Sunday, 19 March 2017

#LiveWell HARP 24 Hour Relay Challenge 2017

The HARP 24 Hour Relay Challenge returns on June 24-25 at Westcliff Rugby Club in Westcliff, Essex for a positive philanthropic campaign to raise money and awareness for the homelessness within the community.
At the HARP 24 Hour Relay Challenge, charity fundraising teams and solo runners perform to complete as many successive laps of the 4 mile course within 24 hours; fundraising teams and fundraisers also receive 50% off entry when signing up for the HARP 24 Hour Relay Challenge.
In addition, HARP 24 Hour Relay Challenge participants will also commit to a £100 minimum fundraising target for HARP, Southend-on-Sea’s leading registered homeless charity which empowers the homeless within the community to get back on their feet after endless uncertainty, social isolation and great adversity.
Competing as a charity fundraiser at the forthcoming HARP 24 Hour Relay Challenge can be officially undertaken either as a team or as a solo runner; the HARP 24 Hour Relay Challenge cordially invites both advanced runners and fun runners to the philanthropic HARP event.
All charity fundraising participants who sign up to compete at the HARP 24 Hour Relay Challenge will officially receive a medal, a T-Shirt, a goody bag, free camping at the HARP 24 Hour Relay Challenge, refreshments throughout the entire day and a HARP 24 Hour Relay ChallengeGuide.

Ultimately, every step HARP 24 Hour Relay Challenge participants take will show unprecedented solidarity with individuals currently experiencing homelessness and will invariably assist HARP in defeating and reducing homelessness once and for all.                                        
                                           HARP 24 Hour Relay Challenge 2017



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HARP 24 Relay Challenge Website
HARP Official Website
HARP Twitter: @HARPSouthend
HARP Facebook: Harp Southend (Official)

Article by: +Dean Perretta of In-SpireLS Magazine

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