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10 Reasons why you should Switch from Tampons to a Menstrual Cup


Menstrual cups have been on the rise on their popularity today, yet a surprisingly high number of women have still yet to hear about this revolutionary solution!

They have been around for many years, yet the marketing behind these special cups has been pretty mediocre to say the least and therefore the masses have still not caught on! However, recently there had been a noticeable spike in companies like Ruby Cup introducing their own exciting and innovative versions of menstrual cups. Since the invention came to life in the 1930's (yes that long ago), the designs have been widely re-modelled and experimented upon over the decades, allowing for a great new range of eco and user friendly versions to emerge for women today.

Now, being creatures of comfort and routine, many may still be wondering; "why choose a menstrual cup over the standard tampons and sanitary towels I always use?" It is a fair question, and there are actually many reasons to make the switch!

We decided to create a list for our readers, of the top 10 reasons why many are saying bye bye to conventional methods and switching to the menstrual cup!

  1. A leak-free alternative

One of the biggest complaints about pads and tampons is the fact that they are restrictive methods, due to their tendency to leak if we are too active when wearing them. One strong reason for the increase in the popularity of menstrual cups has been women finding out that they are a leak-free alternatives to pads and tampons. A menstrual cup can contain blood for up to 12 hours, unlike to the tampon, which will absorb blood anywhere between 4-8 hours before leaking.

  1. Advantage of re-usability 

A menstrual cup can be used for up to a maximum of 10 years from purchasing if cleansed and kept in good form. This depends on the cup chosen and we highly recommend Ruby Cup for long term use. The amount of waste generated from the use of old school products is highly impacted by purchasing just one menstrual cup. Alongside this you will see a positive impact on your finances, no longer having to buy products on a monthly basis.

  1. Easy and simple cleansing method 

Looking at the example of the Ruby Cup cleaning method, the process is straightforward, and efficient. Before your period you should disinfect the cup by boiling for 3 minutes in a pan or Ruby Steriliser. Through the duration of your period, you simply need to rinse the cup and re-insert it. Following your period, you should disinfect the cup by the same method as mentioned before. 

  1. Eliminating the problem of menstrual odour 

Menstrual fluids develop an odour when they are released into the air. This

can be controlled by changing pads/tampons frequently during the day,

however the usage of menstrual cups prevents this issue from arising at all

due to the fluid not coming into contact with the air, leaving you with one

less concern. 

  1. They do not contain the chemicals found in pads and tampons 

  The majority of tampons are treated with chemicals in order to bleach the

cotton, and some may even contain plastic. Another harmful chemical which

can be found in pads and tampons is dioxin. Super- absorbent tampons have

been noted to pose the highest threat, releasing chemicals into the body which

may cause an overgrowth in a bacteria; Staphylococcus aureus. This problem

is once again eliminated when you purchase a menstrual cup

  1.  Preservation of the healthy bacteria in the vagina 

Unlike tampons, menstrual cups do not dry out the vagina. This can act as a form of preserving the natural, healthy bacteria in the vagina, which is important for protection from vaginal infections. The pH balance of the vagina and the bacteria is very beneficial, and will remain unharmed with the usage of menstrual cups. 

  1. An environmentally friendly alternative 

Users are usually able to use the menstrual cup for a duration of up to 10 years. That's zero waste for 10 years! No consistent tampon waste, no monthly pads in the bin, no plastic packaging going into the waste basket!

It is a fact that throwing out tampons and pads generates decades of waste which head to landfill or to the ocean, harming the environment immensely. There will also be fewer trees destroyed in the process of creating alternatives based on paper. 

  1. An economically friendly way to save money

The menstrual cup will actually save you thousands of pounds in the long

run! Yes! Purchasing a menstrual cup can be seen as an investment, as the

cup will last you numerous years. In contrast, you would probably be needing

to purchase a new pack of pads/tampons each month, costing you money that

you really no longer need to spend!

  1. Buy one, give one with Ruby Cup

Brands such as Ruby Cup give back to women and girls who do not have

access to sanitary products. Each time you make a purchase at Ruby Cup they

donate a Ruby Cup to a girl or woman who does not have access to period

care products! Such a simple act of giving can have a great impact on a young

woman's life, leading her to join you in having 10 years of a convenient, safe

and fuss-free period! Thanks to people like you they have already donated

more than 100,000 Ruby Cups and are now the worlds leading cup donor

brand! Buy one, give one now

  1.   Easy to use, even for complete beginners!

It has been said, that for anyone who has used tampons without

applicators previously, the application process of the new menstrual cup

method should be pretty straight forward. If you have never used tampons

before, it may take a moment to get used to this new method but it is

described as being easy to adapt to. Simply fold the cup so that it resembles

a tampon, aiming it directly towards the back of the vagina, and give it a

push. The cup should draw itself up from there. You should not be able to

feel the presence of the cup (awesome), once you have learned the proper

insertion method, it will just become second nature like anything else!

So there you have it! Menstrual cups are a set to revolutionise the way that women everywhere deal with their month cycle courtesy of mother nature!

Get a cup, donate a cup! Each time you get a cup at Ruby Cup, a second menstrual cup will be donated to a girl or woman without access to menstrual care products!

Contributor: Olivia Tuokila 
Edited by: Crystal Emmanuel

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