The wonders of - how did they get started!

Let inspire YOU to be impulsive about your business idea! They were, and it was worth it!

So what is it that gives us that nudge to go into business?
Is it inspired thought? Wanting more out of life? A need for change? 
For many women, going into business is about all the above and more! 
We all want independence, the ability to work for ourselves, a chance to show our inner greatness, to change the world, to change our world, to move forward in life and to provide for our families in a way that can make them proud!
One female business owner we have come across runs a site called - an on-line store supplying and selling a wide range of dieting supplements available to aid women who are trying to lose weight.

We caught up with the founder and asked her a few questions about how she got started up! Here is what she had to say!

Why did you set up a diet supplements website of this kind? 
What was your motivation?

I started the company after I ordered diet supplements for myself and the girls at work! Other co workers saw the weight coming off of us and started asking me what we were taking (so) I took $95 and bought some more to try and sell, I then doubled my order the next month and so on!

Wow that sounds great so you just went with the flow, sometimes its a great benefit to us all to be impulsive and to take a small financial risk and see if it works out! In your case it really did well done!

So where are you at now with this on-line business, how are things going?

We now have 3 websites that we sell on alongside our own main web-site! 

Great so you are doing well then and glad you took the risk! Good to hear!

So how did you manage to get this on-line business off the ground while balancing it with life and work?

I would come home from work and then sit at my computer for another 3 hrs a night building my web-pages and doing research on the new products that I was ordering, so that I knew as much as possible about them if a customer asked.

Sounds like you are a dedicated to your customers in all the right ways! You know your products and have tried them too - this is very important and a great asset to you!

So do you still talk direct to your customers like you did with your work colleagues at the start?
Yes! I return all emails and phone calls myself and talk for hours on the phone with some customers (while also) checking on there diet success. I strive to give the highest quality customer service and let my customers know that I care.

Wow! Great stuff, thank you for sharing your business success with She Inspired Her Readers!

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