Calling all London based Beauty Salons - List your Premium Quality Beauty Services FREE with More Into Me

Are you a Luxury Salon, Spa are similar beauty establishment?
More into Me is a members only beauty membership service providing its growing database of members discounted services and perks at salons across London.

*List your services for free today when you offer More into Me members a discounted incentive to visit your salon today and begin to grow your customer base with More Into Me - predicted by Beauty in Dubai to be the "Future Oyster Card of Beauty"!

To register your salon free visit:

Catch 'More Into Me' Founder, Serena Franklin down at the Beauty in Dubai Global Networking Soiree & Beauty Market in Dubai on 10th May 2018 from 6pm at Sho Sho's Caribbean Lounge in Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai Get Tickets To Attend 

*Terms and conditions apply. All services are quality checked. Services must be based in London - More into Me LTD 

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