Make Money Online with Influencer Campaigns

Are you an emerging brand who is ready to have their products go LIVE?

Struggling to find Influencers and artists for your brand?

Many brands are consistently looking for online marketing solutions and trying to scope out the best ways to make money using influencers and artists for their product promotions. 

Many approach influencers directly via social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok but often find the rates charged by popular influencers and artists out-weigh their budget restrictions. Alternatively, when they do take the risk and invest in influencer marketing, they often find that they do not get the return on investment that they had imagined would come from the collaboration. This can be highly disappointing, especially to a small business with restricted access to funding.

Celebrity Creations Management have joined forces with Artist and Influencer Management company Shodement Ltd to offer new and emerging brands the opportunity to have their products showcased and sold via LIVE online campaigns and shows, hosted by a selection of their popular influencers and artist.

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The 'Best Brands in the UK' campaign by Shodement Ltd will see these influencers and artists holding live shows online, for thousands of fans and followers throughout the summer and showcasing YOUR brand as their shows sponsor while selling your products within their tickets and campaigns!

Several successful campaigns have been rolled out with their artists and brand collaborators and Shodement Ltd are currently welcoming new brands, who want to use this process as a new and proven monthly income stream for their brand!

Here are a few successful campaigns that have already taken place:

Recent brand campaign results (June 2020)
(Artist: Angelica Lopez): Revenue: £350+ p/m

We have a wide selection of worldwide artists ready and waiting to meet your brand and collaborate 

Recent brand campaign results (June 2020)
(Artist: Jeansaura): Revenue: £250+ p/m

So how does it work and how do you get involved?

Firstly, we need you to reply to this email to let us know that you want to be a part of the 'Best Brands in the UK' campaign!

Want more information?
Simply contact us HERE

Let us know that you are interested 

Shodement Ltd's dedicated team will be in touch promptly to send you more information about the opportunities available for brands to get involved!

Their friendly team will find out more about your brand needs and will sign you up to their platform as a brand partner

Once you are on-board you will be directly matched to influencers and artists that suit your brand and the live shows will be scheduled.

Multiple shows take place every month and with the assistance of our dedicated team, this could easily become a monthly income for your brand!

Go on! Your first show with one of our talents could be as soon as next week! 
Get involved today and let's get your brand out there and selling to fans!

Contact our Brand Partnerships Manager today 

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