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Let's Talk Tanning - 6 ways to Tan Safely and get Glowing Results!

Lets talk tanning!

Nothing beats a summer glow right? We all love a bit of sunshine! Some places like Miami can have it all year round and others like England only tend to get great sunshine in the summer season! So when the sun begins to shine people across the globe will flock to their nearest beach, garden, rooftop, park or just any patch of grass they can find outdoors locally to get their tan on! 

With the sun being so readily available in the summer months especially, many people take it for granted and go out for a daily tanning session, without taking any precaution to protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun and this includes the use of tanning beds, which can be just as harmful.

For this very reason we have created this guide for our readers:

6 ways to Tan Safely and get Glowing Results:

  1. Before you tan, exfoliate - In the summertime, the only thing that should have a flake is your ice cream! Do not ignore your prep if you want a smooth, non- flaky glow! Exfoliating your skin in advance of a tanning session will remove dead skin cells, leaving a smooth surface on which to tan! So exfoliating is a great way to avoid your skin flaking under the sun’s rays.

  1. Use outdoor tanning lotions when in the sun - If you are someone who uses tanning beds you may be tempted to just use your indoor tanning lotion outdoors, this is not recommended. Most indoor tanning lotions do not offer SPF protection, which you really do need to have when tanning in the sun. So it is extremely wise to seek out the best outdoor tanning lotion to ensure that you protect your skin and go back home with healthy, glowing results! 

  1. The right SPF - For full protection and the best results you should use tanning lotions with SPF 30. Don't just go cheap, look for the best tanning products and check out tanning lotion reviews to find the best tanning products in 2020

  1. Take breaks - it can be so tempting to tan all day long but we strongly recommend taking regular breaks. Taking a break will give your skin a rest from the intense heat that it receives from the strong rays of the sun and you’ll therefore be less likely to burn. A great excuse to grab a cocktail in the shade!

  1. Change Positions - it is a good idea to reposition your body while tanning to ensure that you can get a nice even tan!  This can also prevent you from burning any parts of your body, which can occur if any part of the body is exposed to the sun for too long.

  1. After you tan - aloe vera gel can be used after tanning to make the tan last longer, it can also be soothing to your skin after a long tan session

Getting a tan can be a wonderful and safe experience so make sure that you follow our guidelines and the advice and directions on the products that you purchase.

We all have different tan-ability and you should always seek medical advice if you are worried about anything, experience extreme discomfort or see any changes to your skin's surface that may worry you after tanning sessions. 

Happy tanning!

Let's Talk Tanning - 6 ways to Tan Safely and get Glowing Results! Let's Talk Tanning - 6 ways to Tan Safely and get Glowing Results! Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 14:07 Rating: 5

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