Sunday, 9 December 2018

Casting Call: Actors for Spirit of The Pharaoh Motion Picture Movie!


Inside Success are auditioning for Actors and Actresses for the Major Motion Picture Movie "Spirit Of The Pharaoh". Primary Casting Auditions will be held on Monday 17th December 2018 in London and here is YOUR chance to audition for a part in the movie.
Audition Requirements:
◾You will need to perform a 2 minute memorised monologue
◾There will also be a 2-3 minute interview thereafter
Audition Registration Fee :£5.00
If you require any more information click here

Friday, 7 December 2018

NO KANE, NO GAIN - Interview with BBC 1Xtra Personality and International DJ Melody Kane

Critically acclaimed BBC Radio 1Xtra personality and Award-winning international DJ Melody Kane is the United Kingdom’s undisputed preeminent female DJ whose exceptional talents, unprecedented dedication and well-documented determination has ultimately witnessed the highly accomplished and very charismatic Brighton-born star consistently performing live world class sets at the biggest marquee events around the entire globe before atmospheric sold-out crowds.
However, the multi-faceted and largely intriguing Kane is also currently experiencing great success with the much-talked about health and fitness event No Kane No Gain.
Dean Perretta briefly caught up with the esteemed BBC Radio 1xtra personality and Award-winning international DJ Melody Kane to find more about the innovative No Kane No Gain, coupled alongside how the BBC Radio 1xtra star positively transformed her lifestyle and much more in an exclusive with the UK’s number one female DJ.
M&F: First and foremost, Melody, Health and Fitness has invariably become a very well-documented cornerstone both in your life and professional career. What was the definitive turning point for you when you decided to ultimately transform your lifestyle once and for all?
MK: It was many different things coming together at the same time. Like most people, I’ve always been conscious of my weight, but had never really tied it directly to a healthier lifestyle. As I started to get more work as a DJ, travelling up and down the country, I found that I had to create a structure to stop falling into bad habits and motorway food! 
I’d also just moved to Brixton, South London, practically next to an awesome outdoor gym, so I think that played a large part in trying to get organised. After a little research and many conversations with trainers, I decided to stick to a plant based diet, set up a training schedule and take my health and wealth seriously. It’s one of the best lifestyle changes I’ve ever made – other than learn how to DJ!

M&F: No Kane No Gain has an original conception combining three of your most ardent passions - fitness, music and entertainment. What are your candid thoughts on the feedback which you have received thus far in relation to No Kane No Gain?
MK: To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed at the love the event has received. We started off small, with the premise of training alongside like-minded people, who wanted to train, dance and play to a great soundtrack. I didn’t realize how many people loved the concept, and by word of mouth our events became more regular and the classes have grown in numbers. We recently held an event in East London and had people coming down from Stoke for a two-hour class – it makes me so happy!
M&F: No Kane No Gain has inspirationally and motivationally served as a positive health and fitness platform in London for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to lead a healthier life. Can you conveniently touch on some of the most inspirational success stories which you have personally witnessed first-hand at No Kane No Gain?
MK: We try hard to create a safe place for people of all fitness and health levels. There’s no pressure, and if it’s too much we encourage people to take 5 minutes and just dance, that’s the advantage of having a live DJ at every event! We also play lots of games in the class, so it’s a great ice-breaker and confidence booster to people who aren’t use to a fitness class environment. We’ve had a few regular attendees that say they started coming just to get involved, listen to music and try something different, but who are now tweaking their diets, exercising more outside of No Kain No Gain and generally living a better quality of life – this makes me exceptionally proud. Also, it’s not just in London, we’ve held a class in Brighton and are looking at other cities, too.
M&F: Music and entertainment very much underpins the unique crossover appeal of No Kane No Gain.  With that being said, how would you describe the overall ambience and atmosphere of No Kane No Gain?
MK: Energy, Happiness and laughter. From the moment people arrive, both myself and one of our awesome pro trainers takes a few minutes to introduce ourselves and make people feel truly comfortable. This combined with the games creates a wonderful positive vibe.
M&F: Before we leave Melody, what are your specific long-term ambitions and goals for No Kane No Gain?
MK: Well, 2018 has been great for NKNG so far, we’ve done some amazing events, had some great guest trainers and even had famous MC’s & Artists perform whilst people are working out. We are currently expanding our team, and as I said earlier, looking into other cities to hold events. So expect more of the same, only bigger and better - you should come to one!

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Behaviours of People Who Have Had Enough Sleep

Behaviours of People Who Have Had Enough Sleep

Enough rest is vital for not only your well-being but your performance at work as well. You might have wondered how some people show up at work looking sharp and perky even without the regular cup of coffee. As it turns out, most of these individuals have eight secrets in common. You too can wake up well-rested. Outlined below are a few tips and ideas to help you achieve this.

1.         Maintain a regular sleep schedule
Although sleep is essential, experts recommend sticking to a sleep schedule to be able to wake up well rested the next day. Make it a habit of sleeping and waking at the exact times, and avoid oversleeping during weekends and holidays.

2.         Enjoy your nap
Power Naps come in handy as they help you re-energize hence being able to persevere through the day. Most of these people enjoy their 15-minute, 30-minute, or even 90-minute naps in the afternoon. You however you should avoid naps after 4pm.

3.         Relax just before bed
Anxiety, concern, and stress can impact your ability to sleep well. White noise and meditation sessions are recommended just before bedtime.  These work by inducing a sense of relaxation which is vital for good quality sleep. Consider a warm soaking bath, read a relaxing book, or listen to soothing music as well.

4.         Put on some exercise
Regular body exercise plays a vital role in keeping the heart pumping and good health. According to research, putting in a bit of exercise every day helps you to fall asleep much faster and helps one to enjoy uninterrupted sleep patterns. While exercise is essential, experts recommend against exercising towards bedtime.

5.         It's okay to go to bed late once in a while
Circumstances may force you to go to bed late. This could be because you were studying late, or had to complete that work project. Whatever the reason is, going to bed late once in a while is perfectly reasonable and shouldn’t kick you off balance.

6.         Avoid sleeping with a pet
As loving or friendly they may seem, pets can make it hard for you to get enough rest at night. Pets can be restless at night which could disturb you from sleep. Have the pets sleep on a separate bed, preferably in another room. Do not let outdoor pets sleep in your bed either; it is terrible for your health.

7.         Know the importance of sleep
Never make sleep an option in your life. There's a reason why health experts recommend at least 7 hours of sleep every day. Acknowledging the benefits of sleep is the first step to waking up refreshed and well-rested. Avoid going to bed in the early hours; this can impair your performance the next day.

8.         Know when you have had enough
Most of us struggle to get enough sleep. You should however know when everything else has failed, and seek professional help. Seeking help from a sleep therapist can help you work your way towards getting enough rest and staying sharp.

9.         New Mattress
A new mattress can be a great way to help you to get a better night’s rest and be a big help. This Macy’s mattress has got great, positive reviews and could be the one that gives you a better night’s rest.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Interior Design: How to add elegance and opulence to your home or venue with a ceiling medallion

If you are looking for a special feature to add elegance and grandeur to your venue or home, then look no further, a ceiling medallion could be exactly whats you seek.

A ceiling medallion is an ornamental decorative feature used to dress up ceilings; adding an air of opulence to the room. 

Traditionally, you would have found this circle shaped feature fixed the high ceilings of upper class Victorian homes and prestigious venues like castles and theatres, but as times have moved on it is now commonplace to see these beautiful medallions becoming the signature ceiling features of various homes, restaurants, galleries and even bespoke office venues.

One of the beautiful attributes of ceiling medallions is truly their ability to completely transform the look and feel of a room in just hours, adding elegance and a royal air to any room and being great visually stimulating pieces within any room they are added to.

 With a vast variety of ceiling medallions being available in various styles from flower patterns to plain medallions and colours from bronze and gold, to white, silver and even royal blue - these features were born to suit all personalities! So without further adieu why not take a look?

So can you use DIY when applying these fixtures or will you be required to call upon a gladiator to come by and fix it for you? 
Well it can depend on your DIY skills but many modern ceiling medallions sold today are totally manageable depending on material and size. 

Historically these amazing pieces were made with plaster but you can now find many ranges available in wood or metal. You can also find ranges made from moulded polyurethane which is a cheaper but also much more manageable material as it is lighter than plaster and much easier to install, with the added bonus that this material can also be painted, which is a big plus if you want to match it to your room colour and d├ęcor.

So there you have it - you are now clued up and more than ready to go and shop ceiling medallions right away! Good luck upon one's quest - we wish you all the best with your interior design projects!

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

How to: Start a Food Blog in 4 Easy Steps!

It's easier than you think - making cash from a food blog

Given the flood of food blogs, you have to come up with something special for a new blog on the topic of food, cooking or baking in order to find readers and fans. The following tips and basics will help you get started.
The basic principles of most food blogs are similar: cooking, documenting, and sharing. A food blog does not automatically have to deal only with cooking and recipes. When you develop a peculiarity, you can stand out from the crowd and even build your own readership over well-established cooking recipes websites and blogs.

Be different, find your niche

Food is not only in the domestic dining room. Why not even look behind the scenes in the kitchens of restaurants, visit weekly markets, conduct interviews with chefs or food experts, talk to farmers about the peculiarities of different potato varieties, explore the history of an ancient vegetable and unearth historical recipes Spice traders to elicit their secrets or experiment with exotic fruit - just to name a few examples.

Find your niche - maybe as a specialist in fish dishes?

Convince with delicious photos

Photos play a crucial role in a food blog. To be honest, a risotto - cooked at home for the family - looks more like brownish pampa, a pizza that is not absolutely fresh on the stove looks a bit shabby on a photo. That's okay, because it tastes great and smells wonderful. For your blog but you have to show all this to the reader in photos. A few suggestions are here ...

1) Taste and smell in the picture hold
The reader of your blog can neither taste nor smell, so photos must convey sensory impressions such as taste and fragrance visually. With photos, you can trigger taste and fragrance memories in the reader's imagination, if you're a little tricky.
To make it clear what's inside - the avocado salad includes an unprocessed avocado in the picture
For example, you can mediate scent by placing a fresh, cut mushroom next to the risotto plate and steaming the risotto. You can also achieve taste sensations by mimicking ingredients - such as a heap of salt or ground pepper, a sprig of rosemary or oregano.

2) Conjure mood with environment and accessories

You awaken positive feelings with your reader, by bringing the appropriate ambience to the respective court into the picture: The red checkered table cloth creates alpine hut atmosphere for a hearty snack time. Candles and night blue background suggest candlelight dinner with a beef tenderloin with red wine sauce - do not forget the wine bottle, because the sauce you do not see the red wine. Light background, green or light blue color mood underlines the lightness of a fresh summer smoothie - here you should put papaya, orange, apple, cucumber next to the glass to show what pureed in the glass as such, of course, is no longer recognizable.
Wooden plank and spoon create a rustic ambience with simple means. A great source for accessories is flea markets, but also deco shops or the junk department at Ikea.

3) Working with perspective

The standard rule for food images is: photograph directly from above, if only because lighting is the easiest way to get it under control. And if you want to document work steps, for example, that's ideal. But when it comes to showing a dish in its fullness of look, taste and fragrance, other perspectives can be much more useful - just experiment a bit.
Get up close - details often convey a judgment more intensively than a total perspective.
By the way: forget about your zoom lens. Get as close as possible to the plate, work with wide angle and use a tripod to keep the image stable.

4) Choose the right lighting

The lighting when photographing food is a science in itself and of course this contribution cannot replace a photo course. Nevertheless some short tips:
·         Avoid mixed light - either daylight or lights, never both at the same time.
·         Work with indirect light that is thrown back, for example, by a white wall or a special reflector.
·         Lightning Never eat directly, do not light at all.
·         Good results can be achieved without too much effort, if you add a so-called light tent.
Close-ups often help with setup and light issues. For example, work with a blurred background Natural light is often the best and most uncomplicated lighting. Natural light is often the best and easiest lighting.

Beware of copyrights

Most of the time you will not develop recipes yourself but get ideas or at least inspiration elsewhere. It is important to know the copyright limits: Ingredient lists are not protected, the description of the preparation, however, already.
So, you can usually take the ingredients one-to-one from other websites or from cookbooks, but you have to formulate your own description for the preparation. Generally you should call your sources anyway - no matter if you just got inspiration there or a recipe in the kitchen. This alone requires the fairness and your readers will not accept you anyway, that you develop all the recipes completely yourself and without any suggestion from the outside.

Let 's support you by special themes or plugins

The best platform for a food blog is WordPress, as a web host the STRATO hosting packages. And if you want to publish more than just occasional recipes in your food blog, you should use a specialized theme that makes the launch very convenient and already includes all the features, from the structured input of ingredient lists to the recipe printing function. Alternatively, special recipe plug-ins offer functions that can be integrated into almost all themes, giving you more design freedom compared to special food themes.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Women To Women TV App Now Available on Apple and Google Play!

Women to Women TV App is a new and user-friendly tool available on the Apple Store and Google Play for viewers to find all things related to the Women to Women (W2W) brand. 
Visit their site at:

As a media portal for shows, news, art and business, the W2W App follows and explores the lives of different business women, from all walks of life, as they struggle with the day-to-day drama of their careers, relationships and acceptance in the world.

The Women to Women brand started from the show NY's Women to Women, created by cast member April S Watson who, rather than receive an exclusive distribution deal, filmed and branded the show with her own money. A non-exclusive deal came in 2016 which positioned the show on Demand at Verizon Fios and Comcast Big South Network. NY's Women to Women went to #1 on Verizon for 2016, without airing the Finale or Reunion, which have yet to be seen by audiences. April S Watson also worked with Buzzray, in a new marketing initiative to distribute the show, for a re-launch of the Buzzray TV online network, drawing over 300,000 viewers.

The creator of the show, April S Watson, trademarked Women to Women, giving her the opportunity to franchise the brand to Atlanta (ATL) and the breadth of discussions that followed prompted the creation of the aftershow: Let's Talk Women To Women. This talk show is hosted by April S, with celebrity mixologist, Asia Violet and produced by the Creative Director of the brand, Sebastian Rothwyn. Women to Women, its related products and services are owned by NoAmor'e Ent Productions.

Let's Talk Women to Women is scheduled to air on September 19, 2018, on the exciting new online and mobile platform, aptly named, Women to Women TV (W2Wtv). This new "television" app will be available on iOS and Android devices. The goal is to help create independence for driven women in the entertainment business, utilizing shows from state to state, showcasing the work of many talented and skilled women. We highlight the versatility and expansiveness that women bring to whatever they do, also providing opportunities to those that have chosen to produce and create their own content.

It is our desire with Women to Women to make a greater world for the dreams and ambitions of WOMEN. This is the realization of a well-cultivated and hard-fought dreams of April's that has come to fruition.

Visit Women to Women TV at:

The Women to Women TV App is available on:

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Black Magic Awards returns this October in London to honour more inspirational women of colour

The Black Magic Awards returns on 1st October 2018 to the Criterion Theatre in the heart of London’s West End for what is set to be an unmissable follow-up to last year’s star studded, inaugural awards ceremony.

Hosted by Capital Xtra’s award-winning presenter Remel London, the evening will honour and celebrate the remarkable achievements of 16 black women from across TV, Film, Music, Sport, Fashion, Business and the Community. 

Sponsored by international beauty brand, Palmers - The Black Magic Awards which was founded in 2017 by Comedian, Actor and Film Producer Kojo Anim and Editor and Entrepreneur Annika Allen is dedicated to recognising the epitome of black excellence and is the ultimate night of #blackgirlmagic! 

Honourees already announced include TV Presenter Angellica Bell, Magic FM’s Angie Greaves, Stand-up Comedian Gina Yashere, Saxophonist and Composer Yolanda Brown and Model and Activist Munroe Bergdrof. 

Full list of honourees:
Inspiration Honour - Yolanda Brown (Saxophonist)
TV Personality Honour - Angellica Bell (TV presenter)
Media Mogul Honour - Vannessa Amadi (PR)
Music Honour – Lisa Maffia (Singer/songwriter)
Brand Honour - Carla-Marie Williams (Beyonce Songwriter and owner of Girls I Rate)
Sporting Honour - Eni Eluko (England / Juventus footballer)
Comedy Honour - Gina Yashere (Comedian)
Influence Honour - Taponeswa Maguva (PR)
Community Champions - Joanna Abeyie (Diversity & Inclusion)
Vanessa La Rose (Bookshop owner)
Patricia Ann Hewitt (Young women's charity owner)
Radio Honour - Angie Greaves (Radio presenter)
Acting honour – Ellen Thomas (Actress)
The Impact Honour - Munroe Bergdorf (Activist/Model)
Beauty & Fashion Honour - Jourdan Dunn (Model)
International Honour - Tiffany Haddish (Actress/Comedian)

This glittering ceremony will shine a light on the brilliance and talents of black British women past and present with amazing musical performances by the likes of Just Kemi and Tanika Bailey Lioness, comedy from online sensation Judi Love, surprise guest presenters as well as inspiring and powerful speeches from honourees. 

Last year’s show hosted by comedy entertainer Eddie Kadi and America's Next Top Model contestant & Heart Fm’s Annaliese Dayes, featured appearances from Actor and Strictly Come Dancing star Charles Venn and saw Coronation Street and Waterloo Road Actress Angela Griffin, GQ Publisher Vanessa Kingori MBE, global Music Artist Eve and Entertainer Angie Le Mar honoured on the night. 

After the event, The Black Magic Network will release a monthly podcast hosted by Annika, featuring special guests and will continue to spotlight the strengths and triumphs of phenomenal black women. 

Tickets are available to purchase via: 

For more information, visit: 


The Black Magic Network is a black lifestyle and entertainment network that provides a platform to showcase positive stories about diverse groups like no one else can. Entertaining, authoritative and insightful, we produce and feature exciting and arresting TV, film and written content that highlights life experiences, passions, and culture. We empower and inspire. We listen and advise. We engage and promote debate.

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