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The London Wedding Network
"Live the lessons learned, learn the lessons lived"  
Today She Inspired Her puts the spotlight on the 'London Wedding Network' (LWN)
Last week LWN held their amazing event at Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf and they are now in preparations for the next event, so what better time to get up-close and personal with the organiser and find out more about the event and the overall London Wedding Network Brand

The event organiser, Fiona Yorke agreed to sit with us and tell us a little more about this unmissable event! 

Laura Makhloufi interviews Fiona Yorke of the London Wedding Network:

Please tell us a bit about your professional background before working in the Wedding and Events Industries?
I've worked since I left school in a variety of jobs, from packing boxes and being a receptionist to waitressing at Pizza Hut; but this was always alongside my academic studies. 
I eventually gained  a BA Honors degree in  Criminology/Health and Policy Studies after three years, and continued to study for a BSC Criminal Justice Degree/Probation diploma for another two years. I qualified as a Probation Officer in 2007 and in 2010 I realised that having attained a career in the criminal justice system, I could also pursue my business achievements within the wedding and Events Industry. 

For you, what are the rewards and benefits are to be gained from working in the events and wedding industries?
The rewards are that its is just a diverse industry. No wedding is the same and neither is an event. Events are investments of time, money and energy, so in  my view they should be planned and executed well. It is rewarding when an event goes well and as social person, it always provides the opportunity to meet loads of talented and skilled people.

Would you say that there are a lot of men working in the wedding industry from your experience? Or is it a more dominated by women as the common stereotype may suggest?
In my experience, it depends on the field. You will find just as much male photographers as you do female - if not more. When I think of the different types of services, wedding dress, cakes, event planning, photography, I've seen both males and females that provide these services. And if I haven't met them personally, I have known that they exist via television or on-line.

Great! So if our readers were to attend The London Network event what should they expect to see and experience at the event? 
Attendees can expect to meet like-minded individuals who are serious about growing their businesses and working together on future projects. 
The events are bespoke for wedding industry suppliers and the informal approach provides attendees the opportunity to become visible.
If we don't know who you are, we can't refer business to you. By knowing who you are and what you do, we can refer our clients to you when they ask for a specialist service that we do not provide. Its a great way to build business relationships and since the Launch of London Wedding Network in 2012 - many guests have continued to network and worked on projects in between LWN events.

Is the event planning industry competitive in London - if so how do you set yourself apart from your competition?
I would say that it is a very competitive industry, but its understandable with the average wedding costing £20,000. That's a huge investment! Weddings are very personal and emotive occasions, so it is very important for clients to choose the right suppliers. I set myself apart from the competition by co-hosting the London Wedding Network and providing a service that will deliver as much attention to detail as the client wants or simply offer assistance where it is needed the most!

Please share with our readers your favourite motto or inspirational quote?
I have so many but at the moment:
"Live the lessons learned, learn the lessons lived"  

Want to attend the next London Wedding Network event or to exhibit?
Contact: info@myukevents.co.uk

To learn more about Fiona and her project view her website:

Article Written by Crystal King
Interview by Laura Makloufhi
Celebrity Creations Management

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  1. Great interview. Very inspirational.

  2. Great interview ... agree that successful networking is about like-minded people in working together to grow each other's businesses ... mutual help : mutual benefit principle

  3. Thanks Nadine and Sunshine Coast Wedding Network - we are glad you found the post to be inspiring


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