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Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor - Sponsors of Beauty in Dubai 2018

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Products
Sponsors of Beauty in Dubai 2018

Our Promise

Sunny Isle is dedicated to bringing authentic, high-quality, Jamaican Black Castor Oil and other organic hair and skin care products to women and men of all hair types, skin types and ethnicities. With our organically grown, traditionally processed ingredients, our products provide the best results to repair, revitalize and maintain healthier hair and skin naturally, so your beauty can shine through.
Our Product
Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil is processed the "old-fashioned" Jamaican way. Our organic castor beans are roasted and ground by a manual grinder, and boiled to extract the 100% pure, dark brown organic castor oil. SIJBCO roasts our castor beans longer than other brands, giving the oil its dark brown color and a higher ash content—making our Jamaican Black Castor Oil more effective for strengthening, moisturizing and growing hair than any other brand of castor oil on the market.
Castor oil has been used for over 4,000 years for a variety of purposes—from hair and skin care, to healing aches and pains and as a massage oil. The castor bean travelled to Jamaica during the slave trade from its native home of Eastern Africa, and for many years, Jamaicans have been using castor oil as their homemade remedy for medicinal purposes, as well as skin care, hair care and everyday aches and pains. Today, many African-Americans are using it to moisturize, thicken, strengthen and grow their hair. It has even crossed over into other ethnic groups who are looking for the nourishing wonder of the authentic, organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Our Pride
SIJBCO is proud that our Jamaican Black Castor Oil seeds are grown, harvested and processed by farmers in rural Jamaica, and is humbled to have created an opportunity for these farmers to provide for their families. When you purchase Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil products, you are not just getting the best in natural hair and skin care, you're also helping to support the Farmers of Jamaica. And, Sunny Isle is the only brand of Jamaican Black Castor Oil approved for export by the Jamaican Government. is an authorized distributor and online retailer for JBC Distributors Inc., manufacturer of world-famous Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil products. We are located in Florida and equipped to ship Sunny Isle's authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil products to you almost anywhere in the world.

Check out the new revolutionary conversion of Sunny Isle Jamaican Castor Oil products into PURE BUTTER! The Sunny Isle brand is the first EVER to convert Jamaican Black Castor oil into pure butter with sensational benefits to both skin and hair.

Uses include:
- Stimulates Hair Growth
- Great for Dry, Brittle, Damaged Hair
- Alleviates Dry, Itchy, Flaky Scalp
- A Sealant for Dry Hair
- Ideal for Dry, Sensitive Skin
- Alleviates Psoriasis and Eczema
- Eases Arthritic Pain
- Fades Scars, Acne, Blemishes and Stretch Marks 

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil are sponsors of Beauty in Dubai 2018. You can Meet the Sponsors and check out their products down at the Beauty in Dubai Networking Soiree on Thursday 10th May 2018 at Sho Sho’s Caribbean Lounge, Emirates Financial Towers 2018 from 6pm – get final tickets here to attend


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Calling all London based Beauty Salons - List your Premium Quality Beauty Services FREE with More Into Me

Are you a Luxury Salon, Spa are similar beauty establishment?
More into Me is a members only beauty membership service providing its growing database of members discounted services and perks at salons across London.

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*Terms and conditions apply. All services are quality checked. Services must be based in London - More into Me LTD 

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Keep It Twisted with Twisted Sista - Sponsors of Beauty in Dubai 2018


Curated by a salon owner and stylist from London, Urban Therapy’s Twisted Sista is the only salon inspired collection designed to maintain and protect, natural, curls coils, kinks and waves. 
Formulated to seal in moisture, define curls and control frizz, Twisted Sista provides salon performance products for curlies to maintain and create on trend styles at home.
Whether it be curl definition, curl elongation, twist outs, puffs, curly buns etc. the Twisted Range has styling solutions to create fashion forward styles.

Characteristically curly hair is prone to being dry, due to sebum not being able to travel down the hair from root to tip. Twisted Sista is formulated to combat dryness with its ultra-moisturising formulation that contains 3 key ingredients; almond oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. This restorative blend hydrates, strengthens and creates frizz free styling.

Coconut oil: 
Rich natural source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and fatty acids, known to be nourishing.  Keeps your hair strong, prevents split ends, controls frizz adds lustre resulting in healthy shiny hair.

Almond oil: 
Contains a host of vitamins including vitamin B, C and E, protein, fatty acids and minerals which seals in moisture, prevents, strengthens hair, promotes hair growth and adds amazing shine.

Avocado oil: 
Contains saturated contents even higher than olive oil.  It is lightweight with vitamins A, B, D, E, protein, amino and folic acids. It also has natural humectant properties and is a natural SPF to protect hair from “sun” environments.

Products in the range are designed to create a healthy hair regimen for hair maintenance and styling. 
The Twisted Sista product squad includes:

-      Luxurious Clarifying Shampoo: 
Purifies hair and scalp while adding moisture. Leaves hair with soft texture and shine. Sulphate free.

-      Intensive Leave-in Conditioner: 
Provides maximum hydration for curls. Feeds life back into parched hair. Detangles.

-      30 Second Curl Spray: 
Refresh curl and see the effects in 30 seconds. Curls are awakened, sealing in moisture and shine whilst taming frizz.

-      Curl Perfection Crème Gel: 
Define and elongate curls with the perfect amount of moisture and hold. Soft, crunch-free curls.

-      Curl Activator Crème: 
Puts life back into limp lifeless curls and coils. Delivers volume bounce and curl definition.

-      Amazing Dream Curl Cream Gel: 
Formulated to stimulate the natural definition of curls adding moisture and shine. Provides a crunch less hold whilst elongating curls and providing moisture.

-      Nourishing Sleek Edge Gel: 
Lightweight, flake free, nourishing gel. Hydrates hair, seals split ends, tames fly-aways and provides sleek finish.



Seals in moisture and detangles
Repairs dry hair to prevent frizz
Blended essential oils to promote growth
Elongates curls and shortens drying time
Colour safe

Curly, wavy, coily

Available in selected stores

MAY 2018

Twisted Sista are Sponsors of Beauty in Dubai 2018
Catch them speaking and showcasing at the "Beauty in Dubai Global Networking Soiree" at Sho Sho's Lounge, Emirates Financial Towers on 10th May 2018 from 6pm Get Tickets

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Introducing African Print to your wardrobe with Mother/Daughter owned Fashion Label 'SeaBass'

SeaBass is a fashion retail brand which officially launched in August 2017, with the aim to merge bold and beautiful African prints with stylish and contemporary shoes, handbags and accessories. The two strong women behind this unique, vibrant and cultured brand were inspired by their love of Ankara and wanted to assist women everywhere be able to "add a splash of colour to their outfits and experiment with prints", knowing that every woman can look beautiful and express their personalities through style and fashion.

Today at She Inspired Her we get up-close-and-personal with the women behind the SeaBass brand to find out more about the brand, the journey and what is coming next!

Welcome to She Inspired Her! We are excited to find out more about you both. Let's start by introducing yourselves to our readers - what are your names and how are you connected?

Joan: My name is Joan and this is Natalie, and we are a mother-daughter team.
Wow what a duo! Sound's very inspiring to have a mother and daughter running a business together and what a great brand you have established, we love the branding, vibrant colours and of course what a great name!
Joan: We wanted a name that really captured the essence of our brand and uplifts the women who wear it. 
The name SeaBass is actually an acronym for: 


Amazing! So you officially launched in the summer of 2017. What led you to want to establish your own fashion retail brand and how have you incorporated this into your merchandise/products/goods?
Natalie: We have always adored African prints and African fashion and it's quite easy these days to find nice, good quality African print clothing. However, when searching for African Print shoes, bags or accessories for ourselves we often found that the finished product would not be of a very good standard, anything that was of a decent quality was usually ridiculously expensive. 

We are both naturally very creative individuals, my mum especially, so one day we started making items for ourselves and wearing them out and kept receiving really nice compliments and request from friends and family. 

From there we decided it was worth a try turning it into a business, and have kept African prints and African culture at the heart of everything we produce.

So who is SeaBass designed for?
Natalie: SeaBass is designed for all women, of all ages, shapes and colours. Yes, we have African prints incorporated into most of our products, but we are not solely aimed at an African-Caribbean market. African prints are becoming more and more mainstream and are popular with all races, and if you love the look of African prints but are not ready or confident enough to try a full outfit, then are products are a great way of introducing African prints to your wardrobe. 

What are your thoughts and approach to SeaBass catering for the vastly varied and often very individual styles and desires of women with regards to self-expression, character, personality and confidence?
Joan: The way women dress often reflects their personalities, but some women shy away from wearing bright colours and bold prints because they may not know what colours or tones suit them or how to mix and match prints. With our products it is easy to add a splash of colour and prints to your outfit, for example by paring a simple black jumpsuit with a pair of our red African print wedges along with matching waist belt and choker you can really transform your whole look. Our products are worn to be seen, and we want the women who wear them to feel confident and beautiful.
This sounds incredible! Where can She Inspired Her readers visit SeaBass to see more of your products?
Joan: Our full range of products are available to purchase on our main website which is

You can also find some of our products on Etsy at seabassuk and you can follow us on Instagram at seabassuk

So, what is next for SeaBass? Do you have anything else in the pipeline for the brand?
Joan: We are currently working on a men’s range, some items of which we will be launching at the Amour Destine Shop & Social event on 31st March 2018! 
We are also planning on expanding our range into clothing and children's items also, in the near future, so we have a lot of things in the pipeline which we are excited about.
So you will be showcasing and selling SeaBass products down at the Shop & Social Event! That is great! Tell us more about your involvement in Shop and Social! What can readers expect to find at your stand on the day?
Natalie: We worked with Annie and her team (at Amour Destine) last year for their She Inspires Me event and are so pleased to be returning this year for Shop & Social. Since the last event, along with the re-brand with have introduced a completely new product range, with a lot more variety. We have some very unique shoes and bags for all occasions, along with a wide range of jewellery and accessories that are all hand made, that you won't find anywhere else!
Seabass are offering a Special Deal to all She Inspired Her readers who attend Shop & Social and buy from the SeaBass stand! Tell us more about this great deal!
Joan: If you visit our stall on the day and make a purchase of £15 or more on any of our products across the entire range you will receive a free thank you gift!

For FREE Tickets to the 'Shop & Social' event click here

Visit SeaBass today at: 

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Interview: How to be a Personal Shopper and Stylist with Zodie Styles plus exclusive readers offer!

Today at She Inspired Her we have the pleasure of shining our spotlight on Personal Shopper and talented Stylist Zodie Styles! 

With over 10 years of experience in Fashion Retail, having started out as a Sales Assistant at various stores over the years, moving on to being a Visual Merchandiser for many stores including Urban Outfitters and then having studied at London College of Fashion - Zodie definitely has her feet firmly rooted in an industry that she loves with a true passion for fashion that she is ready to unleash on the world!

Find out how this stylish, passionate fashionista made her way up in the fashion industry and how she can boost YOUR wardrobe and style this month forward with a limited special deal for our readers within this exclusive in-depth interview with She Inspired Her!

Hi Zodie! You say you started out in Fashion Retail before moving on to being a personal shopper/ stylist? What a great transition! How long did you work in Fashion Retail before setting up Zodie Styles?

Thank you so much! I've always been passionate about fashion, I love being creative with my clothes and knew that I wanted to work in fashion. 

I've worked in Fashion Retail since I was 16, starting from a part time job, moving to full time work and then back to part time work.

It's been a long time... I worked at 6 different stores as a sales assistant, but I knew I wanted to do more with my career. During this time I worked alongside the Visual Merchandiser teams where I was able to show my styling skills and I absolutely loved it, it was a great chance for the customers to see what I can do!

You also worked at Urban Outfitters, did that period influence you into taking up training at London College of Fashion? If so how and why? 

Yes! It did definitely. Being a part of such a well known company and a busy store I got to make the most out of my time. My favourite thing was working 1-on-1 with customers helping them to pick outfits for their chosen occasion and I loved how it made them feel in the outfits I put together. I had heard about Personal Stylists before and I wanted to learn more about how to become a Personal Stylist, styling women and different body shapes the right way to get the best results.

We know that you are passionate about what you are doing! What was your main inspiration and vision behind setting Zodie Styles? 

After being told "NO" from many different jobs to become a Personal Stylist in their stores, I thought "Zodie, you can do this by yourself". 

During my time working in retail for over 10 years, working for someone else and making their dreams come true, it hit me.... what do I want? I knew that I needed to think about my dreams and what I want to achieve and where I see myself in life.  So I decided to teach myself and learn everything I needed to know about how to start a business from scratch and ways to improve within my skills.

I've always been ambitious, even though I was scared, I knew that with the right determination and focus I could do it! As an affordable high-street shopper myself, who loves finding bargains and saving money, my inspiration behind setting up Zodie Styles was that I wanted to help and teach women how to shop smart. 

I have always believed a small budget can go a long way to create the wardrobe of your dreams! That's why I started my business because I want to teach, help and show my clients that we can all look amazing and to show them how they can look expensive when working with a small budget. 

My main vision was that I wanted to have a career where I loved what I did everyday and I was making women feel confident and happy in everything that they wear!

For those who may not know your role very well, what do you mean when you describe yourself as a Personal Stylist and Shopper?

I help women build their confidence and find their personal style. I teach women how to understand what body shape they are and how to dress their bodies the right way, to love to style the bodies they have, making them feel confident in everything that they wear and (help them to) choose the right brands that suits their lifestyle and budget. 

I work with women whether they are curvy, slim, tall, short or athletic. I dress them for business, everyday looks, soon to be mum's and for special occasions. I will show you how to dress yourself with creativity…and to not be afraid of mixing and matching colours, whether that’s using your own clothes or putting together a whole new wardrobe. 

I want to open peoples eyes up to new ways of styling themselves, help them to master the art of shopping for themselves and help them to step outside of their comfort zones! 

I will go to my clients homes and de-clutter their wardrobes, making sure that they have all the right pieces in their wardrobes to suit their body shapes and that can work interchangeably together. I also shop for my clients, making their shopping experience stress free by selecting the right pieces for them before we meet. 

 What does a Style Consultation entail?

This is my favourite part where I can really connect with my clients. I get them to fill out my Style Consultation Questionnaire. It helps me to understand what they are looking for, their desires, body shapes, lifestyles and budgets. That way I can create the perfect mood board for them, choose the right pieces of clothing and select the right stores for their budget. 
How do you go about creating someone’s Capsule Wardrobe?

First things first, I will create a mood board that will help them to visualise what their style will look like. Then I will send them my capsule wardrobe checklist for me to see what they have in their wardrobe already. 

I will then de-clutter their wardrobe and select the pieces that are their essential pieces, which are the pieces that make a wardrobe complete to be able to make numerous outfits. If we find missing items then we will plan a shopping trip to get the pieces that are needed. 

“What is a Capsule Wardrobe?” I always get this question…
Well first it will help you to save money and time and you will definitely not struggle when it comes to picking the right outfit in the mornings. Trust me, you will be prepared for every opportunity that comes your way!

I’m here to make life much easier and stress free (for my clients), I know we all have busy schedules and our wardrobe does not need to make it worse. A Capsule Wardrobe is full of all the pieces you love and is a selection of up to 30-40 items that can be mixed and matched together to make interchangeable outfits that can take you through Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter.

What is involved in Virtual Styling and how does it work?

I created a Virtual Styling service which is online based for the ladies who want to work with me, but can not meet me in person.

Whether you live abroad, live outside of London, have a busy schedule or LOVE shopping online and hate facing the shops - this is perfect for you! 

Firstly, I would ask you to send me over images of what you wore for 7 days so that  I can see your body-shape, see how you put together your clothes along with a summary of how you felt in each outfit and why you chose this outfit. 

You will get a online video call, home wardrobe edit, an online Personal Shopping session where I will send you recommendations of the pieces you can buy and a Personal Styling session where we will style the pieces in your wardrobe along with the pieces you brought to create outfits that suit your lifestyle. 

Tell us a little about how you manage to meet your goal in relation to, quote: "women being the BEST of themselves"?

I really get into their heads, understand their end result and how they want to feel everyday. When they send me messages with how they feel and pics of themselves in their outfits, I know I have reached my goal! They feel confident and happy.
If you could style anyone, anywhere in the world, past or present, who would you choose and why?

I would have to choose Theresa May. She is my ideal client, she is just your everyday woman, who has the most powerful role in the United Kingdom. She is in full view of millions and attends meetings with very important people. Being in the public eye I feel your self image is so important. Seeing Theresa May on TV, I've noticed on some occasions that some pieces she wears does not flatter her figure and makes her look bigger than she actually is. Wouldn't you like to look good everyday? 

You have been kind enough to offer our readers a great deal! 
Thank you! I am sure they will love it! 
Please explain what it is and how they can get it!

I wanted to create a style package where you can get more for your money and it will benefit you more! So, if you are stuck in a rut and you want to give yourself a whole new look,  I will be giving 20% OFF of the following 3-step styling package:

This is a Zodie Styles SPECIAL for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and it is a style package that will get you three sessions for one price as follows:
1. Home Wardrobe Edit
2. Personal Shopping Session
3. Personal Styling
This will be spread over 3 weeks and you must be living in London. 

To get this offer all you have to do is fill out my Style Consultation Questionnaire and if you receive an email back from me then you have got 20% Off. Simple!

Why not fill yours out now or send the link over to a friend or family member that you feel would benefit? Click Here

You can find out more about Zodie Style and her styling services by visiting her website: 

Meet Zodie Styles in person at her stand at Shop & Social on Saturday 31st March 2018! Sign up for FREE Entry Tickets

Interview by Mavis Wenham of ANKH Services

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Is Your Logo Design Saying The Right Thing About Your Brand?

A good logo design is significant for a company’s branding and identity. Attractive and eye-catching logo designs stand out from others and are a critical aspect of business marketing. A logo design is a company’s graphical representation and anchors a company’s brand in the most visible manifestation of their audience.

A well-designed logo is an important part of the company’s overall strategy so they must be unique and comprehensible to your target audience.  While designing a logo, a logo designer has to consider a myriad of elements that are a font, color, and meaning of the company. Your brand identity is something that has to be firm from the beginning so that you can create your brand’s worth for your audience.

A Logo Design Creates Brand Identity:

Needless to say but logo design is the visual component of a company’s overall brand image. It is carried over all in your branding elements such as stationery, websites, business cards and other advertising things so a well-designed logo can contribute to business success.

For a prominent brand image, a logo design must imply the standard and message of your brand. However, a logo design should cohere well with other aspects of a company's visual presentation. This is why logo design is the basic unit of a larger brand identity that includes company fonts, colors, and document-design guidelines.

When potential customers come to your way, the first impression you make lasts for long.  In fact, it is almost a certainty that the first impression needs to be a good one and the first impression that viewers see for a brand is its logo design and that needs to be good.
Often and certainly for startups, the budget is one of the major factors in logo decision process. It is pretty obvious that the business owner is not readily willing to spend a lot in on logo design process as they assume it to be just a little picture featuring the company name.

Logo Design and Brand Identity:

Think that a logo design is considered to be the face of the company in a way that is going to be imprinted on our products, banners, stationery and an identity of your brand. To put it differently, a great logo has the supremacy to communicate the brand identity even if there is no name integrated into the design.

Things to Consider While Designing a Logo Design:
Look For Your Font:

The font that you select is an important element of the design and it directly connects to the personality of your brand. The fonts have their own strengths and weaknesses that a professional logo designer understands and selects the best font for designing a logo.

Choosing Your Colors:

Every color has the meanings that they deliver when they are being used in a design. Colors create brand recognition and logo design with colors shows a handful of feelings about a company to the audience. Just think about what your company stands for and who your audience is when you are designing your logo.

Logo Design & Symbols:

A logo design is not just a picture but has a story attached to it. The design or the symbol you use in a logo design delves into the brand history or story of your brand. Many design elements such as typography, color, and symbols in direction should be able to tell your brand’s story to the audience. If your logo has no deeper meaning attached to it than you might need to rethink it.

Wrapping It Up,

The thing that matters the most is how efficient your logo design delivers your brand’s message and how well it is remembered by the audience.  Just make sure that the logo you design is competent enough to keep your brand recognizable and memorable to your audience.

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