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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Make positive changes in your life and let the success knock on your door

Live away from mediocre and ordinary

Success is considerably the most important aspect of our personal and professional lives. Success comes to people who separate themselves from the mediocre and ordinary. In other words, successful people live differently than the non-successful people. What makes them different from the rest is the unique lifestyle they use to shape their career or business, and personal lives. Nonetheless, people can learn to become successful irrespective of one’s age, education, cultural background, to name a few. One can determinedly overcome his or her failures and misses in life and become successful.

Road to success
Road to success is never laid with roses. It can be thorny, punishing, and downright discouraging. Irrespective of all the negatives, one should start the journey to personal success with internal changes. When a person is able to change inner self, he or she has successfully arrived on the scene to rub shoulders with successful people. Further, the inner changes mostly related to anger, jealousy, pettiness, and greed, for example, on one hand. On the other hand, social anxiety, low self-confidence and self-image, to name a few.

Do not blame others for personal failures
We must identify our weaknesses and start to address them one after other immediately. The more we delay our inner transformation, farther the personal success seems to exist. Naturally, one cannot blame our parents, family, society, or world in general for our failures. We are responsible for our own success, nobody else will make us successful unless we are willing to change self first and help others with open mind and heart. When we change self, we see the world changing around us. The beauty lies in our minds.

Measuring success
Moreover, people measures success in different ways. Again, it depends on one life’s experience, education, and mental outlook. For some, creating wealth is success. For other, reaching a powerful position is an indication of success. On the other hand, some people may think scaling the Mount Everest is the pinnacle of their success. Everyone defines success differently. There is no standard for defining success. Each will perceive success differently. Nonetheless, everyone values his or her need for success greater than anyone’s success.
Do not let jealousy ruin your chance
Unfortunately, many people feel jealous of other people’s success. On the contrary, one must feel happy and make that success as a reference point to achieve one’s own success. In other words, one must learn from other’s mistakes and lessons on the road to the success. It becomes much easier when we have examples of success around us. We cannot achieve success when we see only failures around us. It is ironical that many people wish others failed while they gain. This mentality will pull everyone down.
We all must learn to live successful and let others live successfully too. When we develop this broad mind, we get all the support we need to make our life’s journey not only pleasant, but also happy.
Do not wait a lucky break or godfather to help you to make it big in your career or business. The onus of success is on each one of us and none else. Our inner transformation determines our success or failures. Make positive and permanent changes in your life and let the success knock on your door.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

MTV Breaks is calling all artists, illustrators and painters from London!

Are you a London-based artist who’s dying to get your work seen?

MTV Breaks is on the hunt for 18-26-year-old artists, illustrators and painters from London to come to the MTV Music Week this year and create amazing pieces of original art that will be displayed at our incredible House of MTV!

Basically, it's your chance for the ULTIMATE exposure. 

You’ll get:
+ An industry mentor
+ Your art displayed at the House of MTV throughout MTV Music Week
+ Your work promoted online on the MTV UK site and MTV's social media platforms

Whether you’re an illustrator, painter or artist, we’re looking for someone talented, passionate and hardworking who can create a large-scale art piece on canvas.

It couldn’t be easier to enter. Simply upload a picture of your best large-scale artwork to Instagram and tag #MTVBreaksArtist.

Entries close at 5pm on 16th October – so you best be quick!

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

MUSIC LAW SEMINAR: Advice & Tips from The Music Law Seminar, London

On Saturday 23rd September we attended the Music Law Seminar in London, an event held by Abi Jenae, Fully Qualified Solicitor and the CEO of Afro Town Records, an independent record label based in the UK specialising in Afrobeats and African-Inspired Music, an event created in Partnership with Wired4Music.

The Music Law Seminar was a free entry event attracting a mixed audience of artists, managers, lawyers, accountants, music entrepreneurs and the likes, seeking to find out more about the music industry and music law specifically. 

The event took place at the prestigious Wigmore Hall in Central London and came to be a completely SOLD OUT seminar, filled to the brim with creative and motivated individuals and collectives seeking vital advice and information from the various panels and speakers that were set up to impart their wisdom and knowledge to their audience.

Panel members and speakers at the event included Abi Jenae alongside her industry friends and associates, including Ian Penman of New Media Law LP, Ryan J Bruce of Sanaa Music Group, Ally McCrae of Sentric Music, Daniel Lewis of FreckleFace Music, Ebony Reid of Peer Music, Dorothea Thompson of Bray & Krais Solicitors and Ally Carballal of Chloe Digital and more!

Today at She Inspired Her we focus in on and bring you some of the best advice and tips picked up by Crystal King UK at the seminar... be ready to take notes!

The event kicked off with an interview with the event's host and organiser Abi Jenae, interviewed by Funmi. Abi humbly approached the subject of internships, speaking of her her own experience of "unpaid work of this kind" having previously interned at music collective "Boy Better Know" as well as having had law related internship placements too. Abi exclaimed "because I enjoyed what I was learning I didn't mind not getting paid". 
She went on to express that these internships were a very valuable part of her journey to success in terms of the skills, knowledge, connections and experiences that she acquired during said internships. 

Abi's overall summary of internships seemed to be that they can be a great place to start and to get your foot in the door. So remember, taking on an internship with the right company is something not to be overlooked so far as it's value, even though they are unpaid, internships can be a great step in the right direction, if you choose the right placements.

Later on in the event, on the issue of artist, writer and producer splits and percentages, audience members wanted to know the best way to get this sorted out, without getting in the way of the music. Abi suggested "...have split sheets in the sessions to deal with it there and then". Although, contracts can be a drag to go though and possibly a little daunting for some to bring up and speak about , this is a great way to get the initial basic paper work out of the way and to move forward and focus on the music! The longer contracts can come later but at least start by agreeing your terms and splits if you can! Abi added "always seek legal advice before signing any contracts". It is always advisable to seek legal counsel before proceeding with the signing of any contractual agreement, long or short and to have the terms looked over and explained to you by a professional to ensure that you know what it is that you are signing.

During the seminar Abi gave the following list of recommendations of groups and unions for artists to check out:

Urban development is good for artists. Networking. 
The featured artist coalition
Musicians Union 

Some great pointers above from Abi Jenae wouldn't you agree?
The event moved forward to present THREE panels of speakers! 
1. The Music Recording Panel
2. The Music PublishingPanel
3. The Music Management Panel

Make sure you check back soon to receive the great wealth of advice and tips that we managed to extract from the awesome speakers on the three above panels! You won't want to miss it! 

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

COMPETITION TIME! Win a paperback copy of 'The Real Causes of Allergies'

She Inspired Her have TWO paperback copies of 'The Real Causes of Allergies' by Peter F. Alderman – Dr Thomas Bohner to give away this month!

The Real Causes of Allergies

Want to have ‘Freedom from Allergies, Asthma and Eczema FOREVER’? The Real Causes of Allergies is here to tell you
‘How you can successfully fight the causes of allergies, asthma and eczema' in this practical five step guide! 


To win a copy simply answer the following question:
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You can alternatively email your answers and full name to: with the title: "Allergies Comp" - someone has to win! Why not you!
Closing Date for Entries: Midnight 30th October 2017 

Described as: “The first book worldwide to address the causes of allergies not just the symptoms”, ‘The Real Causes of Allergies’ by Peter F. Alderman and Dr Thomas Bohner could well be the one book that all allergy, asthma and eczema sufferers need to beat the allergy for good and live an allergy free life. Now, wouldn’t that be something?


Thursday, 28 September 2017

#WomenMeanBusiness: SKY TV "Tell Vanessa" Creator/Presenter Vanessa Cruickshank

The creator and host of SKY TV's acclaimed Showcase flagship hit television series "Tell VanessaVanessa Cruickshank is a multi-talented and versatile Surrey-born multimedia creative and businesswoman who consistently features eye-opening and highly inspirational feature stories, interactive viewer dilemmas, special guest live music acts, engaging business discussions and cutting edge conversations on her popular SKY TV show "Tell Vanessa".

"Tell Vanessa" was originally syndicated on SKY TV channel BEN where the hit multi-format lifestyle and entertainment series garnered over 250,000 viewers per week prior to transferring to the more widely appealing SKY Showcase; "Tell Vanessa" has over 20,000 likes on Facebook.

Vanessa Cruickshank - who is of Monserratian and Grenadian heritage - is a well-respected seasoned media professional who has essentially paid her dues throughout her successful career, whilst continuously remaining uber-grounded and creating her own business and creative avenues and opportunities in her successful career; "Tell Vanessa" has just finished its second season and the vastly articulate, pint-sized presenter is currently anticipating the future of "Tell Vanessa" courtesy of her visionary adeptness and creative acumen.

The multi-talented Surrey-born presenter - who grew up in Chiswick, west London from the age of three - is a savvy, well-spoken and driven businesswoman whose advanced level of perfectionism is extremely meticulous and the presenter works on-set with a highly exceptional team on "Tell Vanessa" which are equally as precise and hungry to firmly execute excellence consistently throughout the SKY TV hit show and throughout the "Tell Vanessa" series.

Prior to creating "Tell Vanessa", the versatile presenter had no prior experience in presenting although it was indeed her background in drama and performing arts which sufficiently eased the transition and inspired a childhood dream of presenting to come true.

"Tell Vanessa" expertly touches on poignant subject matters which mainstream media often shys away from such as female genital mutilation, human sex trafficking, mental health and adult entertainment.

However, "Tell Vanessa" has a defined equalibrium with light hearted and positive themes which both inspire and uplift viewers. Vanessa Cruickshank has interviewed 3-time Award-winning and Future 100 certified In-spire LS Magazine (Founder/Editor-In-Chief Sasha Shantel Bennett and COO Dean Peretta)Rodney Hinds of The Voice (UK), Soul Artist Don-E, the Queen of Lovers Rock Janet Kay and many more inspiring success stories and individuals in the world of business, entertainment, media and lifestyle.

"Tell Vanessa" airs on SKY TV channel Showcase (SKY TV Channel: 212) and richly provides an avalanche of inspiration and hard-hitting topics courtesy of the very dynamic and empowering Vanessa Cruickshank.

Moreover, the incomparable Vanessa Cruickshank has ethically obliterated the proverbial glass ceiling and has simultaneously shattered all barriers which have previously stood in her path throughout her inspiring journey and life to rightfully claim the rights as a bona fide woman that means business in British television broadcasting and media.

Article written by @DeanPerretta
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Friday, 22 September 2017

Hurricane Maria Aftermath in Dominica - HOW YOU CAN HELP!

Following Hurricane Maria's destruction of many parts of Dominica as well as many other countries, Dominica need your help! On Monday 18th September 2017 the Caribbean Island of Dominica was hit by a category 5 hurricane named Maria. This level of hurricane ripped through the island reportedly removing in some areas 95% of the roofs from housing, destroying many buildings, this amongst other tragedies including badly damaged hospitals and churches and so far 7 deaths have been reported, suspected to rise over the next few days as things become clearer. The island has been left in complete darkness with all power and signal gone and little to no contact with the outside world. Help is needed on a HUGE scale to rebuild this small island.

Relief for Dominica have set up to have donations collected and shipped to Dominica asap! People of London - if you are able to donate any goods from the lists below please take them to your nearest drop-off point on the dates and at the times shown on the flyer above and you will be doing a great service to the people of Dominica and to the island which is now once again in the process of having to be repaired, in many cases from scratch.
Note: It has been asked that people do not donate any clothing at this time but you can see a list of much needed supplies below.

Supplied requested include:

Canned Food, Dry Foods, Water, Water Purification Tablets

Medical Supplies, First Aid Kits, Mosquito Repellent

Sleeping Cots, Mattresses, Pillows, Linens, Towels and Blankets

Handheld Radios, Satellite Phones

Roofing Materials, Hand Tools, Wheel Barrows, Plywood and Generators

Tarpauline, Flashlights and Batteries

Thank you in advance for all your support - please share this post on all platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Pinterest etc to get it maximum exposure!

Get in touch with Relief for Dominica:
Join Relief for Dominica on Facebook

Twitter: @CrystalTheKing / Instagram: @CrystalTheKing

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Job Vacancy - Experienced Male and Female Barbers Wanted - East London

Experienced Barbers Wanted - Starting Sept/Oct 2017
Cut Above the Rest, a popular and well-known Barber shop based in East Ham, East London is currently recruiting for a new team of Barbers to join their force!
A customer favourite, this shop is always highly populated with regulars as well as new customers coming each week. A great, lively atmosphere to work in with a great team of barbers. Cut Above The Rest are currently expanding and are seeking additional barbers to join the shop from mid-September 2017.
If you are interested in working at Cut Above the Rest please apply here with your information CLICK HERE
Application Deadline: Sunday 17th September 2017

Tuesday, 5 September 2017



September has started and its time to start looking at our wardrobes for the next season! So if you are feeling a bit glum that the summer is almost over...don't! Here is £5 to buy ANY fabulous item you like on - and its on us!


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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Interview with Lupus Foundation of America Advocate and Ayleet Productions Founder Nieka Burnett

Ayleet Productions Founder/Business Woman Nieka Burnett recently announced that the highly anticipated Party Divas Awards Show ceremony hosted at Lovecroft in New York, on October 14 will officially be donating a portion of the proceeds to the reputable registered charity Lupus Foundation of America in dedication to her beloved late cousin Teria, who recently sadly died of chronic autoimmune disease at the young age of 29.

In loving memoriam, Ayleet Production's Nieka Burnett is highly determined to inspire New York and raise funds during the much-awaited Party Divas Award ceremony to fully ensure that Ayleet Productions can inspirationally assist in solving the puzzling mystery of Lupus - one of the world's most cruellest, most unpredictable and most devastating diseases, whilst additionally supporting women currently suffering from the brutal impact of the life-threatening illness.

The Party Divas Awards Show on October 14 inside Lovecraft in New York, New York will honor and celebrate the hard-working women in the entertainment industry with the fullest gratitude and respect that they so richly deserve, thus making these incredible women further aware that their dedication, passion and sacrifice in their field deserves to be rewarded with recognition, honor and respect opposed to being ostracised, overlooked and forgotten.

The brand new Brooklyn-based Ayleet Productions - which was founded by the female empowering Nieka Burnett - specialises in reality TV shows, documentaries and award shows; reality TV production being a major part of Ayleet Production's forte. From larger-than-life reality TV currently being pitched to various marquee television networks for Party Divas to Lesbian Wives reality TV shows, Ayleet Productions takes tremendous pride in placing the emphasis of real in reality TV and develops content internally as well as working hand-in-hand with independent producers who share real-life inspirational stories to share with the world.

Through a comprehensive program of research, education and advocacy, the Lupus Foundation of America leads the fight to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus. An unpredictable and misunderstood disease in which the immune system is out of balance, lupus causes damage to any organ system in the body;Nieka Burnett is a passionate advocate for the Lupus Foundation of America.

With the endless help of kind donations for the Party Divas Award Show, it is indeed Ayleet Productions’hope that the positive deeds, dedication and selflessness of the Lupus Foundation of America can get one step closer to improving the lives of people with lupus.

Q: First and foremost Nieka, can you please explain in detail to the audience more about the very inspirational Lupus Foundation of America and the motivational impact that the successful organization has had throughout the nation since its inception? 

They're devoted to solving the mystery of lupus, one of the world's cruellest, most unpredictable, and devastating diseases, while giving caring support to those who suffer from its brutal impact. It was an impact on my family because I lost my cousin at a very young age. I am my cousin's biggest advocate and it's important to me to help this movement to end lupus.

Q: The Party Divas Award Show will indeed be taking place at Lovecraft in New York on October 14. What do you have in store for this very positive event in New York?

I will be having artists perform and some of the women DJ's will be playing at the show, showing off their skills. Plus an East Coast versus West Coast All-Star DJ Battle - voted on by the audience - will crown reigning champs and celebrate the talents of the top brass from New York to California.

Q: The Party Divas Award Show will officially be donating a portion of the proceeds to your beloved late cousin Teria, who sadly and untimely passed away aged 29. Can you talk about Teria's courageous fight with Lupus and how positive Teria ultimately remained during the vast adversity that unfortunately came her way? 

My cousin Teria's passing was unexpected. Teria felt ill thinking she had the flu. She went to the hospital and less than an hour later she was deceased. Lupus was the last thing on my family's mind when Teria died. We were not aware of Teria having lupus until six weeks later when the family received the autopsy report. That's when we found out that Teria had had lupus and that it was the cause of her passing. I'm quite sure if Teria had known she had Lupus she would've been getting treatment knowing she had two beautiful daughters to live for.

Q: For those who are unaware, what are generally the key symptoms for Lupus disease?

The key symptoms are extreme fatigue, headaches, painful or swollen joints, fever, hair loss, swelling edema in feet, legs, hands and/or around the eyes.

Q: The banner achievements, immense talent and endless hard-work of highly talented women will be officially celebrated at the much-awaited Party Divas Award Show in October. Who are some of the true unsung female heroes who will be in attendance for this unadulterated night of inspiration and celebration? 

I called them the special women who are generally forgotten when awards are handed out. They're bartenders, managers, cleaning ladies, hostesses and security.

Q: Lupus Awareness Month is of course on the horizon. Do you believe that mainstream media at large should effectively raise a greater awareness for positively promoting Lupus Awareness Month? 

Yes. It needs to be promoted because most people don't know much about lupus. Many are also unaware of the symptoms and how critical it can be if untreated.

Q: The Lupus Foundation of America is a bonafide leader in the nation and has largely inspired millions of lives on the basis of the organisations strong ethos, integrity and mission statement. In your opinion, what is the most inspiring story that you have heard from a woman currently battling lupus disease?

Lupus awareness saved my life and provided information of treatment including maintaining a healthy body and mind and learning it's not the end.

Q: Can you tell the audience in detail about the incredible Ayleet Productions and of course all of the incredible hard-work that you have done and continue to do in your community?

Ayleet Productions is a new Brooklyn-based production company specialising in Reality TV shows, documentaries, award shows and management for upcoming music artists. My goals are bringing people together, meeting new people and highlighting the women who need to be recognised in their careers from DJ's, Promoters, MC's and new upcoming artists.

Q: What are the biggest misconceptions about lupus disease in your opinion?

The biggest misconception is that it's not serious. People say, "I don't need treatment" or "I'm too young and I feel fine."

Q: Last but most certainly not least Nieka, what message do you have for the extremely brave women currently experiencing lupus disease? 

When you get your yearly check-up, ask to check for Lupus and be mindful of the symptoms, as well as how extremely serious and medically harmful it is. And most importantly, don't give up!

Ayleet Productions Facebook page: 

Lupus Foundation of America website: 

Party Divas Award Show: 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

#MusicMatters #BeInspired: Brit Daniels - "Shadows"

Nashville-based Recording Artist Brit Daniels unveils brand new single entitled "Shadows" which majestically infuses pop/rock and EDM to forge an impressive release which stands as Daniels' most liberating to date.

Throughout her career, Daniels has collaborated with Jordan Galvan (30 Seconds to Mars, Evanescence), producer/songwriter Jonathan Perkins(The Chainsmokers, Jay Sean, Big Time Rush), coupled alongside Mike Malchicoff (Kanye West, Kirk Franklin, F.U.N.), Dale Becker (Cam, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Michelle Williams), and songwriters Phil Barton (Sara Evans, Cassadee Pope, Lee Brice), and Lindsay Rimes(Troye Sivan, The Summer Set, Drake White). 

Daniels' inspirational "Shadows" continues the solid form from first single "Eulogy", which lyrically displayed Daniels overcoming odds and challenges in life, whilst finding the mental and inner strength to move on when hope is almost gone.

In Daniels' father's untimely and sad death (Daniels father was a well-respected Police Officer at Nashville Police Department), the talented Nashville-based Recording Artist found her inner strength and passion ignited to a brand new plateau. 

With the release of "Shadows", Daniels has proven that she will rise above with all challenges that life continues to place before her.