A logo is an icon that company’s use to represent/symbolise their business and make it instantly identifiable to both their consumers and associates the world over, as an established brand.
Using a logo gives your company an identity and can also provide a sense of what you are about overall without the use of words. Having a logo is therefore one of the most important aspects of a businesses’ physical identity.
So why do so many businesses put their logo on the back burner and say “Oh I’ll deal with that later”? It seems some start-up’s and new small businesses may be putting off having their logo professionally designed because they believe it is better to wait until their business is off the ground and moving. Some businesses are more focussed on the idea of getting money into the business and having their potential clients’ interest first, before dealing with any branding. This can initially seem fair enough, but it can also be a big mistake because starting to do business without the presence of a professional logo or any type of professional branding and marketing tools can really put you very low on the scale of professionalism, especially since you will probably have many bigger competitors already established and already branding themselves so well to the same consumers that you are trying to target yourself. 
Investing in a logo makes sure that your business is easily recognisable to all and adds credibility and sense of security when it is naturally recognised by a potential customer as something that they have seen before.
It is important to know and see that ALL of the most successful and well known businesses across the globe have their own logo that customers and associates recognise instantly. This is not by chance and should show you just how important it is to have a logo for your business identity.
The logo is there to be a representation of your brand and what you stand for. It should be simple, but also effective in delivering a small message or feeling/vibe about your company, its services  and overall professionalism.
The logo should be well designed and eye catching just enough to grab the attention of customers and should stay within their minds for the next time they come across it again.
If you do not have a recognisable image for your company it can be harder to advertise to potential customers and get their backing and confidence right away. Customer recognition creates a sense of ‘knowing’ a business or brand and a feeling of security in then taking on their services.
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  1. A logo is a graphic design or an emblem that symbolizes an organization may it be a company, business, school, etc. A logo is a distinguishing mark of any organization or company. The logo will become the business’ sole identity and it is what sets them apart from other businesses.

    A brand is often the most valuable asset of a Corporation. Brand owners manage their brands carefully to maintain trust for their customers, and brand valuation is an important management technique that describes the value of a brand, and allows marketing investment to be managed.


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