Saturday, 25 January 2020

7 Tips For Starting A New Job

Are you starting a new job and want to make the best first impression? This article will guide you through how to do so.

Be On-Time

This is something that should be common sense, but it is also the key to success at your new job.  When you come to work on time, your boss will see that you are the responsible and enthusiastic person they want.  Coming in late will leave a bad impression and this could affect the rest of the time you work at the company.

Dress To Impress

Since you have been hired, you need to look the part.  It is better to overdress at the start of your new job, but you should consider the company culture when dressing.  You do not want to be the newbie dressed in a pressed suit on your first day at a hip start-up.  It is best to ask your supervisor about the dress code to ensure you do not feel awkward from the start. If you have read this piece on how to write a killer executive bio then you’ll know first impressions are everything.

Listen To Everything

During your first week on the job, you will be bombarded with new facts and you have to take the time to listen to everything.  The information you get could be where the bathrooms are or where the files you need are stored.  If you have any questions about what you learn, you should ask them.

Ask All Your Questions

If you are confused about something, you need to take the time to ask about it.  Your first week at your new job is a grace period where everyone will be open to any question you have.  It is best to ask at this point than to still be unsure three months into your job when it is too late to admit that you do not understand a core part of the job.  Asking questions also shows that you are enthusiastic and interested in your job which leaves a good impression.

Know What Is Expected

Do you know what is expected of you in your new role?  If you are unsure, you should talk to your boss and go over this during your first week.  This is the best time for this and you can get rid of any confusion you have over the job description or your tasks.  When you know what is expected, you will work better and your boss will be impressed with your attitude.

Get To Know The Surroundings

Part of settling into your new job is getting to know your surroundings.  You should learn where the best place for lunch is and where everyone if getting their morning coffee.  When you know these small logistical things, your days will be much easier to handle.

Leave Your Personal Life At Home

You may be dying to tell everyone you know about your new job or you have a text that is nagging you, but you need to resist temptation.  Keep your phone in your bag until your break.  This is important if you want to make a good impression.  You should also refrain from using your phone during work hours for personal emails, social media updates or contacting your friends.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

The Single Boss - Dating Events for the Kick-Ass Professional Returns this January!

The Single Boss
Dating Events for the Kick-Ass Professional

We have an amazing treat for our readers this January!
Get 33% off your first attendance to The Single Boss events with promocode: 'THESINGLEBOSS' - its time to find the one!

On Thursday 30th January 2020 ensure that you are nowhere other than The Single Boss event at Perini and Perini in London for a few hours of mingling and relaxing with like minded people who take work, creativity, risk, fun and reward seriously! 

It's not a label, a badge, or money that makes you a boss, it's a state of mind. The Single Boss events are for those who think like a boss whether you're a kick-ass professional, entrepreneur or business owner, and if you are single and want to meet others in the same headspace - this is for you! You may just meet your match!

DJ Ash from "JAM Events" will be providing the music for the evening, coupled with our customary Single Boss hospitality, we know, at the end of Jan we'll put a smile on your face.

Use Promocode: THESINGLEBOSS for 33% OFF!
Bring a single friend of the opposite sex for even more of a discount! Simply click here

What to expect on the evening:
Greeted and looked after by our hosts
Welcome drink
Brilliant and engaging speaker
The special guest speaker at this event will be Susan Kabani founder of the Ugenie app, a keen supporter of female entrepreneurs and a business butterfly who runs regular networking events and pitch nights. The topic for the evening is "the power of the pivot". Susan will also give us the low down on how the Ugenie app, a private platform to better connect your community (like a LinkedIn for your brand) came into being.
Live DJ
Fun photo booth
Guaranteed pressure-less interactions
Great conversation, surrounded by like-minded people

Sponsors in attendance on the evening include:
WeCoffee, Introducing Two, Boomerang Booth and Ugenie!

Date and time : Thursday, January 30th, 7pm - 10pm

Age range 26+

Want more... contact:

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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Swap Shops: BIG craze hitting London's Fashion Conscious in 2020

So we all pretty much know the definition of a swap right? 
You have something that someone else wants and they have something that you want - so you make a fair exchange - they take your item and you take theirs and then... Bingo! Two happy people are now in possession of what they wanted without parting with any cash directly, just their old unwanted item! It's actually an amazing concept, very simple and one that up until now was more associated with kids' Pokemon cards and teens' football stickers! 

Fast forward to today and we finally have a fantastic ADULT version of a great swap, all in the name of fashion and socialising!

With must attend quality pop-up swap shop events like the Luxe Swapz Fashion Swap Shop Boutique moving through London like wild fire, we honestly believe that swap shops could soon be the new night club alternative for the grown and sexy! Why? Well for example, the Luxe Swapz events created by London events agency Celebrity Creations Management include a fully pre-prepared pop-up boutique of clothes, shoes, accessories (many items being brand new with tags or pretty much untouched and others fresh and ready to go to a new home). This pop-up boutique moves around to different locations across London and is ready to browse through from the minute it's doors open, plus whatever clothing is brought down to the event by guests who have come to swap! They also have everything from music, prosecco and even rum punch to jumbo games, networking games and treats available to keep guests fully entertained while they browse and level up on the latest fashion to take home to their wardrobe!

It is clear from results and packed events that Fashion swap shops are rising rapidly in popularity across London and the US, and this is not just because of how great a concept it is, but also because of the ethical and eco-friendly benefits of swap shopping!

By not throwing away unwanted clothing and taking them down to a swap shop you are actually making sure that your old clothes do no end up as landfill. Instead you are recycling the clothing and letting it go to another home where it will be loved . The swap shop concept also allows people who can't really afford to shop every week for new clothes, shoes and accessories, the chance to constantly refresh their wardrobe without the hefty pricetags! I mean... what's not to love?

So what are you waiting for? Grab a ticket to attend the next Luxe Swapz Pop-up Fashion Swap Shop Boutique today and tell us all about your experience when you are done!

Luxe Swapz will be popping up at The Pamper Sessions - Beauty, Fashion and Wellness Show on Saturday 14th December 2019 at The Refreshment Room, Stratford, London E15 from 12pm-6pm

To get tickets to the next Luxe Swapz event Click Here 

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Grab Life By The Boobs with the CoppaFeel Campaign

This year breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! launch their new campaign Grab Life By The Boobs, in celebration of their tenth year of talking boobs and educating young people across the nation about getting to know their bodies. 

Grab Life By The Boobs is a celebration of making the most of life and grabbing on to everything it throws at you - including life’s curveballs. The campaign was inspired by CoppaFeel! co-founder Kris Hallenga, who was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer at the age of 23. Kris was suddenly confronted with a choice: let life happen to her? Or grab on, and change it? 

Before her diagnosis, Kris was unaware that breast cancer could affect people in their twenties and knew very little about the disease. It struck her that there was little information out there for young people, educating them about the disease, how they could be looking after themselves and informing them that breast cancer doesn’t just affect women over 50. So Kris decided to change this. 

In the ten years since Kris & her twin sister Maren founded the charity, CoppaFeel! have talked boobs with young people across the nation, from schools to uni campuses, festival fields and a whole lot in between. But they’re not looking back to see how far they’ve come, they’re celebrating how they’ve helped change people’s futures. People like Heidi Elleray, who features in the campaign’s TV ad, said “I got involved in the campaign in the hope that it would help people understand that breast cancer can affect everyone, it doesn’t matter your age, gender or race, regular checking can make all the difference and that you can still rock it during treatment and come out stronger than ever!” 

 CoppaFeel! know that grabbing life by the boobs is more than just an attitude, it’s the best way of getting to know your body and putting the future in your hands. The charity’s research shows that those aware of​ CoppaFeel! are 58% more likely to check monthly than those not aware​[1], with significantly broader knowledge of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer​ [2].  

33% off A6 flyers

 CoppaFeel! ​hopes the new campaign will help to normalise checking and encourage young people to check regularly, empowering individuals to grab on to life and get to know their bodies. For more information, search: CoppaFeel​!​ Grab Life.  

 [1] CoppaFeel! Bilendi research, May  2019 wave [2]Those aware of CoppaFeel! Are much more likely to know all the symptoms of breast cancer and are increasingly aware of some of the lesser known symptoms. 79% of those aware of CoppaFeel! identified pulling in of your nipple as a sign, compared to 55% of people not aware. *CoppaFeel! Bilendi research, May 2019 wave

To find out more information about CoppaFeel! and how to check your boobs Click Here

Instagram: @coppafeelpeople
Twitter: @coppafeelpeople

Saturday, 12 October 2019

How to Grow Followers on Instagram 2019

A couple of years ago, Facebook was the most popular social media website out there. However, in recent years, with the increase in the use of smartphones and apps, this trend has shifted slightly. People still use the Facebook application a lot. However, it is no longer the kingpin of social media apps anymore. No, these days, the youth is more attracted applications like Snapchat, or more importantly, Instagram.

What is Instagram?

To those of you that have been living under a rock these past few years, in simple terms, Instagram is an application that you can use to share photos and videos. In recent years, half our lives are spent on the internet. With easy access to cameras, we like to capture every moment in a photograph. Apps like Instagram not only allow us to capture photographs and make videos, it now allows us to share it with our friends, family, and co-workers.
Basically, it is an application that lets you take pictures, tweak them up a bit with the many filters and effects available on the application and broadcast it with the world free of cost! The best part is that editing and posting pictures and videos is not all that Instagram has to offer, you can even send and receive messages and video calls through it. It is an all-rounder app that has everything to offer that any decent social networking site would.

What are your Instagram followers?

When you join Instagram or make an account on it, the first thing you are going to need is followers. Instagram is no fun without followers. Your followers are basically those people that you add as friends to your account. These are the people who can see what you are posting and can like and comment on your pictures and videos. The more followers you’ve got, the more likes and comments you are bound to get on your profile.
How to get Instagram followers in 2019?
Let’s face it, if you are on Instagram, you know one thing is evident. Instagram is no fun without a good following. The more followers you have, the more popular you seem in front of all your friends. However, gaining Instagram followers in 2019 isn’t as simple as it once was before. Due to the many new internet security rules and details, you can no longer buy bot accounts to follow you. So the question arises, what are some foolproof ways to get Instagram followers in 2019?
To name few, here are some that might help you increase your popularity!
      Use Hashtags and Location tags!
If you are using Instagram then you know that a lot of people follow hashtag trends when posting anything on the app. While you are posting anything, use the relevant hashtags so that you pop up in the searches of anyone looking up the particular hashtag. Not only will this increase your likes, but it might also even help you gain more followers. Locations tags are also important. If you go anywhere special, drop a picture of that place on your story with the location tag. This again will help you connect with those that have visited and liked the same location as you!
      Get your profile branded!
If you are even mildly popular and find yourself successful on Instagram, get your profile verified! Many young people these days have found success on Instagram. You’ve heard about girls becoming Instagram models, and not to mention some boys even using their Instagram feeds for various purposes. There are many meme accounts and DIY accounts on Instagram too. Most of these accounts have a large following and solid fan base. If this is the case with you too, then go ahead and get your account branded and verified so that that little blue tick mark appears next to your account name every time someone searches it up. Verified accounts show up at the top of search results and have a way of attracting more followers naturally. They are more trusted therefore people don’t think much before following them.
      Switch from private to business!
If you are simply a private account owner looking to increase your following, there is an easy trick to this as well. When you make an Instagram profile, by default your account is private. This way, you can screen through who you want to add on your profile by accepting and rejecting the accounts that request to follow you. However, Instagram also offers an option where you can switch your private profile to the public. Through this, anyone that visits your profile can simply follow it without having to wait for your approval. This too can help you increase your number of followers easily.
      Sponsor in Instagram Ads!
Instagram has become a very competitive market place due to its immense popularity (over 1 billion users monthly!). From time to time, you will come across many different types of sponsored advertisements while you are scrolling down your feed. All you have to do is sign up to be a part of these advertisements and become a brand ambassador of sorts. Then Instagram does all the leg work for you and you start appearing other people’s feeds with whatever product you are sponsoring for. This will attract the brand’s customers to not only the product they have to offer but also to your profile, in turn, earning you your much-desired followers!
In conclusion:
So there you have it. These are some fail-safe ways to increase your following in the new year ahead. Facebook is fast becoming a thing of the past, therefore people are leaning towards using Instagram and Snapchat. If you are one of these people, then follow these steps and make your profile as popular as it can get. Also, our agency SocialStudio could help you gain organic and targeted followers, increase your engagement and brand awareness! Enjoy Instagram to the fullest by sharing your world with as many people as you want!

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Is swiping left really going to get you the partner of your dreams?

Tired of being single? You're probably tired ...of being tired... of being single? Correct?

Yes, that's actually you and thousands of others across the globe! Wait! So surely this means you all just need an effective way to find each other, seen as you are all on the same mission! Problem solved? Right?

Ah, but where can all the good singles go? It seems many have flocked onto dating apps in the past few years which has become a booming industry for the app creators - great for the creators! Yey! Yet half of the people using these apps are all still... tired of being tired... of being single! So what's the real problem here and further more, what is the solution?

Most 21st Century singles have got to the point where they can easily list all the crazy names of all of the dating apps they have tried out over the years from tinder and plenty of fish to happen and hinge... where do they find these names?! 
These serial dating app down loaders can all explain how each dating app works, what it means to swipe left or right on someones face and also give detailed (sometimes hilarious, sometimes scary) accounts of hundreds of dates that they have been on and encountered via these apps. Yet somehow they are all still shockingly tired of being tired... of being single!

Dating reviews on select websites are definitely a helpful way to see what people are saying about their experiences and to see which apps and sites are actually doing their job. On the right sites you will also come across genuine, mature and encouraging success stories (yes, shocks, there are actually real happy couples out there) who have met online and left the site in an actual relationship like this eharmony in uk review about one of the few sites that uses an effective interpersonal relationship questionnaire to find out what you are really looking for in a relationship, using your answers to assess your compatibility with others on the site; consequently giving you a much higher chance of finding your perfect partner!

I mean let's face it, people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds have caught up with this millennial lifestyle; working a full time job while building a small business on the side, whilst taking on freelance jobs on weekends to fund the dream alongside being a single mum or dad with young kids on the go, making sure that we somehow pick up a lean, mean and green smoothie during the school run and definitely squeeze in a quick pilates class before bedtime. All of this to be one step closer to something that, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head a little to the right, can look like something that resembles happiness! 

So where on earth should we all find the time and energy to actually go out and meet people! Surely swiping left or right during a train commute, in between a quick power nap, is the easiest way to find true love! It's tiring just reading it all.

Ask yourself, if you truly do not have the time to find love in the first place, or to fill out a proper questionnaire online about your wants and needs in a relationship and confirm these to yourself (as most people do not even know what they want) will you ever have the time to actually participate in the relationship that you are so desperately seeking? The answer needs to be yes, you will make the time possible because you are worth-it. (Thanks Loreal).

In the end we all make time and prioritise the things that we truly want out of life! So how about allocating yourself a little time to truly putting yourself out there with more than just a screen swipe between yourself and your next relationship! Broaden your horizons, swap Netflix for stepping out into the world and seeing who's out there, use a real dating website that offers more than just a face and a few quotes to bring you face to face with the perfect partner and take comfort in knowing that they are out there searching for you too!

Article written by Crystal Emmanuel of Celebrity Creations Management

This is a paid promotion

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Musician Spotlight: Interview with Gabbi Music

1. When and why did you start playing?

My music career started when I was a little girl. I started playing violin when I was 4 years old. I saw little violin players on television with famous teacher Geza Silvay.

Young violinist Leena Rasanen started to teach me and during the years I was in good music schools in Finland, where I’m from. Music became the most important thing in my life and it’s part of my soul these days.

2. Which instruments do you play?

Violin is my main instrument but I sing and play the piano too. Of course over the years I’ve learned to play other instruments.
I’ve been teaching music in elementary school over 15 years. Violin and piano are my best instruments, others I haven't really mastered yet.

3. What was the first tune(s) you learned?

Oh boy, that’s a hard question. I believe I’ve hummed many melodies when I was a little girl. I’ve always loved listening to music and I really don’t remember my first tunes. Many first melodies are from classical music, because I have classical training. But these days I enjoy many different genres.

4. What are you currently working on?

I’m studying music business certificate in UCLA, Los Angeles. These studies are dynamite! So many great professionals teaching us the secrets of the world wide music business, what could be better than that?

I’m also working on my first original songs with amazing producer Chris Big Flores. When I have time I do modeling, this is a awesome city to do all those creative things. I am hoping to find good connections, so please reach out to me if you’re interested in a collaboration.

5. You recently relocated to Los Angeles? 
How do you like the music scene there?

Yes, I moved to Los Angeles four months ago. This has been so awesome, feels like home to me. The music scene is very diverse and so much is going on all the time. I love this active city where you can find whatever you like to listen to.

6. What has been your biggest obstacle since coming to the United States?

I believe the hardest thing is to find the right people to collaborate with. This is a big city and so many opportunities. I guess there has to be a little bit luck too to be in the right place in the right time. On the other hand this really is the place for big dreams. Just have to stay positive.

7. Do you feel the music scene is accepting of International artists?

United States music markets are really diverse. It’s really hard to say yet how international artists get publicity here. Of course it’s easier for bigger stars, but I feel people are more interested in good produced music, not so much where it’s coming from. Personally I believe that nationality can’t be the obstacle if you make good music. The language of music is international. I find it so encouraging that you don’t need to understand another person’s language, you can still make together.

8. What skills/personal attributes are most important to being successful?

I think I would be a millionaire if I knew the answer to that, but there are of course well known facts how to be successful. You need to develop your skills, practice, practice, practice and practice. You have to believe in yourself and things you’re doing. And you should never give up!

9. What is the importance of the connections you make? 
How can you utilize them?

Connections with the right people are really important. In general I feel that music collaboration is sharing feelings from one person to another. I am hoping to find other musicians, producers, singers, so we can enjoy music together and also create new beautiful things.

10. Where can fans find you on social media?

Gabbi Music Official Website

Gabbi Music on Instagram

Gabbi Model on Instagram

Gabbi Music on Facebook

Gabbi Music on Youtube

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