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Dance Against Racism Day - 4th July

Dance is a universal language that everyone can embrace regardless of their race, age, disability, gender, beliefs, religious background, sex or sexual orientation. 

A collective of dance teachers and dance artists have come together to create Dance Against Racism Day where they will be delivering a series of live, interactive dance classes online, to pledge their support towards the many efforts to end racism.

On 4th July, you are invited to join in and make a stand, to dance from the comfort of your own space; embracing unity, equality, and justice for those who have faced racism in its many forms. 

It cannot be a true to life statement that All Lives Matter unless the fact that Black Lives Matter is accommodated within this. Only then will it be a reality. Dance Against Racism Day will be the perfect opportunity to dance the day away for a great cause! 

Get your friends and colleagues involved from wherever they are on the day, get fit and have fun while taking a stand against racism.

To attend simple join the Dance Against Racism Day event page on Facebook: 
https://bit.ly/3dvFZuT - Get the date into your diary today and invite a friend! 

From Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Salsa, to Commercial Dance, 70's Disco and Ballet - there is something for everyone across the day from tutors of all races. Why not perfect your twerking skills in a Twerkfit dance class or resurrect your inner 90's pop diva in the Pop Princess Britney class! These classes are being held by professional dance teachers in London and the UK, some of which are from top dance schools in London and the UK - so you are in for a treat!

All classes are family-friendly and at an open level, which means anyone can do them regardless of whether you have danced before or not. Classes last for 45 minutes and you can join in as many as you like. 

To donate to Dance Against Racism please click here: https://bit.ly/2VepcWR

Save this post in your browser so that on 4th July you can simply click the links below for each group of fun-packed dance classes. 
(See chart image below for group descriptions)

Group A & Interactive Dance Performance
Meeting ID: 306 606 7107 

Group B: 
Meeting ID: 338 865 9944

Group C
Meeting ID: 879 8425 6870 

Password: 535361

Please Note: You will need Google Chrome on a computer to be able to take part in the Improv and Technology Class.

See new articles and opportunities at: www.SheInspiredHer.com 

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  1. Ooh can't wait! �� This is amazing well done guys!


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