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Crystal King UK talks TV Presenting, Nigerian Artists and 'Top Boss' Movements with Heidi Presents...

Dear Inspirations!

An exciting post today featuring a fabulous woman in business!

From glistening on your TV screens to making others glisten in her mobile salon this Goddess has been spreading her glitter across the globe in a seemingly effortless fashion! So how DOES she do it???

Well today we find out, as I interview the Business Woman, TV Presenter and Qualified Therapist that is - Heidi Presents!

Crystal King UK

Heidi! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to discuss your career with us here at She Inspired Her. We can't wait to hear more about your journey in business, what you are currently up to and of course some exclusive advice and tips for our readers that may also be pursuing a career in Presenting! 

So, lets start with how you got into presenting, had you always wanted to be a presenter or did the idea for a career in presenting come later on in your life?

Heidi Presents
Well... I fell into Presenting later on! I was in the music industry beforehand, a Singer/Songwriter, and was very much around artists and musicians for many years. 
Presenting did come like second nature to me though and because of my music experience it inspired me to start my own web series 'HeidiPresents'; interviewing music artists from around the globe and discussing their life and journey while also encouraging up and coming artists.

Crystal King UK
Wow! Who knew! So once you decided that Presenting was what you wanted to do, how did you first go about getting into this industry, what primary steps did you take?

Heidi Presents
I took lessons, learning presenting skills i.e. reading auto-cue, talking to time written scripts etc and I loved it. I then went on a few online channels for various production companies, interviewing Actors and Actresses for movies etc. and then went and used my own resources to start my own online show 'HeidiPresents'.

Crystal King UK 
Do you remember your very first presenting gig? How did you feel and how did you manage to combat any nerves that you were experiencing at the time (or were you not nervous at all)?!

Heidi Presents
My first interview was quite fun actually! I guess I was in a friendly environment with good friends around me and (I had) guidance from my good friends and team members Francessca Hub, Yinka Idowu and Jeymes Samuel (Film Directors and Musician), who kept me calm. So I wasn't too nervous... I interviewed Grammy Award winning Producer Syience from the USA.

Crystal King UK
Sounds like pretty exciting stuff and a great way into the industry. I also heard that you run a part-time mobile beauty business alongside your presenting career, as well as branching into other areas like micro hair extensions and more! Is this correct? If so how do you manage to juggle multiple faculties - you serial business woman you!? Do you have any tips for our readers about how to maintain a balanced personal and family life alongside all this hard work?

Heidi Presents
Serial !!! That's funny! 
I do yes, I have a mobile beauty company 'Beauty Sense' which I have been running alongside my Presenting work for a few years now. I'm also a qualified therapist. When I am in London and not travelling I am able to see my clients and treat them with massages, facials, and all that good stuff! When I am out of the country filming I have other fantastic Beauty Therapists that cover me and carry out the treatments to the clients in my absence.
My advice to others is this: 
"Love what you do, enjoy life, try not to stress... and things will just fall into place". 
I meditate and I stay prayed up too! So I guess this helps with my busy schedule! 

Crystal King UK
Excellent advice! You have a great outlook on life and no doubt this will take you far. So who has been your most memorable client as a therapist?

Heidi Presents
By far my most memorable client that I will never ever forget is Sir Nelson Mandela whom I had the absolute honour of doing numerous massage sessions for and it was such a great privilege to meet such a wonderful man. 

Crystal King UK
Wow wow wow! Well that is an exclusive right there, what an honour indeed, no to mention that it must be GREAT for the CV!

Well done! Now that certainly deserves a round of applause (blog readers please clap - this woman is incredible)!

So where do we go from THAT revelation! Back to presenting?
Well I see that you have interviewed many a celebrity too, especially on the Nigerian music and entertainment scene! So who/what have been your favourite interviews thus far and why? 

Heidi Presents
I have yes, I'm very grateful to say I've experienced some amazing Artists from Nigeria and spent many visits there interviewing great talent, not to mention the culture and the friends that I have made in the process! Erm... it's hard to say (who is my favourite) as I love them all individually. I can say I loved interviewing 2face Idibia in his home in Lagos, as I had a lovely personal interview with him and his lovely family when I was filming the 'HeidiPresents' show in Lagos for Sound City TV (DSTV).

Crystal King UK 
You have a new reality TV series that you are the presenter for called "Top Boss" I believe? Congratulations! Tell us a little about the concept?

Heidi Presents
Yes that's correct, it's so exciting, the show is called 'TopBoss' created by my business partner Buchi Henry. It's an Online/TV show based in UK and West Africa, (described as) "a career building reality TV/Online show that delivers an unbeatable combination of creativity, fame, self-made fortune and investment opportunity. The show is set to inspire, inform, educate and empower young people by exploring the possibilities of career development. 

The first topic is " the video Makers edition" calling on all filmmakers, Directors etc! Only 12 contestants will make it in to the live rounds competing for the ultimate prize!  
It's going to be a great show. I'm excited about it. 

To view the trailer for Top Boss CLICK HERE

Crystal King UK 
Sounds like a tempting watch! Well I know that 'TopBoss' has been entered into Richard Branson/Virgin "Voom" competition for the chance to win big! Tell me more about this competition and of course how our team and readers can get involved and vote for 'TopBoss' to win! 

Heidi Presents
Yes we have been entered into a great competition last minute actually!! It's called "Voom" organised by Richard Branson of Virgin. They have put together a Media pitch Competition offering Partnership / a £1 million prize pot ! It is a HUGE opportunity for all involved.
We are appreciating all of the support from everyone and want to send out a big thank you to all whom have been supporting us along the way it means so much!
We are asking all readers who like the show idea and want to support us, to vote for 'TopBoss' TODAY!


Crystal King UK
Great stuff! Well you certainly have our vote - best of luck! Do you have any advice or links that you have use that you can recommend/suggest for our readers who are interested in pursuing a career presenting like you did? 

Heidi Presents
Believe in yourself and don't be swayed by negativity, be passionate about what you do, do lots of research on people that inspire you, mine is Oprah  Winfrey!!! 
If you are just starting out, look for training companies etc that will build your confidence and get you started.

Interview and Article by Crystal King UK 

Photography Credits: Yinka Idowu
Extracts: TopBoss

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