Hi Inspirations!
Wow is it just me or has January really come with a huge boost and full of positive energy flow? 
I have to say this new year has been full of good vibes and positive connections right from the get go and I have noted that all the people around me - both business associates, friends and family, appear to be looking forward for the solutions to their problems and going for them with great optimism, instead of complaining or feeling down about them. Which is such a beautiful and inspiring thing to be seeing - as where would we be without hope and optimism, they allow us to look forward and to move forward.
Now today's review article and female business profile on She Inspired Her is about looking at the solution to an area that will effect all women at a certain point in their lives, known as The Menopause. Seen as a scary concept to some, 'just nature' to others and not researched enough by many - surprisingly so - as we all should know about it for ourselves as well as for the other women around us who may need to know more facts about it too... How many of us really know what the menopause is and what it means for us? Some younger readers may stop reading at this point and think that this article is only for the more mature readers of the blog - yet I would urge everyone to read on because, as above, this article is about SOLUTIONS to a problem that  will occur in our lives at one point and what better than to be prepared and equip for it in advance! What's more you will be receive something FREE for your time at the end of this article - which is always a plus!

Natural Relief for Hot Flashes:

Ameenah Lutfee is a business woman with a passion for health and wellness and the creator of a site called "Natural Relief for Hot Flashes". Commendably this is an on-line business dedicated to providing answers, tips and  solutions to women who are going through or want to prepare themselves for the stage in their lives when they will go through the menopause.
Ameenah says: "My goal is to provide any woman who is facing challenges with menopause, with tons of super keys, insights, tips, strategies and down right help to get through menopause with total well-being" - yet another inspiration to us all, wanting to be able to help other women out with something crucial that we will all need to look into at some point. something that she has dealt with herself firsthand and can relate to. Ameenah's creation of this site and dedication to the facts allows women worldwide to be able to find the answers to their questions at the click of a button and for this reason she gets the She Inspired Her salute and recommendation. offers information and tips for women on the subject of menopause. It is a well rounded site with no stone left unturned and free articles including subjects like 'Living with Menopause', various natural remedies for the menopause, and natural ways to relieve and cope with hot flashes like fresh fruits, soy protein, Chinese herbal remedies and aromatherapy.
Go to: TODAY and check out all the free information available to you. 
Also as a special treat Ameenah Lutfee is offering all readers her popular FREE REPORT: 
                            30 KEY DISCOVERIES FOR HOT FLASH RELIEF
A FREE report suggested to be able to help you to:" LEARN: Natural and safe ways to take back power over your health (and to) experience the life you deserve as you mature into womanhood" 

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