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Hi Inspirations,
We hope you are all well and enjoying life and business incorporated!
So Christmas is coming and were all slowly starting to think about great gift ideas (while also wondering - where did all the time go)! So what will you be wearing at the Christmas party? Or the family gathering?! And what are you going to buy for Aunty Sally?? And more importantly HOW ARE YOU GOING TO TREAT YOURSELF THIS YEAR! 
Alongside that very sentiment we decided that we would send you ladies an early post with a few gift ideas, courtesy of the amazing Argentinian Handbag line at www.Checita.com
It is so important that we all remember to treat ourselves for all of our hard work and I am pretty sure that most of us forget to do that each year - so make this year the year of ME!! (and everyone else lol)!

Checita's handbag line is a beautiful collection of real leather handbags was born of a female business  owners infatuation with the leather district in Buenos Aires!
What an AMAZING website Checita have! With nothing but page after page of exquisite handbags!

We caught up with the owner of Checita and asked her a few questions about her experience being a wonder woman (a female business owner) ;) Here's how it went...
1. So you are another female business owner! Well done, we love discovering more wonder women within this circle! So how long have you had your own business? 
The idea was born about two years ago. We did research for about a year and have spent the last year working with our manufacturer and building the website. 
2. Is this an on-line business only or do you have a shop - if you have a shop where is it? 
This is an online business but we're trying to get into a few cute boutiques if you know of any ;)  
(Any readers own a boutique or interested in connecting with Checita? GET IN TOUCH! That is the whole point of this blog - lets make these connections, you can send us any information for her or go directly via the Checita website)!
3. What advice do you have for other business start-ups about running an online businesses and selling products online? 
Just keep going. Even if it's only one small thing a week or a month, just keep plugging away and the things that seemed really difficult or completely unknown will become easier over time.
4. What has been your biggest challenge as a female business owner? 
The biggest challenge I've experienced is balancing my other work with getting the business up and running. I've found that breaking up the work into small chunks has made the larger goal more manageable.
5. What has been your biggest reward so far as a female business owner / what do you enjoy the most about it?
I enjoy networking with other female business owners and the support that we get from each other.

Checita Facts::

+ Each bag is handmade in Buenos Aires, Argentina
+ ALL bags on the site are made using the finest local leather and craftsmanship
+ Their infamously high-quality leather ensure durability 
+ Each bag is one of a kind!

The on-line Checita collection combines simple, classic and effortless style with everyday functionality!

From shoulder bags and satchels to cross body bags and wallets - Checita has everything you need!
Click to image below to see our favourite selection of HANDBAGS BY CHECITA
So without further ado.... check them out now at:


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