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Hey Inspirations!

The winter period has officially kicked in, the temperature has dropped and the festive season is fast approaching...and we all know what that can mean for many of us; food, food, food, alcohol and more food! 

We all know those indulgent, succulent, juicy, eat the TV screen adverts by Marks and Spencer are on their way to tempt us beyond belief to eat all we can...! We can't save you all but She Inspired Her will attempt to save a few of you with this post! 
We all love to indulge in good food and merriment during the holidays, but come January there can be an air of REGRET from having taken that 5th and 6th helping!! 

Well we have no time for regrets here at She Inspired Her! 
Florian Pierini visited She Inspired Her and dropped off a 30 Day Squat Challenge for all of our readers to DOWNLOAD, save on your desktops and DO EACH DAY for the next 30 DAYS!

Join us in getting a head start on our keeping fit regime with

Florian Pierini is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Model who specialises in areas including training, nutrition, supplements and more! 
Join Florian directly via Facebook to get this deal:

SPECIAL DEAL of  £40 per hour session for 10 sessions: 

"If you DARE to be great, Expect and Embrace it"!
Florian Pierini - Motivation

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