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As the Founder of The Pamper Sessions events, many of you have come to me for advice on how to dress your stands at exhibition and trade events like The Pamper Sessions. So naturally I have decided to do a post on the She Inspired Her blog, to give some direction on the matter and to suggest some helpful hints and tips that we use within the event ourselves.

Is the way that you present your stand really that important? 
YES! Of course! When guests come to an exhibition event like The Pamper Sessions they are coming to find something new, grab a deal, have a look, have a feel, give it a try, hopefully invest!
As an exhibitor it is definitely your job to gauge their interest, reel them in to your stand and give them something to marvel at when they get there! Think about those BIG SALE 50% OFF signs that pull us into various high street stores every time without fail - even when we had no intention of buying anything that day at all! In contrast do you remember the shop that you passed by completely because it looked a bit empty and didn't even have a sign on the door? What were THEY selling?! You still have no idea - you didn't go inside...

What can Exhibitors use to make their stand interesting?
As you can imagine each of the exhibitors showcasing at The Pamper Sessions (or any exhibition event) will probably be at various different levels and stages in their journeys as a business and brand. Some are well established brands and serial exhibitors! They have done it a million times and have developed their own formulas for bringing in the crowd and hitting their sales targets each hour. These stands tend to be at an advanced stage in terms of their styling and branding too. They have had time to work out what does and doesn't work. Other exhibitors will be newly established brands who have just qualified in their field or are taking their first steps in terms of direct sales to the public! You may be stepping into a new territory - but this does not mean that you cannot do a great job!  Whichever one of these positions you are in - there are always ways to make your exhibition stand unique, enticing, presentable and PROFESSIONAL
Here are some examples of past exhibitors stands at The Pamper Sessions:

The single stand that we supply starts off looking like this:

 photo photo1_zpsbf054f4a.jpg

Xclusive Lingerie did a MEGA SALE at the event  using banners and their live sale site on their laptop to attract card buyers also - there is a cash machine in the venue and a wifi package can also be purchased by exhibitors 
What do we supply you at The Pamper Sessions?
With a single standard exhibition stand at The Pamper Sessions you recieve 
- 1x Large Table (see images above)
- White Linen for your table will be in place when you arrive
- 2x Chairs (please advise if you require more chairs)
We suggest the following when you are considering what to bring on the day- you can bring all or just some of these things - they are just suggestions so it is best to do what works best for you and your brand.
More info:

Everybody loves a bargain! Why not do a "SPECIAL DEAL TODAY ONLY" sign or "TRY BEFORE  YOU BUY" to attract an audience.
This Benefit Make-up seller used SPECIAL OFFER signs and display stands to show off  their products on their stand
These can be simple print out or created professionally - both work as long as they are visually stimulating and professionally presented 

Some company's like to stand out by having a backdrop banner or a side banners at their stand - these help the customer to see what you are offering from afar and can be a good way to promote your company logo, services and website/contact info

Some exhibitors place their products directly onto the white linin provided which can be fine but others prefer to have them presented in baskets or on product stands - this can help the customer to see products better from across the room or as they come up the stairs into the event. It also can give off more of a professional image for your stand as it is then more like a 'pop-up-shop' upgrade from a market stall presentation.
 photo SDC13869_zps4ebc408b.jpg
Yes Essentials displayed products and also used branded banners and leaflets and sample pots to entice customers
Allowing customers to sign-up for something is a great way to do some data collection. Some customers may be interested in buying from you another day if they are not able to get what you are selling that same day - so asking them if they want to join your mailing list for future deals could potentially lead to future sales after the event. How about adding a competition so that one lucky person who signs up can get a free prize from your stand?

We do supply you with fresh white linin for your exhibition table - but this doesnt stop you from bringing your own! We are happy for you to put any creative twist onto your stand that you wish. We want you to stand out just as much as you do! In the past exhibitors have used baloons, confetti, fresh flowers, free candy and more to make their stand approachable and interesting!


Again this is all down to preference and neither of the above options is to be considered right or wrong! Some people love a good old market stall others want something a little more glam! So we always advise that you do this through preference, considering the image that you want for your company - is it natural, simple and effective OR do you want extravagent and glamorous?? You decide!

Want to book an exhibition stand?
Check out one of The Pamper Sessions past stall holders' testimonials
Vanity Locks Real Hair -

Past Stall holder Xaviere Mutombo of Vanity Locks supplied the following testimonial:

Xaviere said: "Vanity Locks Real hair exhibited at the last three editions of The Pamper Session’s as a stall holder where we managed to show case our quality Peruvian and Brazilian hair to new and existing customers of Vanity Locks. This is such a great event, filled with networking opportunities and a platform to market Vanity Locks further. It was such a great turn out, that the Vanity Locks stall managed to sell a large number of stock, making over £1000 in just under 3 hours and it was all thanks to Celebrity Creations Management, once again thank you for a wonderful opportunity and keep up the good work.
Ms Xaviere MutomboCEO of Vanity Locks Real Hair
Article written by Crystal King 
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