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An Easy and Safe Way to Remove Sewn-in Hair Extensions

Today She Inspired Her are introducing our readers to a new, innovate and revolutionary tool for the hair extensions industry, one we believe will be a serious game changer!

If you wear sew in hair extensions a.k.a 'weaves' or you know a friend who does - then you owe it to yourself to read on and share this article! People who have a sew-in weave or have had one applied before will be familiar with just how tedious and time consuming the removal process can be!

Whether you have been removing your weave tracks alone at home or having them removed by a stylist at the salon, you have probably been waiting what feels like a life-time for a new alternative to come along and save the day (and your precious time)

Well here is it finally... Introducing Takedown Tool-E - the efficient extension remover tool by A'Mera Frieman of Friedom Innovation. This is now  the easy and safe way to remove sewn-in hair extensions soon to storm the global hair and beauty market!

This easy to use tool can be accessed and used by both the individual consumer and the professional hair stylist - meaning that everyone can save time. Either stay home and use your new Takedown Tool-E with ease while you watch your favourite movie or if you are an independent stylist or own a salon, help your clients get out of the chair sooner by adding this state of the art tool to your essentials kit!

The Takedown Tool-E cuts through thread and tracks with great easy and has a unique safety feature which helps to avoid damaged tracks or worse; a much needed alternative to the unsafe and unprotected blades that many still use today. 

Why not pre-order yours here today

An Easy and Safe Way to Remove Sewn-in Hair Extensions An Easy and Safe Way to Remove Sewn-in Hair Extensions Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 01:18 Rating: 5

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