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Improve Your Home, Mood and more with Access Lighting today!

When you hear the word 'lighting' you probably will think of photographers and movie stars while picturing light being used to create the best shot and capture people in their best light? However, did you know that the lighting you choose for your home and office can direct;y impact crucial areas of your life such as your mood, productivity and concentration? Lighting has also been shown to have an impact on your sleep cycles, eye health and decision making! So evidently, lighting goes way beyond Hollywood - but how much do we really know about it? This really begs the question “What is your current lighting doing for your family home environment”?

Today at She Inspired Her we take a look at the beautiful benefits of lighting for your home and office via Access Lighting. We touch upon how lighting can affect your day-to-day environment and overall lifestyle and why Access Lighting products should be at the top of your fixtures and fitting list this year!

Maybe you have never considered the benefits of lighting? Let’s face it you are probably still using that dusky grey standard light shade in your bedroom that you quickly bought when you first moved in - simply because something was better than nothing! Most of us could do with a lighting boost for our homes, and who better to take us through our options and help us all to reap the benefits of great lighting than Access Lighting who are one of the most sought-after lighting brands in the home lighting market!

With stunning collections of both contemporary and modern designs available across their ranges you will be in awe of what Access Lighting have available to inject that added sparkle into your homes and offices. From pendants to modern chandeliers, from outdoor lighting to wall sconces – you really will be spoiled for choice when shopping online with Access Lighting.

Check out our absolute favourites from the Access Lighting collections:

Access Lighting Wall Sconces:

All of the incredible designs from Access Lighting come hand-in-hand with highly advanced technology and with prices starting from as little at $40 they have a price tag that will light up a smile and not break the bank! 

Access Lighting Modern Chandeliers

Tip from Access Lighting: “Chandeliers have always been known for their beauty and the fact that no matter where they are they are a stunning attraction. Modern chandeliers are no different, but they bring in a different factor of being more uniquely styled. Putting a modern chandelier in a room is a great way of providing a designer element, and in this way they’re great for almost any space”.

Access Pendant Lighting: 

Tip from Access Lighting: “Picking a pendant light is most often about the space you have to work with. Access lighting pendant light fixtures come in variety of sizes and shapes that can fit any room. Compact single bulb pendants are ideal for a small room or nook or in a grouping above the kitchen island. Larger pendant lights up to 14 inches wide, are a grand statement piece above a dining table, bathtub, or desk” 

So have you seen the light?
With lighting starting from just $40.00 what are you waiting for?

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Communication mistakes that most of you make by Akhilla Kakivai

Akhilla Kakivai is a 6-figure Success Coach for ambitious women. She helps her clients to smoothly transition from their corporate jobs to creating 6-figure empires, without the burnout and overwhelm! Check out this article where Akhilla will guide you to avoid some of the worst communication mistake out there! 

Common Mistakes that most of you make 

by Akhilla Kakivai

The one thing that we cannot exist without doing every day is communicating. There are different forms of communication, it could be verbal, in-person meeting, an email, Skype calls-you name it. A simple error can make you look unprofessional and sloppy. This is why it is important to be on our A-game whenever we communicate with someone. You never know who could be your next investor or your business investor.
When you are an aspiring mum-preneur, make sure that you do not commit these grave mistakes:

Send across unedited work:
Even contributors to the biggest magazines in the world have their work corrected by an editor. Why? Because it is necessary and it is difficult to be a good critique of one’s work. If you cannot afford an editor, run it through your friend or a colleague. Things like wrong spelling, inappropriate usage of a word or using the wrong tone doesn’t make you look professional. Do not send a document as soon as you finish working on it. Before you get it ratified from someone else, keep it lying for some time before you take a look it again from a different perspective.

Not being assertive:
Do you have trouble telling someone that you really want something done or have issues asking someone for a favour? Just because you are assertive doesn’t mean you will always get your way just because you ask. But asking means that there is a chance that someone will acknowledge your needs. Assertiveness is also about saying ‘No’ when you don’t want to do something. Do realise that there is a huge difference between being aggressive and assertive. When you are assertive, you are thoughtful about your needs as well as others.

Avoiding difficult conversations:
There is not a single soul on earth that doesn’t have to face conflicts in relationships at home or at the office. You cannot make an issue go away without gathering the guts to talk to the other side. It is uncomfortable for sure, but it is an important part of being a parent or a mum-preneur when you need your kid to behave or an employee to put in proper work. Give clear feedback without letting the other person lose face. You can’t be nice to everyone, in business settings and sometimes at home too, you need to put your foot down and make sure that there are certain ground rules that are to be followed.

Conducting meetings that are a waste of time:
Meetings should not be something that sucks the energy out of everyone. It should be either to decide on an important thing or get the opinion of everyone involved. If you can think of tasks that can be emailed instead of assembling everyone for a meeting, that is a lot of time saved. Every time you have a meeting, ask if it is the best way you are using everyone’s time. Have in-person meetings only when you are discussing the most pressing items on the checklist.
Being a bad listener:
I will rank this as the number 1 enemy to be a bad communicator. No matter which position you are in, listen to the people sitting in front of you or when discussing over a call.  Not just pretend to listen to them, do not do any other activity that might lessen your concentration. If you are guilty of the following, then you are a poor listener: interrupting people as they speak, finish sentence for someone else, talking to someone else nearby, interpreting something in your own way and telling them instead of asking them, giving inappropriate advice, not giving them non-verbal signals- to name a few.
Being known as someone who is bad at communication is not good for your business prospects, if you can start by focusing on these steps, I am sure you will become much better at communication than you already are. Tell me if you know about other communication mistakes that people usually make.
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Do you want to fast-track your way into the big league by not making all these communication mistakes? 
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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Hold your Make-Up Masterclass at The LIT Room, London with £10 OFF First Hire!

The LIT Room

Are you a Professional Make-Up Artist? Graphics Designer? Wig Maker? Weave Specialist? Musician? Looking for a venue to hold your classes in 2018?  If yes, The LIT Room wants to hear from you!

The LIT Room is a neat private studio based in East Ham, East London, available to hire for private classes, creative sessions and shoots.

In early 2018 we've taken on new direction; specialising in Private Masterclasses for creatives of all ages and we are currently on the look out for fresh and professional creatives, interested in launching their own Master Classes at The LIT Room from February 2018 onward.
Classes offered from February will range from private one-on-one tuition classes to small group sessions for 4-5 people and from one day workshops to 6 week courses. If you have a course you would like to launch with us this year please get in touch today and send us some information about your proposed course. A member of our team will then be in touch with more information.

To contact us today and tell us more about your proposed class Click Here

Article by Crystal King UK of Celebrity Creations Management

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Will you nominate a Young Person from the BME Community for FREE Mentoring?

Do you know a Young Person from the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community that you feel would really benefit from the opportunity of FREE Mentoring? 

Do you know of any young person who is:
- Between 16-24 years old
- Lives in Lambeth OR surrounding area
- Are from the BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) community
- Are also from a low income background
- Would like FREE mentoring support to find their purpose as well as set up successful businesses?

GAGE CIC are offering THREE FREE PLACES on their #BMESTARTUPS programme for three young people who would benefit from and enjoy the opportunity to set up their own businesses!

If you know of any young person who this may apply to then please contact GAGE CIC and tell them your reason for your nomination by emailing:

The #BMESTARTUPS official launch is on 3rd Feb in Brixton. If you'd like to find out more information about how it all works,join the event CLICK HERE TO ATTEND

Find out more about GAGE CIC:


Article Edited & Posted by Crystal King UK of Celebrity Creations Management
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Join the Direct Sales Reps Events Online Vendor Show - Sponsored Post

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Did you know that advertising with Direct Sales Reps Events is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE? 

That's right! You can deduct the costs of advertising your business with us! 

Join our Affiliate Program to make money when you refer your team:

Why participate in an Online Vendor Event?
1. No setting up and breaking down your booth.
2. You don’t have to be present so you save time, gas, and money.
3. No Rainouts or Bad Weather!
4. Your ad is indexed by Search Engines! The more times the search engines find your business online the higher it ranks!
5. Branding Your Business ~ You want people to find you easily. Get them in your social web so they remember who you are.

What are you waiting for? 
Get your business registered before someone else does!

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Ten Reasons Why You Should Exhibit at Trade Shows in 2018!

Ten Reasons Why You Should Exhibit at Trade Shows in 2018!

1) Showcase your latest products and services 
A Trade Show is a great place to exhibit and demonstrate your latest products and services directly to potential customers. There is simply nothing better for a consumer than to be able to see the product up close, try it out, taste, see and smell it and ultimately find out first hand why they have to have it! This will hopefully lead you to tonnes of direct sales on the day, or across the days of the Trade Show that you exhibit at. Some brands even find that they sell more in one trade show than they manage to do after months of trying to sell the same products online! So trade shows can be a great stepping stone for direct sales.

2) Gain New Customers and Leads
Whether you plan to bring you own Join our mailing list sheets, to be totally tech savvy and scan attendees badges or simply want to bring a bowl and ask passers by to leave their business cards in the bowl to be contacted with more information about your products - these are all great ways to extend your email and telephone database of future potential clients. 
Of course let them know clearly that they will be added to your mailing list and then when you are back at the office after the event you can send them a courtesy email to thank them for visiting your stand and add their contact details to your database to receive future promotions, event invites and sale information for your brand.

40% off business cards

3) Make Killer Sales!
Many attendees at Trade Shows are looking for great deals on products and services that interest them. Most trade shows are themed to a particular industry for example Professional Beauty focuses strongly on the beauty industry and The Pamper Sessions caters to Hair, Beauty and Wellness. Attendees will of course know this and so are attending because they are looking to find particular products and services from these industries and ultimately buy at these events. So research first and be sure the Trade Show that you exhibit at, is the right fit for your brand, then bring the goods! It is also a good idea to check out the events statistics beforehand to ensure that you are ready for the numbers of people that will potentially attend and have enough stock to last the full course of your time exhibiting at that event. There is nothing worse than running out of stock at an event where people are ready and willing to buy from you. In-case this does happen make sure you have an i-pad or tablet with wifi and a charger to keep you going so that you can take orders and payments online on the day if you run out of stock. That way, if you have stock available in storage you can get them out to people the next day and still have satisfied customers. A card machine is a must also - many people no longer walk with cash and will want to do card payment on the day and walk away with the goods - be sure to give them what they need and want!

a. It is your job to attract the consumers to your stand, whether this be via eye-catching banners and visuals or via the amazing Brand Ambassadors and Sales Staff that you have smiling, approaching potential customers and selling at your stand at the Trade Show. In advance, decide what you want to sell and make sure that you create special deals and discounts to make these deals known and seen on the day. Use slogans like; "For One Day Only' and "Trade Show Price Only" to entice customers to buy from you on the day, knowing that they may never get such a great deal again! 

b. A great amount of impulse buys can happen at your stand at a Trade Show, other useful sales ideas include, "Buy More, Pay Less";  encouraging consumers to buy larger quantities to get a better deal, 'Gift Bundles" and "Mix and Match"; where you can bundle together multiple products and do a deal or putting on a competition to get more people coming over with the chance of a freebie on the cards before they even begin to look at buying from your stand.

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4) Clear out old stock and create space in your warehouse / storage place
A Trade Show is also a great way to sell all last seasons products and clear out your warehouse or storage space of old, unsold goods. You could alternatively use last seasons stock as competition giveaways, lucky dip prizes, goody bag samples or similar! Competitions can once again help you to build your database and goody bags can encourage reviews to be created using your products.

5) Meet Distributors, Wholesalers and Investors
Trade Shows can be a great place to meet all kinds of industry players and build your industry connections for great future business and deals. You can use some of your time at a Trade Show to expand your network face to face and build your relationships with other businesses and traders. Many vendors and distributors attend Trade Shows seeking out good products to add to their repertoire, they need you equally to your needing them! Wholesalers and Traders can also be found at Trade Shows, many of whom are exhibiting, giving you a great opportunity to connect with them directly, check out their goods and maybe even strike some great deals with them for your own wholesale needs. There may even be the odd angel investor or two in the building scoping out their next big investment opportunity - why not you? So make yourself stand out, be noticeable and totally invest-able! 

6) Expand your brands presence in the industry
A good amount of exposure can be gained when you exhibit well at a Trade Show. Many Trade Shows also offer their exhibitors the opportunity to be featured in the Event Programme that goes out to all press and attendees at the event, on their 'exhibitors' page on their website and sometimes even in their email marketing and promotions which go out to potentially thousands of subscribers on their mailing lists, dependant on the events size and popularity. This can be great exposure for your brand and place many new eyes on your products and services. If you are not sure if the Trade Show offers this option always ask, if not it may be something that they will be willing to add and well worth the ask for what it could bring to the table. 
As well as this it is always a great idea to bring your printed banners, posters and promotional material i.e brochures, coupons, flyers and business cards to the event with you and have them presented at your stand. That way even if someone doesn't buy from you that particular day they can still take away a flyer or a coupon and buy something at a later date online.

33% off A6 flyers

7) Open your eye to your competitors
It is always a good thing to know who your main competitors are and what they are offering. Trade Shows are a great place to find this out. Spend a little time scoping out the competition on the day. Make notes of the great things that they are doing that you think you could do well to introduce to your brand and also see where you may have an advantage over them and see if you can go forward and win even bigger with that. This is not about copying others at all, always stay original, it is simply market research to encourage you to up your game in any areas that require attention or improvements.

8) Expand your Global Network and Connections
Many Trade Shows have exhibitors and consumers alike flying in from across the globe to network, buy, sell and showcase their products and services to a wider audience. Attending a Trade Show event like Beauty in Dubai for instance, can be a great way to put yourself in the right rooms with the right people that would lead you to expand your global portfolio and client base and begin to sell and promote your products effectively overseas, propelling your brand to a whole new level and standing.

9) Boost your Sales Confidence and Client Relationship Building Skills
Showcasing and selling at a Trade Show can be especially beneficial to businesses who sell mainly online. Exhibiting at a Trade Show will get yourself and your team out of the office and smack bang in the middle of the sales fun! Being face-to-face with your audience will push you to work your magic in direct selling, boosting your confidence and skills in face-to-face sales whilst strengthening your customer and client relationships. Its all win win!

10) Get Reviews and Feedback from linked Press, Bloggers, Vloggers and Influencers
If you want more presence for your brand on social media, in the Press and overall, a Trade Show can do wonders for these things if you meet the right people. Many Trade Shows have a list of confirmed Press, Bloggers and VIP's attending. Some will provide special goody bags for accredited Press, Bloggers, Vloggers and Influencers and may ask your brand if you would wish to provide samples and material for these goody bags. Saying yes to this question could well lead to the press, bloggers and vloggers creating an article, review or video blog about your products if they like them and use them following the event. 

So there you have it! 
Our Top Ten Reasons why you should Exhibit at a Trade Show in 2018 and we wish you the very best on your quest!

To register for more information about attending and exhibiting at The Pamper Sessions 2018 Click Here 

Article Written by Crystal King UK of Celebrity Creations Management

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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Don't miss the London Beauty Festival - Saturday 2nd December 2017

Grab your FREE ENTRY ticket now CLICK HERE

If you are the type who loves to discover new trends, to try out the latest beauty brands and to be the first to know when a niche beauty product hits the market then on Saturday 2nd December you need to cancel everything you are doing to be down at ‘The London Beauty Festival’ taking place at The Crowne Plaza, Hanger Lane, London!

This free entry annual beauty festival was created with the great motive of “Celebrating British Niche Beauty Brands” and giving these amazing new brands a platform to expose their products to a wider audience.

International Celebrity MUA & Beauty Influencer Maryam Taqi is one of London Beauty Festival’s main sponsors alongside Beauty in Dubai and more and the event will also feature 20+ well known VIP’s said to include some of the biggest bloggers in the UK.

With all stands completely sold out for this event guests will have a jam packed day discovering a wonderfully unique selection of niche beauty brands, while learning, shopping, sampling and networking, not to mention some great competitions and prizes to be won on the day from various sponsors and a complimentary mocktail for guests upon entry. 

On the day guests will also find attractions including a LIVE hair demo held by a Celebrity Hair Stylist, a LIVE Makeup Demo held by a Celebrity Makeup Artist, and of course the chance to meet and greet top beauty bloggers and makeup artists, many of which you no doubt already follow online!

This event will also hope to raise money for the charity ‘Endometriosis UK’ and in their press release before the event London Beauty Festival organisers said: “Each year London Beauty Festival plans to support a different charity in (the) hope of raising money for them. This year (London Beauty Festival) are supporting Endometriosis UK. Endometriosis devastates the lives of women and their families. Endometriosis UK helps them take back control. One in ten women endure unrelenting pain that affects every aspect of their lives each day. That’s over 1.5 Million women who desperately need support and information to help them understand this chronic condition”

Well we say what a great cause! So make sure that you add this to your diary now and get down to the London Beauty Festival this Saturday 2nd December 2017 at The Crowne Plaza, Hanger Lane W5 1HG from 12pm-5pm and enjoy what is set to be a great day for all things beauty!

To grab your FREE ENTRY ticket via Eventbrite CLICK HERE

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