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Are exhibition events and pop-up shops the new black?

Are exhibition events and pop-up shops the new black?
An article by Crystal King (Founder of The Pamper Sessions)

In the fast paced worlds of beauty and fashion the new "must have" product that everyone suddenly HAS to purchase, can emerge as often as the rain in London! Sporadically and without warning! Often, brands who do not keep up with these trends get left in the dust and may as well call themselves vintage; as they are certainly not going to qualify as fresh or newly 'on trend' with the fellow beauty junky or fashionista; whom make it their weekly duty to keep up with and follow all of the latest trends! 

So beyond the products that we are selling in these industries, is this theory now also proven to be true for the actual 'business' aspect of how we are approaching our target market today? Is the 'hot topic' nature of the 'pop-up' shop and of the 'experiential exhibition' event here to stay and outshine that of the high street shop? Is it REALLY no longer good enough to just open up a store and stay put behind your counter waiting for the customers to roll in?

Research would suggest that a big change has emerged in the business of selling and  promoting beauty brands and products. Over the past 5 years the popularity and volume of attendance to beauty and well-being related exhibition events has been immense at centers such as the Excel London and Earls Court. Whereas the popularity of the high street store has been reported to have decreased considerably (of course the online shopping craze has also swept the earth in recent years and has contributed in a big way to this decrease also)

With a recorded 22,681 guests and 525 brands attending the last Olympia Beauty event in London in 2013;  it is evident that there is a new beauty hungry crowd who desire nothing less than to shop till they drop and try before they buy, at a venue containing hundreds of brands all together under one roof! 

Emerging exhibition events like The Pamper Sessions expo have recorded long waiting lists of hopeful exhibitors, lining up to get an exhibition space for their brand within the event; many already with their own salons or mobile businesses, but still wanting to join in with the pop-up exhibition trend! 

A healthy mixture of large and small businesses are both applying to exhibit at such events, so a conclusion can be made that this isn't just the case of freelancers wanting a place to sell! Established brands getting involved as both sponsors and exhibitors shows that there is a demand and necessity for these brands to get their products out there and noticed by the consumer, through methods that reach beyond the comfort of high street shelves.

So gone are the days when you could just set up shop and wait for the world to turn up at your doorstep! Extend your brands reach to a new audience today!

We recommend you check out The Pamper Sessions; a Hair, Beauty, Fitness and We'll-Being exhibition event based in London Docklands: www.thepampersessions.blogspot.co.uk

To find out more information and to apply to exhibit your brand at the next edition of The Pamper Sessions contact: 
Email: ThePamperSessions@live.com 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thepampersessions 
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ThePamperTeam

Are exhibition events and pop-up shops the new black? Are exhibition events and pop-up shops the new black? Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 21:38 Rating: 5

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