresh air, with the white surf right on your front porch - seriously, how exciting! 
However, finding a perfect property near the beach is easier said than done because there are several things that you need to consider. Beachfront properties face some potential challenges from the elements, and these need extra attention. 
Here are some killer mistakes that you should avoid while buying a home near the beach.  
Not sticking to a budget
In all the excitement of landing a property with a beach view, you may end up buying a house that is beyond your budget. A beach home is much more than its actual cost because there are heavy maintenance and repair expenses that you may need to incur regularly. The property has to bear the brunt of strong winds and high tides, which makes it susceptible to damage. The best approach is to be calculative and stay within your budget constraints.
Not checking out the neighbourhood
Beach properties can be alluring to the extent that you may ignore checking out the neighbourhood before investing in them. You should absolutely avoid this mistake and research the area well enough before locking the deal. Know more about the community, amenities and culture in the area by spending time there. Check online as well. You can find plenty of options near the beach in Perth to build your new home from this detailed list from Vision One Homes.
Not getting the home insured
Another common blunder that people make with beach homes is to overlook its insurance. You may have bought a home of your choice but considering it as a vacation property and not getting a proper insurance coverage for it is the wrong approach. In fact, a beach house needs additional coverage because of the likelihood of damage due to natural disasters like floods and hurricanes.
Counting on rentals to cover the cost
Do not think that you can cover the mortgage cost of a beach house by renting it out as a vacation home. The reason being that the costs may go way beyond the mortgage payments because you may have to incur unforeseen expenses such as damage caused by floods and hurricanes. When you do take the decision to buy such a property, be very sure that you will be able to pay the mortgage as well as other expenses without depending on rental income.
Not checking with an expert
A coastal home inspector is someone who can help you in choosing the right property. From judging the location to direction of wind flows and evaluating the construction material used, an expert can guide you about putting your money in the right place. Not showing the property to an expert before buying is another mistake that you should avoid.
Make sure that you avoid these blunders while buying a home on the beach and you can have a perfect haven to enjoy sunny days by the seaside. Just don't forget to invite us!

Article Edited for Publishing by Crystal 'King' Emmanuel

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Say hello to CONFIDENT BEACH LIFE with High Waist Beach Swimwear from New Chic

When the summer is approaching, we all start to have wonderful visions of road trips to the seaside, summer holidays, cocktails on the beach and just generally experiencing sun kissed bliss! Can I get a yaaaasss please? Thank you.

 However, after we envision our wind swept hair in slow motion as we bounce along the beach like Beyonce running into the arms of some gorgeous God-like creature who is waiting longingly for us by the sea with abs like a .... ok you get the idea... we suddenly realise that the two-piece swimsuit that this Beyonce is wearing in the dream is well... maybe... just not going to work after all!

Well never fear! Make way for that vision to come absolutely true, well for the most part anyway, because you can rest assured that you will be able to step into your very own confident beach life this year with this INCREDIBLE new collection of High Waited Beach Swimwear from New Chic, a less revealing way to wear a two-piece... but just as fabulous! (Yay! We're saved)!
Take a look at some of the stunning designs available
Theses were our favourites when browsing through:

Plus add to the treat of living your best beach life, we have also snagged you 10% off at New Chic when you click the coupon below, sign up and purchase your favourites today!

Extra 10% Off Women Swimwear

So without further delay get yourself over to New Chic and grab a few pieces to get you though the best summer EVER!

Article by Crystal 'King' Emmanuel
See more article and deal at: 

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Saturday, 9 February 2019

4 Things You Should Consider While Choosing Hotel Staff Uniform

Thinking about creating your own hotel chain? Maybe you are already running a hotel and want to take it to the next level? 

Running a hotel is not a simple task. You need to consider so many factors so that things work well for you. The location of the hotel and the amenities you provide with the services that you offer will make you stand out from the rest. If you want customers to have the best time at your location, it is vital for you to provide them with good food, hospitality and services.
There are many different levels of staff to be hired for a hotel business too. From the bellboy to the receptionists and from housekeeping staff to chefs; the list can be long and there are many considerations to be made to ensure that you get the right candidates for each role.

Primarily, it is essential for you to hire people who are excellent at providing customer service. If you want your hotel to become a sought-after brand, you will do well to ensure that your staff are well presented. It is always a great visual from a customers perspective to see your hotel branding printed onto the uniforms of your staff. 

Something that may seem so small can add that special touch and creates immediate brand recognition and consequently, trust from the customer. The branded uniform with you company logo on it can create a sense of consistency and a feeling of familiarity for the customer, which consequently leads to a feeling of trust and overall positive brand recognition. 

You should plan on purchasing these hotel uniforms from Tilit right away to ensure this quality and trust from the outset. 

Here are some things that you need to consider when you are buying uniforms for hotel staff.

1. Brainstorm With Your Team

Now, this is the first thing that you need to plan on doing. Take time to check with the senior management team to see what type of uniforms you should plan on purchasing for the hotel staff. It is important for you to see whom you are planning to hire.

2. Ready Made Or Custom Made?

Whether you are going to go with a ready-made uniform or get something a little more unique that is custom-made is one choice that you need to make, dependent upon your needs. If you are planning to establish your hotel before you make any changes, you may plan on buying uniforms that are ready made. However, if you want to stand out from the rest, take the time to customise the uniforms to add a unique touch.
If you customise, people will start to recognise the brand as being in its own league. This can  help considerably in getting your hotel more business over time. Hence you need to consider this aspect before you invest your money.

3. The Material That You Choose

It is essential for you to pick a great quality material. Do not pick one that is not strong or sturdy, as you might have to spend more money later to buy additional uniforms if the existing ones experience wear and tear. It is good to buy uniforms that are of a high quality as it will also signify the matching quality and status of your hotel. Your staff are going to be a lot more comfortable and take pride in their work if they are wearing clothes that are good quality.

4. Pick The Right Sizes

It is crucial for you to pick the right sizes so that the people who are wearing your hotel uniforms feel incredible. It is always good to order uniforms of various sizes and keep them available and in-stock, so that your employees can pick another one; if they are not comfortable or if the uniform becomes damaged.
These are the essential things that you must take into consideration before you invest in uniforms for the staff that are working at your hotel, to ensure that it is a worthwhile long-term investment for your hotel brand.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Donna Vinci Suits bring fashion to the occasion this Spring and Summer 2019

Whether you are looking for something special to wear to attend your next service, need a mother of the bride outfit or are excited about shopping for your next stand-out piece for Royal Ascot 2019 - we have just the right fashion label for your needs!

Introducing Donna Vinci Suits, an inspiring and show stopping designer label who made their debut appearance to the world within the stylish fashion capitals of Italy and Paris.

Donna Vinci suits have earned themselves a stunning reputation over the past 37 years, supplying the world with highly fashionable and exquisitely unique, state-of-the-art pieces for various occasions, including church services, weddings, galas, Royal Ascot and more!

Some of the most famous of Donna Vinci Suit's collections are their exceptionally designed women's church suits, many of which have been designed alongside matching church hats for both special occasions and formal events. 

Celebrities across the world have been captured 'dressed for church' in Donna Vinci Church Suits and quite surprisingly, the price tag for a Donna Vinci is jaw dropping affordable and totally accessible to the day to day woman who is seeking something special to wear for a service or special event.

Donna Vinci have a superb collection available for purchase online today, with an array of styles and colours to suit all personalities, moods and tones.

To add to the beauty and diversity of this brand, their elegant Spring & Summer Styles are available in sizes 8-26; this ensuring that everyone can feel comfortably beautiful in a Donna Vinci piece!

Article written by Crystal 'King' Emmanuel

Thursday, 7 February 2019

4 Ways to Improve Your Smile

A person’s smile is said to be best ornament one can wear. When someone smiles at you, their teeth are the first thing you look at. To know your dental health, you need to know some of the common dental problems that you probably have and didn’t even know about. Here are four common dental problems that can affect your smile:

Foul Breath: Of course you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of friends and family because you breath smells really bad. Yes, this is a health issue. Most people don’t know that bad breath is actually a disease. This could be because of the food that you eat. Bacteria build up in your mouth is the most common reason for a foul smell. In case you have a breath problem, you can try using mouthwash after you brush or even after you eat. This will slow down the bacteria and you can have fresh breath for longer.

Tooth Cavities: Tooth cavities are very common. Imagine someone smiling at you in a bar, and they have a big black hole between their teeth. You wouldn’t be likely to want to engage in a conversation with the person. Cavities are caused due to acidic secretion by bacteria that attacks the food stuck in between teeth. The acid corrodes the enamel of your teeth and this results in a cavity. If you have a cavity you should visit your dentist immediately. You can explore  for the best dentists and dental treatments. Cleaning up the cavity and filling it with epoxy or ceramic is a common treatment. You can try out more options with the filling materials. Getting your cavity treated is very important. If ignored, you have to get your tooth removed and also it may result in swelling of the gums below.

Swollen Gums: Another common problem is gingivitis. If you are experiencing pain in your gums, swelling of gums or occasional bleeding of gums, then you probably have it. Ignoring gingivitis can be very painful and may lead to more chronic problems. This problem occurs when plaque begins to enter between teeth and gums. If ignored, it may even lead to premature falling of teeth. You probably wouldn’t want to smile with a tooth missing in between.

Crooked Teeth: In some countries, like Korea, crooked teeth are considered attractive, but in most of the parts of the world they are frowned upon. Teeth can be crooked when they are developing. It can be easily treated. Your dentist will probably suggest using braces. Most people are put off by the visual implications of wearing braces. You can choose clear aligners which are easily removable. You can wear them all day long and they can be removed.

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