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Event Review: Women in business and Women in the Boardroom

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Image from Diva Visions 

Event: Women in business and Women in the Boardroom -

Reviewed by Crystal King
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On 1st April 2014, I attended the 'Women in Business and Women in the Boardroom' event at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) conference rooms. An event hosted by Mavis Amankwah, CEO of Diva Visions, who were celebrating their third year as a premier business club for women.

The event had a great vibe and air about it from the moment I entered and collected my pre-printed name badge from the smiling receptionist (always a plus) and proceeded to enter the buzzing, spacious and fully attended conference rooms, where the event was being held.

The event featured motivational stories and inspiring speeches from some great and influential business women including Ann McPherson, (MD of Diversity in Business), Heather Melville (Director Strategic Partnership Transactions Services UK, Sophie Lau: (BBC 2013 Apprentice Candidate),

Lola Owolabi (President of the Women of Destiny Ministries & Proud to be),  and Mavis Amankwah herself (CEO of Diva Visions).

The knowledge, experience and expertise honed by these speakers, was presented to an audience of both aspiring and established  business women (and a few men), through relatable and commendable stories taken from their 
individual personal journeys as women in business and in the corporate world.

Now, as always, for those of you who couldn't make it down to the event, just to ensure that you didn't miss out completely -  you can now read my highlights from the event below; including some of the great advise, direction and quotes taken from the speeches from these fabulous business women who are here to inspire! Enjoy!

Image from Diva Visions

Heather Melville - Director Strategic Partnership Transactions Services UK and Global Founder of Our Womens Network 

I start with Heather Melville's speech on the day as it was my favourite speech of the evening! Full of personality and passion, with a laid back stance as she stood before us, 
Melville really did take the audience on a journey! I found myself seeing clearly each scenario that she described during her tales about her journey as a woman of colour in the business world. I easily imagined through her words, how it would have felt and looked like to her at the time. Her story telling allowed the audience to really be inspired by her journey and to really take relatable insight from her words and lessons.

A passionate Melville, when looking back to the earlier days of her career mentioned that in many of the roles she took on at the start, she was "the first black woman within those roles" but she went on to assure all women of colour that "being black didn't hinder NOR propel me - I just stayed focused on my goal" 

Other insightful quotes taken from her speech included:
"Be confident, be passionate and know what you stand for" 
"Always have an end goal that you are working towards" 
"Don't let anyone tell you what you cant do - Believe in yourself"
"Ask for forgiveness! NOT permission!" 
"Have positive people in your life rather than dream stealers - if they are not for you they're against you"! 

Image of Sophi Lau from Diva Visions

Sophie Lau - BBC 2013 Apprentice Candidate

We were all treated to a refreshing and bubbly speech from Sophie Lau, best known for her participation as a candidate on BBC series 'The Apprentice". She totted up to the platform, a tiny lady in her "killer heels" and blessed us all with her personality!

Her speech included some great moments that left the crowd giggling with her and ended with applause! My best quote from her speech, to sum up her tongue in cheek attitude and witty banter was:
"Go for opportunity! What's the worst thing that can happen??? You fail...? Well how bad is that? Your not dead are you"!!!
Indeed a great ball of energy in a small package and an enjoyable speech.

Anne McPherson - MD of Diversity in Business:

Here are a selection of my top favorable Quotes from Anne McPherson's talk at the event:

"Never assume people will notice you - put yourself out there" 

"Operate outside of your comfort zone"
"You have to put yourself forward for things ... don't just wait for people to recognize or find you" 
We can all choose to "react" (emotionally) or "respond" (logically) - it is important to be careful with the one you choose to go with in business / professional situations.

Lola Owolabi:

President of the Women of Destiny Ministries & Proud to be me 
My top favorable Quotes from Lola Owolabi's talk at the event were:
"Parents/Teachers cannot give what they don't have"
"If she can, so can you"!

Image of Mavis Amankwah from Diva Visions 

Mavis Amankwah - CEO of Diva Visions

Before we all proceeded to the post event networking sessions Mavis Amankwah herself graced the stage to thank everyone for attending and to congratulate them for taking another step toward their own futures as women in business by attending the event! With a contagious smile Amankwah told us about her own journey to where she is today and the obstacles that she herself had to face to get to where she is today! She also shared with us a key component to her success saying:
"Constant marketing and PR is the reason I am so relevant"  further explaining "You can't go wrong with opportunity", sharing the crucial fact that she takes all opportunities that come her way, as each time she does this, she is getting herself out there!
Mavis ended her talk with the closing remark: "I'd rather die trying than not to try at all"

Congratulations to Diva Visions for an all round incredible event (with yum yum yummy canopies - more like 'dinner time' than the regular mini snacks we are used to at such events! Here at She Inspired Her we wish you many more happy birthdays to come! 

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To find out more about Diva Visions and see images from this event CLICK HERE

Thank you and I hope you leave this page inspired!

Crystal King - She Inspired Her 

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Event Review: Women in business and Women in the Boardroom Event Review: Women in business and Women in the Boardroom Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 21:43 Rating: 5

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