Saturday, 20 April 2019

Meet the sister duo behind 'The Array Lounge Boutique' Online

Today at She Inspired Her we place the spotlight on The Array Lounge Boutique; a newly trending online fashion boutique business based in the UK, founded by a talented female duo who both possess a great passion for everything fashion!

 The Array Lounge Boutique was started by sisters Leanne and Aaliyah back in September 2018 with the intention to create the perfect fashion shopping experience for online shoppers. Proudly providing everything you could possibly desire for the perfect outfit from top to toe, this online boutique offers a seductive range of outfits all inspired by the sisters' love of fashion and design.

Take a peek at their Fashion Look-Book!

We all know the frustration of scrolling through our Instagram feeds; filled with items of clothing and accessories that we just want to grab out of the screen NOW and wear ourselves! Alas, technology has not yet evolved to allow for this! So we end up having to go to the stores to try and replicate what we see, often returning home disappointed when we just can't seem to find what we are looking for - or when we do, it's not in our size!

How Frustrating! I mean let's face it, in current society, we are all trying to be stylish but elegant whilst also being trendy but classy!  So we need a place that we can go to shop and browse, that caters too all of our needs and ticks all of our boxes! We have the solution! Look no further than The Array Lounge Boutique, who pride themselves in catering to all body types, shapes and sizes and all tones of women! Hurrah!

"Stay modern, stylish, keep your values and respect high and dominate the world"! - The Array Lounge Boutique

Driven and motivated by the values of trust, reliability, quality, and collaboration, the Founder's grounded their company on the idea of a celebration of diversity in British fashion. The key values upon which The Array Lounge Boutique was founded, are incorporated into the designs of each fashion garment and each individual piece sold by the brand. The combination of culture, respect and style come together in modern, trend setting pieces for the urban female who want to make an impression though fashion!

A dose of femininity and a splash of sex appeal are cleverly incorporated in the garments, keeping the balance between the appropriate and modern. Each piece has its own story, personally relating to those who are wearing it, with the main objective to be occasion appropriate and to be a display of ones mood while wearing the piece. 

As women’s fashion continues to evolve beautifully, you can rest assured that The Array Lounge Boutique are actively keeping up with current trends, alongside setting them and providing the most up to date and sought after fashions within today's market!

From sexy provocative and ultra-feminine lingerie to classic and elegant suits and fancy outerwear and footwear, The Array Lounge Boutique is your new online shopping destination.  You need not look elsewhere again!

Check out The Array Lounge Boutique today here: 

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Monday, 1 April 2019

Dharma Maste - Family Owned Brand of Naturally Sourced Ointments from Eastern Slovakia

 Dharma Maste is a family owned brand supplying high quality, naturally sourced ointments with an astrological twist! This humble brand is truly a breath of fresh air for anyone seeking natural ointments for personal use or as unique gifts for family and friends and it is a pleasure to be placing them within our spotlight today!

Dharma Maste UK offer a unique collection of herbal body ointments made from naturally sourced Wild Herbs, hand-picked with love and care by Founder Natali David and her children, in the vast woods and meadows of Eastern Slovakia.

It is ensured that each time these special herbs are picked for all Dharma Maste products and ointments, they are collected only within the suitable periods each year for the harvesting of herbs and are always sourced at a location far away from any towns or villages, for the ultimate in fresh, quality produce.

Alongside these carefully considered harvesting measures, there is a very special astrological aspect that factors in on the quality of the final product. On speaking about the sourcing of the herbs for all Dharma Maste products, Natali David remarks:

All ointments contain only pure natural plant components and the essential oils used for Dharma Maste UK products are of the Czech brand BEWIT.

Before the creation of Dharma Maste (Dharma Ointments) Natali David reminisces that she would go to the forest to collect the wild herbs herself to make various teas and ointments and for her own consumption and/or as special gifts to give to her loved ones. After the birth of her second daughter (Amara Dharma in 2016) she noted that her passion to reveal the wonders of these herbs to the world became stronger and it is from here that the Dharma Maste brand was born!

One of the true beauties of Dharma Maste is that they provide a service where each ointment can be specifically tailored to the needs of the individual customer, alongside having a beautiful selection of hand-made ointment available for purchase.

Get your Dharma Ointments today with FREE Postage to the UK at:

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Opportunity for Vendors to sell at Global 12 Festival London - Saturday 31st August 2019

Apply to be a Vendor at Global 12 Festival, London on Saturday 31st August 2019! 

Celebrity Creations Management are proud to announce a new opportunity for Vendors and Sponsors to come on-board for Shodements' Global 12 Festival taking place at Cargo, Shoreditch on Saturday 31st August 2019.
Global 12 Festival is one of the most exciting weekends in the UK music calendar with artists and creators from around the world flying into the UK to perform live, each year, at the G12 resident venue Cargo in Shoreditch with the capacity for 1,000 summer festival goers. Event attractions consist of Red Carpet Entrance, Live Music, Food Vendors, Pop-Up Stands, Interactive Experiences across 12 Countries within one venue with Artistic Decor, Fashion, Art, Culture, Sports, Games, Special Guests and more! 
Our books are now open for you to get in touch to be an official vendor at the Global 12 Festival this year. This is a popular opportunity with limited spaces available. We strongly encourage Food, Fashion, Culture, Beauty, Wellness and similar vendors to apply today to avoid disappointment.

.To showcase at Global 12 Festival please get in touch today and request a Vendors Pack for more information at: 

Global 12 Festival 2019 is brought to you in association with KOL Social, Creative Access, Beatz London, Celebrity Creations Management, Mnarchy, Tribe London, Pulse 88, She Inspired Her, Lonely Star Magazine, Sigrun Clothing, Purply, Unitone Collective Arts, Fashion Inspired by London and Cargo! Now here is your chance to be a part of Global 12 Festival 2019!
This years headliner will be none other than UK grime sensation Fekky!

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Saturday, 23 March 2019

New Internships and Work Experience Opportunities in Events, PR and Management with Celebrity Creations Management, London

Celebrity Creations Management are currently accepting internship and work experience applications from candidates ages 16 years and over who are seeking experience in Events, PR and Management within the music, fashion, film, beauty and wellness industries. 

This is an opportunity to gain a wealth of experience within an established Events, PR and Management company specialising in music, fashion, film, beauty, wellness and travel events alongside media projects and global celebrity talent management.  

Successful candidates will get hands-on experience within various areas of the company processes including event management, project management, administration, sales, social media, blogging, assisting at events, bookings and management, networking, shadowing face to face meetings, online promotions, email marketing and client relations management, guerrilla marketing campaigns, event reviews, article writing, talent castings and more! 

All applicants must: 

• Be enthusiastic to learn and able to take direction 
• Be able to work on your own initiative as well as within a team 
• Be self-motivated, hard-working, innovative and creative 
• Have good knowledge of English Language both written and verbal, everyone is welcome to apply with the view to learn
• Be positive, approachable, presentable and professional  
• Own a laptop that you can bring to work with you and be flexible to work from home on various assignments also 

Successful applicants will have access to one-to-one guidance sessions, free tickets to events across the summer, free training and first-hand experience within the industry. Candidates may also be required to attend various local training, events, seminars and conferences in London.

This is an unpaid internship / work experience opportunity.
Apply now by sending in your details and a short paragraph about why you would like to apply via our online form click here

Applicants must be 16 or over 

Saturday, 2 March 2019

10-Week Free Food Business Training Course by GCDA

Do you want to run your own food business?

No idea where to start?

Need assistance understanding how to get it off the ground?

Why not attend this FREE 10-Week Food Business Training Course in Newham run by GCDA. Starting from 7th March 2019.


This FREE course will cover areas including:

- Business Planning
- Understanding the impact of the food industry
- Legislation, Licencing and Compliance
- Market Research
- Menu Planning including Costing
- Financial Planning, Management and Funding
- Marketing and Branding

The course will end with a market where you will be able to put  all that you have learned into practise, with real customers!

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Free Trial Class: Young A-Listers Self Empowerment Drama School

Do you know a young person / young adult who has talent?
Are you ready to help take their acting career to the next level? 

Young A-Listers is a part-time self-empowerment drama school that enriches, uplifts and educates its students through personal development and drama. A school that assists students to become professional actors and provide them the life skills and personal awareness they need to succeed in life. 

The school is run by actor Samuell Benta (Eastenders E20, The Black Ranger - Power Rangers Operation overdrive). Students will not only learn and develop their acting, they will be learning many areas of the entertainment industry and receive guidance for their journeys developing them to becoming efficient self-starters. 

Young A-Lister teaches its students to be successful A-Listers in their own movie called ‘life’. There are also guest celebrity drop-ins and visits from high profile industry professionals

Students will visit film and TV-sets and observe the creation process, which can spark other talents they never knew existed within them. Upon evaluation of their overall talent, skill and professional attitude with their end of year performance, they will also have the potential to join the BentaVision ‘Performers Catalogue’ for Film/TV and Theatre work that the company will be producing in the future.  

This Young A-Listers opportunity is available for:
Tweens: (9-12 years)
Teens (13-17 years)
Young Adults: (18-21 years)

For A FREE trial class and more info please visit.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home Near The Beach

Are you dreaming about buying a beachfront house? 
Surely a beachfront home is a dream come true for most! The amazing feelings and sounds that come with the waves lapping right at your doorstep. The vision of golden sand while breathing in all that fresh air, with the white surf right on your front porch - seriously, how exciting! 
However, finding a perfect property near the beach is easier said than done because there are several things that you need to consider. Beachfront properties face some potential challenges from the elements, and these need extra attention. 
Here are some killer mistakes that you should avoid while buying a home near the beach.  
Not sticking to a budget
In all the excitement of landing a property with a beach view, you may end up buying a house that is beyond your budget. A beach home is much more than its actual cost because there are heavy maintenance and repair expenses that you may need to incur regularly. The property has to bear the brunt of strong winds and high tides, which makes it susceptible to damage. The best approach is to be calculative and stay within your budget constraints.
Not checking out the neighbourhood
Beach properties can be alluring to the extent that you may ignore checking out the neighbourhood before investing in them. You should absolutely avoid this mistake and research the area well enough before locking the deal. Know more about the community, amenities and culture in the area by spending time there. Check online as well. You can find plenty of options near the beach in Perth to build your new home from this detailed list from Vision One Homes.
Not getting the home insured
Another common blunder that people make with beach homes is to overlook its insurance. You may have bought a home of your choice but considering it as a vacation property and not getting a proper insurance coverage for it is the wrong approach. In fact, a beach house needs additional coverage because of the likelihood of damage due to natural disasters like floods and hurricanes.
Counting on rentals to cover the cost
Do not think that you can cover the mortgage cost of a beach house by renting it out as a vacation home. The reason being that the costs may go way beyond the mortgage payments because you may have to incur unforeseen expenses such as damage caused by floods and hurricanes. When you do take the decision to buy such a property, be very sure that you will be able to pay the mortgage as well as other expenses without depending on rental income.
Not checking with an expert
A coastal home inspector is someone who can help you in choosing the right property. From judging the location to direction of wind flows and evaluating the construction material used, an expert can guide you about putting your money in the right place. Not showing the property to an expert before buying is another mistake that you should avoid.
Make sure that you avoid these blunders while buying a home on the beach and you can have a perfect haven to enjoy sunny days by the seaside. Just don't forget to invite us!

Article Edited for Publishing by Crystal 'King' Emmanuel

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