If you are looking for a special feature to add elegance and grandeur to your venue or home, then look no further, a ceiling medallion could be exactly whats you seek.

A ceiling medallion is an ornamental decorative feature used to dress up ceilings; adding an air of opulence to the room. 

Traditionally, you would have found this circle shaped feature fixed the high ceilings of upper class Victorian homes and prestigious venues like castles and theatres, but as times have moved on it is now commonplace to see these beautiful medallions becoming the signature ceiling features of various homes, restaurants, galleries and even bespoke office venues.

One of the beautiful attributes of ceiling medallions is truly their ability to completely transform the look and feel of a room in just hours, adding elegance and a royal air to any room and being great visually stimulating pieces within any room they are added to.

 With a vast variety of ceiling medallions being available in various styles from flower patterns to plain medallions and colours from bronze and gold, to white, silver and even royal blue - these features were born to suit all personalities! So without further adieu why not take a look?

So can you use DIY when applying these fixtures or will you be required to call upon a gladiator to come by and fix it for you? 
Well it can depend on your DIY skills but many modern ceiling medallions sold today are totally manageable depending on material and size. 

Historically these amazing pieces were made with plaster but you can now find many ranges available in wood or metal. You can also find ranges made from moulded polyurethane which is a cheaper but also much more manageable material as it is lighter than plaster and much easier to install, with the added bonus that this material can also be painted, which is a big plus if you want to match it to your room colour and d├ęcor.

So there you have it - you are now clued up and more than ready to go and shop ceiling medallions right away! Good luck upon one's quest - we wish you all the best with your interior design projects!