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Wednesday, 17 November 2010


"She Inspired Her" is a blog created by Crystal Celebrity who believes that "Each One Can Teach One"

'I believe that we are all here to be a learner, a teacher and an inspiration to one another. Everyone, regardless of their age, race or background, has something that they can teach someone else - so as you go through life's journey remember this, take an interest in the people you meet, listen closely to their messages and remember to leave your imprint on them also - we are all amazing people with a meaning and purpose on this earth. So bless you all for coming into my life and teaching me and I hope you will take in my teachings too' - Crystal Celebrity
If you are a female entrepreneuer of any age and wish to be featured on the "She Inspired Her" blog, contact us today with a summary of what you do and your aspirations and any web links that we can check out to:


Crys-Style Creations & Celebrity Parties PR

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