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She Inspired Her catch up with female Fashion Designer Kayleigh MacBeth!

Hi Inspirations!

As you will have seen from our previous posts and on some of our connected blogs we had a blast down at various events during London Fashion Week 2013
One of the great events taking place during the London Fashion Week period was London Fashions Finest, at the Westbury Hotel.

We sent down two of our assistant bloggers Carol-Ann Habasque and Laura Makloufhi to the event and from their front row seats they had nothing but admiration and appreciation for all the designers showcasing their diverse and very individual designs on the runway.  
The designers used beautiful, multi-cultured, charismatic models for their shows, it was great to see all ethnicities being represented on the catwalk and all wearing unique pieces; designed with a passion and flair that was truely awe inspiring. It was a very inspiring event with many female designers introducing us to the direct visual results of their inner vision and hard work.

Fashion Designer, Kayleigh MacBeth,  introduced her futuristic collection, filled with an array of leather, tulle, silvers, blacks and purples. This line was in its own realm to say the least and included huge examples of uniquely shaped outerwear and jackets and customized tee-shirts with the motto “You are not a robot”.

Surprisingly this was Kayleigh MacBeth's first big show! We just HAD to get an interview with MacBeth! We see just how much of an inspiration she can be for our blog readers at She Inspired Her who are also upcoming female designers and fashionistas! 
So we caught up with her after the show - check out her interview below!

Interview with Kayleigh MacBeth
By Carol-Ann Habasque

Hi Kayleigh, great show! What is the name of the Collection?
Bionic Beauty.

Which materials/textiles did you mainly use for the creations in the Bionic Beauty Collection?
I wanted to use bold fabrics and decided to use lots of unusual leathers and laser cut satin. I was also able to source liquid crystal fabric which is basically heat reactive fabric that acts like a mood ring and changes to the heat of the wearers body.

Oh wow! Some fantastic creativity went into this collection - very cool! What were your feelings/inspirations when you created it?
I have always been a space geek and you can find this out through my work. I love futuristic music, style and architecture. I find by creating a character profile, it allows me to go in to depth with a theme and I decided to create a character who is half human, half robot this allowed me to pull out the beautiful feminine silhouette with sharp and bold design details.
How long does it roughly take to create a collection of this kind?
I think big, so when creating the gowns it can takes hours of making sure I have the right fit and structure before I even start embellishing the garments with hundreds of beetle wings I have used throughout my collection.

Which symbol, or message do you want to pass through your collection?
To provoke thought and wonder. The human race has changed and adapted more in the last hundred years than it has in all of its existence. The future will be amazing and powerful and I like to force people to think of how cars have replaced horses and carts, what will replace cars?

Give us three words that define the Bionic Beauty collection!
Beautiful. Fierce. Bold!
Did you enjoy the show and the event overall? 
The show was amazing, I was so happy to be selected for the show!
The whole Fashions Finest team were brilliant and made me very welcome, as I still feel like a baby in the fashion industry and this was my first big show and they were so lovely. 
I look forward to what exciting things come from the show.

Many thanks to Kayleigh MacBeth for her answers and her astonishing collection!

Don't miss Kayleigh MacBeth launching her online boutique in May selling her collection and more RTE pieces on ASOS Market place!
To see more of Kayleigh MacBeth creations visit her website:
To get in touch with her: kayleighmacbeth@hotmail.co.uk

For more information on Fashions Finest events go to:

Article written by Crystal King
Interview by Carol-Ann Habasque
Celebrity Creations Management
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