Today we put the She Inspired Her spotlight onto FEMALE BUSINESS OWNER Sian Rachel Gunney of  Peacock Media Group


Peacock Media Group (formally Peacock Marketing) was founded by Sian Rachel Gunney in 2011 following a successful 10 year career in Events Management and 4 years operating as a Marketing Manager. During this time Sian's experience included a whole marketing mix of graphic & web design, venue design, re-branding, budget management, strategic planning, account management, Event/celebrity management, conferences & key note speaker talks, launches, charity scheme set up, data analysis, social media optimisation (SMO) and more - WHAT AN IMPRESSIVE WOMAN!
"Let's give your company the peacock effect" 

Sian’s core experience stems from her initial role in London in the field of promotional and event management work for experiential marketing agencies from the tender age of just 16! This work had built her a strong reputation in the South West. She was called to London and offered the position of Staff Agency Manager at Impetus Communications at the age of 26. 
This role began with strategic planning of campaigns, staffing & logistics for the whole of the UK. Sian quickly picked up momentum and started pulling together PR stunts and pitches that enabled Impetus to gain multi million pound contracts such as Britvic.  Her role moved swiftly onto account management & database design and implementation.  Sian received great recognition and was head hunted by 6 major players on the London scene due to her background that was strongly focused on Marketing within the Food & Drink industry.

Sian to us is a great example of woman to look up to. Her story shows that you are never to young or too old! Sian was clearly doing great things from just 16 years of age this is a great story to show your daughters! And after climbing the ladder Sian knew when it was time for her to branch off and go it alone!
We hope our readers will take from this article the fact that strong ideas and sheer will and determination are all that is necessary to take yourself and your hard earned skills to the next level! Sian’s strengths lie in her tenacity and drive. She is a perfectionist when it comes to delivering campaigns and achieving targets and working to tight deadlines in high pressured situations! A great inspiration to us all!!
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