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Spotlight Article: Widow and Mother of Two Opens Top Ranking Massage Parlour in Buriram, Thailand

Today at She Inspired Her we take our spotlight review over to Buriram, one of the North Eastern Provinces of Thailand, to feature a very inspirational woman in business, Miss Pennapa, Certified Female Masseuse and Owner of Buriram Massage Parlour who worked against the odds to create her dream career.

Sadly having been widowed with two young sons Miss Pennapa knew that she would need to use whatever she had to build and create a stable future for herself and her two children aged 8 and 11 years. Pennapa, who had dreamt of having her own massage parlour, decided that she would take all necessary action and study hard to make this possible and that is exactly what she did!

Miss Pennapa enrolled onto a training programme at the Thai Traditional Medicine Association of Thailand. Dedicating her time and skills to doing the programme whilst also taking care of her two sons, she passed and was awarded her certification in Thai Massage by The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society.

Fast forward to today and within less than three years of opening Buriram Massage she has already earned top ranking and reviews on Trip Advisor, Facebook and google maps for her services!
 If you are looking for a one hour Thai massage in the Buriram area of Thailand or specific treatments, then look no further! You will have the most wonderful experience spending one hour in the comfortable and air conditioned Buriram Massage establishment which has been referred to as "a step up" from most massage shops within the area. You can choose from a range of services such as foot massage, shoulder massage and thigh massage, as well as being able to request relief from specific pain points.

Located one block from Wat Isan. Five shops down from Nekromantix Night Club. 
Buriram Massage is open 7 days a week.

Article written by: Crystal Emmanuel of Celebrity Creations Management
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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Ten Reasons Why You Should Exhibit at Trade and Consumer Shows

Ten Reasons Why You Should Exhibit at Trade Shows in 2019!

1) Showcase your latest products and services 

A Trade Show is a great place to exhibit and demonstrate your latest products and services directly to potential customers. There is simply nothing better for a consumer than to be able to see the product up close, try it out, taste, see and smell it and ultimately find out first hand why they have to have it! This will hopefully lead you to tonnes of direct sales on the day, or across the days of the Trade Show that you exhibit at. Some brands even find that they sell more in one trade show than they manage to do after months of trying to sell the same products online! So trade shows can be a great stepping stone for direct sales.

2) Gain New Customers and Leads

Whether you plan to bring you own Join our mailing list sheets, to be totally tech savvy and scan attendees badges or simply want to bring a bowl and ask passers by to leave their business cards in the bowl to be contacted with more information about your products - these are all great ways to extend your email and telephone database of future potential clients. 
Of course let them know clearly that they will be added to your mailing list and then when you are back at the office after the exhibition event you can send them a courtesy email to thank them for visiting your stand and add their contact details to your database to receive future promotions, event invites and sale information for your brand.

3) Make Killer Sales!

Many attendees at Trade Shows are looking for great deals on products and services that interest them. Most trade shows are themed to a particular industry for example Olympia Beauty Show based in the UK focuses strongly on the beauty industry and The Pamper Sessions - Beauty, Fashion and Wellness Show caters to Hair, Fashion, Beauty and Wellness professionals and consumers in London. Attendees will of course know this and so are attending because they are looking to find particular products and services from these industries and ultimately buy at these events. So research first and be sure the Trade Show that you exhibit at, is the right fit for your brand, then bring the goods! It is also a good idea to check out the events statistics beforehand to ensure that you are ready for the numbers of people that will potentially attend and have enough stock to last the full course of your time exhibiting at that event. 

There is nothing worse than running out of stock at an event where people are ready and willing to buy from you. In-case this does happen make sure you have an i-pad or tablet with wifi and a charger to keep you going so that you can take orders and payments online on the day if you run out of stock. That way, if you have stock available in storage you can get them out to people the next day and still have satisfied customers. 

A card machine is a must also - many people no longer walk with cash and will want to do card payment on the day and walk away with the goods - be sure to give them what they need and want!

a. It is your job to attract the consumers to visit your stand, whether this be via eye-catching banners and visuals or via the amazing Brand Ambassadors and Sales Staff that you have smiling, approaching potential customers and selling at your stand at the Trade Show. In advance, decide what you want to sell and make sure that you create special deals and discounts to make these deals known and seen on the day. Use slogans like; "For One Day Only' and "Trade Show Price Only" to entice customers to buy from you on the day, knowing that they may never get such a great deal again! 

b. A great amount of impulse buys can happen at your stand at a Trade Show, other useful sales ideas include, "Buy More, Pay Less";  encouraging consumers to buy larger quantities to get a better deal, 'Gift Bundles" and "Mix and Match"; where you can bundle together multiple products and do a deal or putting on a competition to get more people coming over with the chance of a freebie on the cards before they even begin to look at buying from your stand.

4) Clear out old stock and create space in your warehouse 
A Trade Show is also a great way to sell all last seasons products and clear out your warehouse or storage space of old, unsold goods. You could alternatively use last seasons stock as competition giveaways, lucky dip prizes, goody bag samples or similar! Competitions can once again help you to build your database and goody bags can encourage reviews to be created using your products.

5) Meet Distributors, Wholesalers and Investors

Trade Shows can be a great place to meet all kinds of industry players and build your industry connections for great future business and deals. You can use some of your time at a Trade Show to expand your network face to face and build your relationships with other businesses and traders. Many vendors and distributors attend Trade Shows seeking out good products to add to their repertoire, they need you equally to your needing them! Wholesalers and Traders can also be found at Trade Shows, many of whom are exhibiting, giving you a great opportunity to connect with them directly, check out their goods and maybe even strike some great deals with them for your own wholesale needs. There may even be the odd angel investor or two in the building scoping out their next big investment opportunity - why not you? So make yourself stand out, be noticeable and totally invest-able! 

6) Expand your brands presence in the industry

A good amount of exposure can be gained when you exhibit well at a Trade Show. Many Trade Shows also offer their exhibitors the opportunity to be featured in the Event Programme that goes out to all press and attendees at the event, on their 'exhibitors' page on their website and sometimes even in their email marketing and promotions which go out to potentially thousands of subscribers on their mailing lists, dependant on the events size and popularity. This can be great exposure for your brand and place many new eyes on your products and services. If you are not sure if the Trade Show offers this option always ask, if not it may be something that they will be willing to add and well worth the ask for what it could bring to the table. 
As well as this it is always a great idea to bring your printed banners, posters and promotional material i.e brochures, coupons, flyers and business cards to the event with you and have them presented at your stand. That way even if someone doesn't buy from you that particular day they can still take away a flyer or a coupon and buy something at a later date online.

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7) Open your eyes to your competitors
It is always a good thing to know who your main competitors are and what they are offering. Trade Shows are a great place to find this out. Spend a little time scoping out the competition on the day. Make notes of the great things that they are doing that you think you could do well to introduce to your brand and also see where you may have an advantage over them and see if you can go forward and win even bigger with that. This is not about copying others at all, always stay original, it is simply market research to encourage you to up your game in any areas that require attention or improvements.

8) Expand your Global Network and Connections

Many Trade Shows have exhibitors and consumers alike flying in from across the globe to network, buy, sell and showcase their products and services to a wider audience. Attending a Trade Show event like Beauty in Dubai for instance, can be a great way to put yourself in the right rooms with the right people that would lead you to expand your global portfolio and client base and begin to sell and promote your products effectively overseas, propelling your brand to a whole new level and standing.

9) Boost your Sales Confidence and Client Relationship Building Skills

Showcasing and selling at a Trade Show can be especially beneficial to businesses who sell mainly online. Exhibiting at a Trade Show will get yourself and your team out of the office and smack bang in the middle of the sales fun! Being face-to-face with your audience will push you to work your magic in direct selling, boosting your confidence and skills in face-to-face sales whilst strengthening your customer and client relationships. Its all win win!

10) Get Reviews and Feedback from linked Press, Bloggers, Vloggers and Influencers

If you want more presence for your brand on social media, in the Press and overall, a Trade Show can do wonders for these things if you meet the right people. Many Trade Shows have a list of confirmed Press, Bloggers and VIP's attending. Some will provide special goody bags for accredited Press, Bloggers, Vloggers and Influencers and may ask your brand if you would wish to provide samples and material for these goody bags. Saying yes to this question could well lead to the press, bloggers and vloggers creating an article, review or video blog about your products if they like them and use them following the event. 

So there you have it! 

Our Top Ten Reasons why you should Exhibit at a Trade Show in 2018 and we wish you the very best on your quest!

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Friday, 5 July 2019

‘Don’t Shoot, I’m An Artist’ by StefanRomeo at Vintner & Mason

If you appreciate art, collect art and admire fine wine, then the Don't shoot, I'm an Artist exhibition by StefanRomeo is one exhibition not to be missed this summer.

Vintner & Mason is a quality wine establishment located in the heart of Waltham Abbey. Well-known for hosting a series of successful wine tasting events, this quaint venue is currently showcasing the truly unique and original creations of contemporary Artist StefanRomeo, entitled "Don't Shoot I'm An Artist" 

StefanRomeo is well known for his innovative themes of expression, his style being appreciated as a creative cross between abstract and pop art.

Romeo began his artistic journey when he embraced his talents as a youngster by way of graffiti in the New York and New Jersey's King Gardens projects  (endearingly named after the late Martin Luther King), which he called home. “Living at Kings, you had to be good at something,” Romeo explained... and that, he was. A passion and love for the arts was ignited within his soul - a flame that would lead to his unorthodox expressions of art...and more.  

Romeo is also an animated creative writer and a talented musician.
Life hasn’t been easy for Romeo, but he has elevated far above his trying situations and has triumphed as an artist and as an individual.

"When one is an Artist, his or her life is filled with hardships,” Romeo has declared in social media posts and on his website.  “Even when in despair, I’m still happy.”

Romeo keeps a busy schedule. He recently graced the stage with a live performance at the Wynwood Art District line-up on 18th May alongside an ensemble of unsigned musicians, singers, and writers who performed original renditions.  Romeo signed and gave away CDs to the first twenty-five in attendance.

Romeo describes his art as being “abstractions that consist of different balances of materials, inks, paints and colours.”  He has been quoted as summing up his work and personal life as such - “I have also arrived at the creation of what I call 'live work' which involves a degree of sizes and textures that can open a room from any angle or distance. I have a unique style for collectors and galleries alike.” While Romeo's motto sums up his artistic expressions as being “Originality at its Point”.

In addition, the artist-writer-musician will occasionally release a song as a collectable work of art without the adulteration's of record companies or recording labels.  The album covers and singles are released under the exclusive StefanRomeo branding. 

Orders can be placed at the official StefanRomeo website by simply selecting the sizes and preferred styles from those showcased.  Special custom orders can take anywhere from one to two and a half months for completion; but fans don’t mind at all!

Romeo’s original artwork can be found on his website at where a brief description of the exclusive pieces can be found defining the status of being worthy of being hailed as a collectable.

The "Don't Shoot, I'm An artist" exhibition is currently running at Vintner & Mason until 31st July 2019

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Donations: Books for Children of all ages for an Orphanage in Ghana

Good morning Inspirations!

Today at She Inspired Her we are pushing out a request to our readers and followers to help bring in as many children's books as possible for a very worthy cause! 

Sonia Poleon has been running the Little Saint's Day Nursery in Thornton Heath, London for 15 years with a dedication towards 'Developing and Stimulating Young Lives'.

Recently, following trips to Ghana and stimulated by her passion for working with children and helping communities, Sonia decided that she would utilise her position in business to team up with an orphanage she visited in Ghana called 'Royal Seed Orphanage'. She made it her goal to assist them in securing additional resources so that they could continue to do their great work for orphaned children living in Ghana.

Sonia remarked "when I travelled to Ghana for a holiday with a friend I just fell in love with it". During one such trip, upon noticing the unsanitary condition of one of the beaches in the local area where she had been staying, Sonia and her friend sprung into action! They contacted the Ministry of Education in Ghana with an idea to help them to create a project with a local school to clean up their beloved local beach. They were granted permission and this proved to be a great success, triggering Sonia to want to do more within this beautiful country located in West Africa.

With the Little Seeds Nursery Founder wanting to do what she could to help the Royal Seed Orphanage she went straight into action mode, describing how she assisted them "to raise enough money to help them pay off their arrears" followed by creating a sheets project to bring in clean bedding and blankets for the orphanage and then a towel drive to bring in fresh towels for the children and staff at the orphanage.

Now, for the next part of the process Sonia is reaching out to her own local community in London for local donations of books for children of all ages. These books are to be collected and shipped over to Ghana where they will be donated to both the Royal Seed Orphanage in Ghana (0-5 years) alongside the Morona Foundation - a mobile library in the Prampram area of Accra in Ghana, who go around various communities loaning books to children of all ages. 

So London! Please spread the word and bring your book donations for children of all ages to the following venue by Saturday 6th July:

Little Saints Day Nursery

1-6 The Mews, 
9a Parchmore Road
Thornton Heath
(This is in the London Borough of Croydon / South London)

For more information please contact Sonia Poleon on: 


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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Don't miss School College Fashion Week at Excel London this July!

School College Fashion Week (SCFW) a project founded by Faith Johnson, Managing Director of Fashion and Education Charity Caramel Rockwill be held at the Excel Exhibition Centre from 11th - 12th July 2019.

This project aims to celebrate the creativity of students within the fashion, art, media, graphics and beauty industry. Schools and Colleges will be unified to encourage youths in a creative way and this event will give them the platform to showcase their talent. The event will have an exhibition which will display a selection of students work as well as a running catwalk show.

The vision is to create a stronger creative sector amongst a generation that is strong and vibrant. This is going to be a great opportunity for students and young people to gain real advice from our different industry speakers about a career in the creative industries and they include speakers from; Fashion Capital, Tuareg Productions, UKFT, Rosetta Arts, V&A Museum, Fashion Roundtable, Genix Imaging and Texintel. 

Attendees will also be able to develop their skills with numerous workshops such as one to one fashion mentoring with MBE Wale Adeyemi, social media workshop with Digiwoo, creative universities workshops and much more! Indeed this event will bring together different kind of creative talents all under one roof.

Talented hosts for the event include Bunmi Mojekwu, Hannah Oyewole, Inkra Debelle, and Maxine Booth with Guest Judge Crystxl King of Beauty in The World and a talk from motivational speaker Chandler Johnson!

School Fashion College Week is a great opportunity for those who want a career in the creative industries!


Article by Student College Fashion Week
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Friday, 14 June 2019

Missy Elliott's Berklee College of Music Commencement Address for her Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music 2019

Today let's all be inspired by the moment that Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and five-time Grammy Award winner Missy Elliott addressed the class of 2019 at Berklee College of Music's graduation for her Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music

  Missy Elliott is a groundbreaking solo superstar, Pioneering Producer, Songwriter, Singer, and Rapper. The five-time Grammy Award winner—with nominations spanning three decades—has achieved unprecedented success, including U.S. sales in excess of 30 million.

Elliott’s six studio albums, including 2001’s landmark 'Miss E… So Addictive' and the 2002 blockbuster 'Under Construction,' have each been RIAA platinum certified or better, making her the only female rapper to achieve that milestone accomplishment.

In 2015, Elliott made an unforgettable surprise performance at Super Bowl XLIX with Katy Perry, to 114.4 million viewers—the largest ever audience in Super Bowl history—with a medley of “Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” and “Lose Control.”

Digital sales skyrocketed in the following days, with both “Get Ur Freak On” and “Work It” returning to the top 40 on Billboard’s top singles chart more than 10 years after their initial successes. The musical icon also teamed up with Michelle Obama to release the female empowerment anthem “This Is for My Girls" as part of the former First Lady’s Let Girls Learn initiative. The track supports various ongoing campaigns that center around empowering young women, and also features the talents of Kelly Rowland, Janelle MonĂ¡e, Kelly Clarkson, and Zendaya.

In June of 2019, Elliott will be the first female hip-hop artist to be inducted into the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Be inspired!

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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Town Square Learning Centre Seeking Professionals and Tutors

Are you a tutor who is able to teach 6-16 year olds?

Do you have a valid DBS Check? 

Are you flexible and available on Saturdays within the Stratford area of East London? 

Would you also be confident working with children with Special Education Needs?

Town Square Learning Centre (TSLC) in Stratford are currently on the lookout for professionals who are qualified to tutor children, mainly on Saturdays and weekday evenings. They are also seeking to employ home tutors to carry out home visits throughout London on various weekdays.

Town Square Learning Centre are an organisation running weekly sessions for children ages 6-16 years. They proudly provide young people with the opportunity to join in their homework clubs and access learning assistance from dedicated tutors.

Weekly TSLC sessions provide an educational service inclusive of fun and interactive methods to help their young students. They are consistently working towards enhancing the numeracy and literary skills of their students and aim to lead the way forward for young people with innovative and creative teaching techniques.  

Town Square Learning Centre primarily opened their doors in Basildon and have now successfully branched out to begin providing their teaching services in Newham and East London! The organisation boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise and their Director Hephzi Tagoe has won many awards for her participation and work in Science. Their new centre based in Stratford are currently taking enrolments for children aged 6-16 years.

If you would be interested in becoming a tutor or enrolling a young person at Town Square Learning Centre please contact Hirra on: 07908350526. Alternatively you may send a revised copy of your CV to

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Article Edited and Published by Crystal Emmanuel of Celebrity Creations Management 
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