The Vanity Locks Real Hair Business Seminar 2011
Saturday 29th October 2011 | Stratford City Location | 12pm-3pm
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The hair and beauty industry is a multi million dollar industry. Growing and flourishing each day it is one of the largest industries worldwide with figures showing consistent signs of increase in growth figures. The Vanity Locks Real Hair Business seminar is a FREE seminar taking place in Stratford City, East London on Saturday 29th October 2001 from 12pm-3pm for anyone interested in working within the hair and beauty industry and also anyone wishing to sponsor or invest in this growing industry.
This event is by invitation only, please RSVP to receive location details.
Models and Live Speakers on the day will include Xaviere Mutombo (The CEO and Founder of Vanity Locks Real Hair) and Crystal Celebrity (Singer/Model/Entrepreneur and the face of Vanity Locks Real Hair)
The Vanity Locks Real Hair Business Seminar could be for you if:
+ You are already in the hair/beauty industry and want to network and expand your reach and resources
+ You are interested in starting up your own business in the hair and beauty industry
+ You want to learn more about the hair industry and how to get into it
+ You are seeking top recommendations and advice on virgin hair, products and treatments
+ You want to raise your earnings by 50%+
+ You are already in the hair industry and want to buy our products wholesale
+ You want to network and make connections with people within the hair & beauty industries
+ You would like to find investment/sponsorship opportunities or find out how you can fit in and do business with one of the biggest virgin hair suppliers in the UK
+ You are curious about how Vanity Locks can work for you
There will also be model scouts on the day seeking YOUNG & MATURE models for future Vanity Locks campaigns!
What will happen on the day of the seminar?
+ You will recieve more information on the UK hair/beauy market and how you can fit into it today+ There will be live models showcasing Vanity Locks products and hair on the day
+ You will learn about the direct business opportunities that Vanity Locks Real Hair are offering
+ You will be given in-depth details on how you will benefit from working with Vanity Locks Real Hair right away
+ You will receive advice on how to succeed and have staying power in the UK hair market and taking it worldwide with Vanity Locks+ You can get the Vanity Locks Real Hair Starter kit at the event and get started on your own business in the virgin hair industry

+ There will be training and support available from Vanity Locks Real Hair specialists
+ You will receive wholesale opportunity’s (for beauty consultants, salons & individuals)

           On the day you can go home with the Vanity Locks Starter Kit including the following:

+ Information of the different types of quality virgin hair available
+ One Month training
+ Hair Maintenance Guidance
+ Products and treatment recommendations
+ Hair Packaging
& More information and advice on getting involved
To be sent an official invite to your inbox please RSVP to Celebrity Creations Management today with your full name and a contact number and you will be added to our FREE GUEST LIST at the door for free entry.



This event and promotion is managed by:
Celebrity Creations Management
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