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Is Your Logo Design Saying The Right Thing About Your Brand?

A good logo design is significant for a company’s branding and identity. Attractive and eye-catching logo designs stand out from others and are a critical aspect of business marketing. A logo design is a company’s graphical representation and anchors a company’s brand in the most visible manifestation of their audience.

A well-designed logo is an important part of the company’s overall strategy so they must be unique and comprehensible to your target audience.  While designing a logo, a logo designer has to consider a myriad of elements that are a font, color, and meaning of the company. Your brand identity is something that has to be firm from the beginning so that you can create your brand’s worth for your audience.

A Logo Design Creates Brand Identity:

Needless to say but logo design is the visual component of a company’s overall brand image. It is carried over all in your branding elements such as stationery, websites, business cards and other advertising things so a well-designed logo can contribute to business success.

For a prominent brand image, a logo design must imply the standard and message of your brand. However, a logo design should cohere well with other aspects of a company's visual presentation. This is why logo design is the basic unit of a larger brand identity that includes company fonts, colors, and document-design guidelines.

When potential customers come to your way, the first impression you make lasts for long.  In fact, it is almost a certainty that the first impression needs to be a good one and the first impression that viewers see for a brand is its logo design and that needs to be good.
Often and certainly for startups, the budget is one of the major factors in logo decision process. It is pretty obvious that the business owner is not readily willing to spend a lot in on logo design process as they assume it to be just a little picture featuring the company name.

Logo Design and Brand Identity:

Think that a logo design is considered to be the face of the company in a way that is going to be imprinted on our products, banners, stationery and an identity of your brand. To put it differently, a great logo has the supremacy to communicate the brand identity even if there is no name integrated into the design.

Things to Consider While Designing a Logo Design:
Look For Your Font:

The font that you select is an important element of the design and it directly connects to the personality of your brand. The fonts have their own strengths and weaknesses that a professional logo designer understands and selects the best font for designing a logo.

Choosing Your Colors:

Every color has the meanings that they deliver when they are being used in a design. Colors create brand recognition and logo design with colors shows a handful of feelings about a company to the audience. Just think about what your company stands for and who your audience is when you are designing your logo.

Logo Design & Symbols:

A logo design is not just a picture but has a story attached to it. The design or the symbol you use in a logo design delves into the brand history or story of your brand. Many design elements such as typography, color, and symbols in direction should be able to tell your brand’s story to the audience. If your logo has no deeper meaning attached to it than you might need to rethink it.

Wrapping It Up,

The thing that matters the most is how efficient your logo design delivers your brand’s message and how well it is remembered by the audience.  Just make sure that the logo you design is competent enough to keep your brand recognizable and memorable to your audience.

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Monday, 12 March 2018

Why There Aren’t More Women In Pest Control Jobs

When you think of a pest controller, the image often depicted in our minds is a man in overalls with some sort of chemical container strapped to his back. It’s very rare that it evokes the image of a woman. It really does beg the question why there aren’t more women in pest control jobs.

Only 5% of the people working as pest controllers are women. This is a low number. But it’s been an increase on the 3.8% of the previous few years. More and more women are working in pest control companies and helping UK homeowners get rid of their unwanted pest problem.

Over the next 10 years, the number of women working in the pest control industry is expected to rise to 20%. Most women are put off by being a pest controller because of the work it involves. Being a pest controller is a really dirty job, and involves getting in some not very nice situations. There’s lots of creepy crawlies to deal with, and to most people this is really off putting.

But more and more women are feeling comfortable in the working environment within the pest control industry. This is because the methods of pest control are changing and making a difference to how pest controllers work. Instead of just going into a property and spraying chemicals around to get rid of pests, the industry is moving towards new and modern methods using technology for pest control. This means the treatments are becoming less harmful and destructive overall, making being a lady pest controller much more appealing.

Women already in the pest control industry are using this technology boom to use different techniques within their field. It also means there’s more and more pest control jobs becoming available for women in training, upper management and other areas of the industry. Pest control is becoming more of a welcoming industry to women as well. In the past it was very much a male dominated environment, whereas now it’s more welcoming meaning more women are being drawn towards this line of work.

Although the industry is definitely changing for women, there are still some challenges that we have to overcome. Many female pest technicians find that they are judged on their looks, and not by the job they do. In fact, most women pest controllers say that their clients were surprised when a female exterminator showed up to do the job. Others say that men in the industry still don’t consider women equals in the industry because they can’t do everything they do. Experienced pest controllers with the proper training and skills will be able to get any job done, no matter what gender they are.

If you’re thinking about a career in pest control, it’s a great industry to get into. The salary and benefits are good, and the hours tend to be flexible. Get in touch with your local pest controller if you’re thinking of joining the industry.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The UK's Finest in Black Excellence attend The Afro Hair & Beauty Association Launch

Afro Hair & Beauty Renaissance in the UK!
 #Black Excellence

by AHBA Media

Black British hair and beauty brands now have a much needed support and advice network with the official launch of the highly anticipated Afro Hair & Beauty Association (AHBA) on Thursday February 15th 2018  at the Jamaican High Commission in Kensington, London.

The AHBA, which was founded in late 2017, is the first UK organisation tasked with the privilege of representing Black British hair and beauty brands to the world. AHBA brings together an already established network to facilitate support and developmental structure for the benefit of members of the association as well as the wider community.

The atmosphere at the sold out event was sensational, being well attended by a who’s who of the Afro hair and beauty industry past and present.

Opening the event was Afro hair and beauty legend Award-winning management consultant in International Trade, Mr Rudi Page - Ex international marketing manager for the legendary Dyke & Dryden and the man who first coined the term Afro hair & beauty back in the 1980's.

Guests were delighted to hear about the 100-year vision of the AHBA and meet the exceptional members of the new board, many of whom are game changers in the industry. This collective possesses the passion, drive and skills to release a new spark of energy and excitement into a largely stagnant industry. Guests were in awe of this historic gathering with many commenting on the outstanding quality and impact of the occasion.

One of the many highlights of the evening was a bespoke choreographed ballet piece performed by young male ballet star Tonye Scott- Obene.

Five lucky independent brands were given the opportunity to pitch their products to a Dragon’s Den style panel, with the delighted winner Mammie Ndoko of brand Mama - sia receiving a AHBA Excellence Award and who was visibly overwhelmed with emotion at the recognition of her years of hard work and the excellent products she and her team create.

The evening provided unparalleled access to a powerful network of veterans and rising stars of the black cosmetics industry in the UK. It was a monumental event that will influence aspiring brands and set a blueprint for aspiration and collaboration which will continue to inspire emerging UK Hair and beauty for the foreseeable future.

HCR and The AHBA have a series of exciting events planned in 2018! To learn more.

Visit the website:

Award Winners:  - Mammie Ndoko  - Kameese Davis

Brand Excellence Judges - 
Eryca Freemantle - Global beauty expert
Derek De Clements - Celebrity Hair stylist
Verona White - Celebrity Hair stylist
Anastasia Chikezie - Multi award winning salon owner
Raphael Sofuluke - Founder the black business show

About HCR: Entrepreneur Ovi King founded HCR-UK in November 2016 to ‘positively disrupt’ the black hair care industry in the UK. In 2017, the HCR Team hosted a series of highly successful and well-attended hair and beauty pop-up events in London, where those in the industry were given a platform to network and showcase their products. The events showcase the very best in Afro hair, beauty and fashion.

For further details please contact:
Tel: 07960 486 750

Register to become a member of the AHBA today click here 
Photography by Saintz

Friday, 23 February 2018

6 Facts about Alopecia and a salute to UK Female MC Paigey Cakey

Stunning UK Rapper / Actress Paigey Cakey is a popular MC in the UK with catchy tracks such as 'Ex Boyfriend' and 'Boogie' making their moves on the UK scene in 2017.

Late last year we saw this talented and courageous UK Female MC drop one of her first ever video blogs on Youtube revealing to fans worldwide that she has been suffering from a common condition called alopecia (pronounced Allo-Pee-She-Uh), specifically traction alopecia in her case. 

Paigey revealed in this honest and humbling Youtube video diary that she had been desperately trying to keep the visual effects of the condition, which creates patches of hair loss and balding across the scalp, for the past 2-3 years. 

In her own words Paigey expressed that she had been 'hiding' the condition through fear of what people might think" but that she was ready to be honest with her fans with this brave forward movement.

Paigey Cakey describes in the video how an originally small bald patch had appeared in her hair after years and years of using various hair gels and pulling back her natural hair tightly into beautiful styles, tight weaves, cornrows, single plaits and braided styles. She described the bald patch growing, over the years into what it is today, showcasing in the video large areas of bald patching in her hair, where she announced that it no longer grows. Such a brave and bold move from a young star has to be commended and applauded.

Being an artist with a large and rapidly growing fanbase Paigey is constantly surrounded by cameras and fans who she mentioned were always complimenting her hair styles and, no doubt, wishing to be just like her. Paigey took the very brave and no-doubt inspiring move to come out and let the world know about her traction alopecia saying "its an insecurity literally that I have been hiding for a very long time".

Check out Paigey Cakey's first alopecia video diary at the end of this article.


1. What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is a hair-loss condition which in most cases effects the scalp but can also effect other areas of the body where there is hair growth. It is an auto-immune condition where the immune system begins to attack the hair follicles resulting in hair loss.

2. How do you spot Alopecia ?
There are various signs and symptoms that could alert you to possibly having alopecia, which comes in many forms. 
In many cases one or a few small coin sized smooth, round and bare patches of hair loss / bald patches can be seen where you previously had hair growing. Another sign of the condition could be finding small clumps of hair in the shower or on your pillow. The size and shapes of the bald patches do vary from case to case with some cases being more severe and noticeable than others.

3. What are the most common causes?

There are many factors that are thought to cause this condition, although the cause of alopecia is not known. It is said to occur most often in people who have a family history of other auto-immune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes. 
Severe stress is also said to be a possible factor. 
A well-known common cause of alopecia is traction, styling the hair with tight ponytails, extensions or very tight braids. 
Harsh chemicals, relaxers and perms can also cause severe damage to the scalp such as burns. Scar tissue can consequently develop inside of the hair follicles resulting in permanent hair loss.

4. Can the hair grow back without treatment?
Alopecia has been described as being a very unpredictable condition. From case to case the condition can showcase extreme differences in its spread and in it's regression. 
Regrowth of hair within a few months has been reported in many cases of alopecia, so this is certainly possible.
Some hair can grow back very light/white and fine at first and then progress to thicken and have its original colour within a period of time. Other noted cases are a lot more advanced and less likely to grow back.

5. Is there a cure?
It is unfortunate to say that there is currently no known cure for alopecia. There are many suggested treatments available from GP's, naturalists and more. It is worth noting that alopecia does not completely stop your hair's ability to grow back.
Common treatments include corticosteroid ointments and creams which can be used alongside steriods being injected into the affected area in order to block the inflammation and release the hair follicles. 
Hair Transplants are becoming widely looked at also by alopecia sufferers like Paigey Cakey to aid re-growth. 
It should be noted that most treatments are suggested to assist in hair re-growth but are not said to actually prevent the re-occurrence of the condition. 

6. How do I prevent alopecia?
There are many ways suggested. If you know that you already suffer from alopecia areata or any other auto-immune disease then it is advised to stay away from stressful situations! 
It is said that stress can actually be fuel to the fire of inflammation. This potentially leading to more hair loss for alopecia sufferers. Activities such as meditation, exercise and similar stress relieving therapies have been said to be helpful and your diet can also have an impact. Alcohol consumption, smoking and a high sugar intake can all cause inflammation to occur or to flare. A diet without these things can therefore be of great help.

Paigey Cakey flew out to Istanbul, Turkey to have a hair transplant and it is here that she recorded her first video to showcase what alopecia has done to her hair over the years, why it happened and her first steps towards recovery and repair.

Check out the video below showing her video diary on the day of her Hair Transplant:

If you have any worries or concerns as to whether you have alopecia, you can easily be tested to determine whether this is a fact. You can book yourself in for a test analysis where you hair (and sometimes a scalp sample) can be taken by a doctor and examined under a microscope. Another way is blood tests which can test for specific conditions. If worried ask your GP for some advice.

Here is a video showcasing one of our favourite Paigey Cakey tracks to date "Boogie" - Paigey Cakey... We salute you!!!

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Article by: Crystal King UK, Founder of Beauty in Dubai

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Improve Your Home, Mood and more with Access Lighting today!

When you hear the word 'lighting' you probably will think of photographers and movie stars while picturing light being used to create the best shot and capture people in their best light? However, did you know that the lighting you choose for your home and office can direct;y impact crucial areas of your life such as your mood, productivity and concentration? Lighting has also been shown to have an impact on your sleep cycles, eye health and decision making! So evidently, lighting goes way beyond Hollywood - but how much do we really know about it? This really begs the question “What is your current lighting doing for your family home environment”?

Today at She Inspired Her we take a look at the beautiful benefits of lighting for your home and office via Access Lighting. We touch upon how lighting can affect your day-to-day environment and overall lifestyle and why Access Lighting products should be at the top of your fixtures and fitting list this year!

Maybe you have never considered the benefits of lighting? Let’s face it you are probably still using that dusky grey standard light shade in your bedroom that you quickly bought when you first moved in - simply because something was better than nothing! Most of us could do with a lighting boost for our homes, and who better to take us through our options and help us all to reap the benefits of great lighting than Access Lighting who are one of the most sought-after lighting brands in the home lighting market!

With stunning collections of both contemporary and modern designs available across their ranges you will be in awe of what Access Lighting have available to inject that added sparkle into your homes and offices. From pendants to modern chandeliers, from outdoor lighting to wall sconces – you really will be spoiled for choice when shopping online with Access Lighting.

Check out our absolute favourites from the Access Lighting collections:

Access Lighting Wall Sconces:

All of the incredible designs from Access Lighting come hand-in-hand with highly advanced technology and with prices starting from as little at $40 they have a price tag that will light up a smile and not break the bank! 

Access Lighting Modern Chandeliers

Tip from Access Lighting: “Chandeliers have always been known for their beauty and the fact that no matter where they are they are a stunning attraction. Modern chandeliers are no different, but they bring in a different factor of being more uniquely styled. Putting a modern chandelier in a room is a great way of providing a designer element, and in this way they’re great for almost any space”.

Access Pendant Lighting: 

Tip from Access Lighting: “Picking a pendant light is most often about the space you have to work with. Access lighting pendant light fixtures come in variety of sizes and shapes that can fit any room. Compact single bulb pendants are ideal for a small room or nook or in a grouping above the kitchen island. Larger pendant lights up to 14 inches wide, are a grand statement piece above a dining table, bathtub, or desk” 

So have you seen the light?
With lighting starting from just $40.00 what are you waiting for?

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Communication mistakes that most of you make by Akhilla Kakivai

Akhilla Kakivai is a 6-figure Success Coach for ambitious women. She helps her clients to smoothly transition from their corporate jobs to creating 6-figure empires, without the burnout and overwhelm! Check out this article where Akhilla will guide you to avoid some of the worst communication mistake out there! 

Common Mistakes that most of you make 

by Akhilla Kakivai

The one thing that we cannot exist without doing every day is communicating. There are different forms of communication, it could be verbal, in-person meeting, an email, Skype calls-you name it. A simple error can make you look unprofessional and sloppy. This is why it is important to be on our A-game whenever we communicate with someone. You never know who could be your next investor or your business investor.
When you are an aspiring mum-preneur, make sure that you do not commit these grave mistakes:

Send across unedited work:
Even contributors to the biggest magazines in the world have their work corrected by an editor. Why? Because it is necessary and it is difficult to be a good critique of one’s work. If you cannot afford an editor, run it through your friend or a colleague. Things like wrong spelling, inappropriate usage of a word or using the wrong tone doesn’t make you look professional. Do not send a document as soon as you finish working on it. Before you get it ratified from someone else, keep it lying for some time before you take a look it again from a different perspective.

Not being assertive:
Do you have trouble telling someone that you really want something done or have issues asking someone for a favour? Just because you are assertive doesn’t mean you will always get your way just because you ask. But asking means that there is a chance that someone will acknowledge your needs. Assertiveness is also about saying ‘No’ when you don’t want to do something. Do realise that there is a huge difference between being aggressive and assertive. When you are assertive, you are thoughtful about your needs as well as others.

Avoiding difficult conversations:
There is not a single soul on earth that doesn’t have to face conflicts in relationships at home or at the office. You cannot make an issue go away without gathering the guts to talk to the other side. It is uncomfortable for sure, but it is an important part of being a parent or a mum-preneur when you need your kid to behave or an employee to put in proper work. Give clear feedback without letting the other person lose face. You can’t be nice to everyone, in business settings and sometimes at home too, you need to put your foot down and make sure that there are certain ground rules that are to be followed.

Conducting meetings that are a waste of time:
Meetings should not be something that sucks the energy out of everyone. It should be either to decide on an important thing or get the opinion of everyone involved. If you can think of tasks that can be emailed instead of assembling everyone for a meeting, that is a lot of time saved. Every time you have a meeting, ask if it is the best way you are using everyone’s time. Have in-person meetings only when you are discussing the most pressing items on the checklist.
Being a bad listener:
I will rank this as the number 1 enemy to be a bad communicator. No matter which position you are in, listen to the people sitting in front of you or when discussing over a call.  Not just pretend to listen to them, do not do any other activity that might lessen your concentration. If you are guilty of the following, then you are a poor listener: interrupting people as they speak, finish sentence for someone else, talking to someone else nearby, interpreting something in your own way and telling them instead of asking them, giving inappropriate advice, not giving them non-verbal signals- to name a few.
Being known as someone who is bad at communication is not good for your business prospects, if you can start by focusing on these steps, I am sure you will become much better at communication than you already are. Tell me if you know about other communication mistakes that people usually make.
Download Akhilla Kakivai's FREE EBOOK to learn about how she did it for yourself today!
Do you want to fast-track your way into the big league by not making all these communication mistakes? 
Get onto a FREE discovery call with Akhilla Kakivai and discuss how to turn your life around today!

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Hold your Make-Up Masterclass at The LIT Room, London with £10 OFF First Hire!

The LIT Room

Are you a Professional Make-Up Artist? Graphics Designer? Wig Maker? Weave Specialist? Musician? Looking for a venue to hold your classes in 2018?  If yes, The LIT Room wants to hear from you!

The LIT Room is a neat private studio based in East Ham, East London, available to hire for private classes, creative sessions and shoots.

In early 2018 we've taken on new direction; specialising in Private Masterclasses for creatives of all ages and we are currently on the look out for fresh and professional creatives, interested in launching their own Master Classes at The LIT Room from February 2018 onward.
Classes offered from February will range from private one-on-one tuition classes to small group sessions for 4-5 people and from one day workshops to 6 week courses. If you have a course you would like to launch with us this year please get in touch today and send us some information about your proposed course. A member of our team will then be in touch with more information.

To contact us today and tell us more about your proposed class Click Here

Article by Crystal King UK of Celebrity Creations Management

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