Author Spotlight: Ex Church Girl Finds Her Self and writes a book to show the way

Start your journey of Self-discovery 

Raised in the Faith, Cezanne reached a point where she found herself questioning a lot of what she had been taught to believe. She had so many unanswered questions, so wrote God a fearless letter asking all the questions her church couldn't answer, which she ended by asking for “the Truth!” 

This led her to studying Universal Laws, her African history, and the his-story of the religion she had been indoctrinated into; 

“I was in my mid-thirties when I first learned that my roots were in Africa. I suddenly realized I didn't know who I was as a Black Woman raised in the UK, with a new ID-entity ‘in Christ'. I was lost and confused, and needed to find my way back home, to my Motherland. 

The path to finding my Self was a journey within; I learned how to meditate to control my negative thinking patterns, and in the process, unblocked as a Writer and Artist. I didn't realize how much my indoctrination was crippling my creativity, but when I finally unblocked, I used my creative writing skills to un-indoctrinate myself from the subconscious programming I’d received around sex and money. 

I also painted 11 oil paintings and wrote numerous poems; when I started writing my novel, I realized my artwork and poetry could be used to illustrate it!

I was inspired to write Journey of a Sister after watching the film ‘Sankofa'; it traumatized me but allowed me to see clearly how slavery was still affecting the descendants of enslaved Africans. I cried out “What can I do to help my people heal?” 46,000 words of my novel were ‘channelled', which means they came through me rather than from me. The wisdom in the ancestral messages is a gift to my people. 

Since publishing the First Edition ‘Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!’ in 2012, I spent 5 months in Ghana and 5 months in the Gambia, and saw first-hand how religion had become a stronghold over the minds of the people, and how it had been used to steal the wealth of Africa, my Motherland. 

I was moved and inspired to write two new chapters, revise the book, and re-title it ‘Journey of a Sister'. 

Start your journey of Self-discovery 

This isn't my autobiography, but it is based on my her-story of being raised in a religion, then going on a quest for “the Truth!” I wanted to share everything I'd discovered in a tantalizing, humorous yet informative way, that will take you on your own inner journey to ‘find your Self', and re-member who you are. Thousands of women (and men) have been able to relate to it: 

“Thank you for writing such a beautiful book. You have penned valuable messages within each page. This book informed me and uplifted my spirit and soul. 

The book has helped me to go back and get what I had forgotten, or to remember what I have learned about my history and how important it is to honour my ancestors and myself every day. 

I felt so invigorated and wanted to share the knowledge, that I told some of my girlfriends about the book. Not wanting to lose my copy I bought another one. My friend said she felt like an empress after reading your book. Now my daughter of 37 years is reading the copy.” 

~ Janeth Morgan, UK 

“Absolutely Fantastic!!! This book had me captivated from the first few paragraphs. There was so much that I could relate to and (I) found myself reading anxiously wondering what was going to happen next. At the same time, it was answering a few questions I had asked myself. An amazing read” ~ Sharn, USA 

“I have just finished reading THE book, it is a beautiful love story with plenty of wisdom, and a twist, men you will love it, you will hear your wonderful voices! It is a must read for those who think there is no Black Love in the world. It made me feel loved, warm and fuzzy and my man is just waiting for me to call him to me... I NORMALLY DO NOT DO LOVE STORIES I THINK THEM IS NUFF…However not this one”. ~ Primrose T, London 

Extract from Year One: 

“Everything in the universe is based on mathematical precision. To understand life, you must understand numbers. For instance, knowing your Life Path Number can help you to discover and fulfil your soul purpose.” 

“What's a ‘Life Path Number’?” 

“It's the most important number relating to your birth.” 


“Because it reveals the road map to your life; if you follow the Path, it can lead you to your destiny.” 

“But is our destiny pre-ordained, or can we create it?” 

“Good question Suzanne, I can see I’m going to enjoy our conversations! You’re right, we all have the freedom to live our life as we choose; we can either reach our full potential, or make some smaller version of our Self – but our true purpose is contained within from the moment we are born, just like a seed, waiting to grow.” 

“How can I find out my Life Path Number?” 

“I can work it out now if you like? It won't take a minute.” 

“Okay then!” 

“Great! What's your date of birth?” 

“That’s a sneaky way of trying to find out my age! Why didn’t you just ask?” 

“Oh, this will tell me much more than your age, you’ll be like an open book before me! Do you still want me to continue?” 

“Only if we do yours as well.” 


Start your journey of Self-discovery 

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Author | Poetess | Artist | Channeler | Soul Purpose Tribe Leader 
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Published by Crystal Emmanuel
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