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Fashions Finest - a great platform for Female Designers in the Uk and Beyond!

It is a new month and everyone is starting to have thoughts of 'what to wear' for the winter season! So as we are in a fashion mood - lets take a look back at the amazing highlights from the Fashions Finest LFW SS15 Show that took place this year!

Into their ninth season, the highly acclaimed and multi-award winning fashion events organiser ‘Fashions Finest’ held yet another stunning showcase at The Grand Connaught in Holborn. The event flawlessly displayed Thirteen UK and international designers in support of London Fashion Week SS15.  Crawling with press and the fashion frantic, Fashions Finest delivered a show with a professional catwalk flare executed with complete order and as rare as it’s heard, every aspect was fashionably prompt!

Fashions Finest has established itself as one of the largest off-schedule shows of London Fashion Week. Lights, camera, catwalk!  The designers showcased their beloved creations with complete confidence and flair with perfectly casted models; to a full house audience.

From my front row seat, I was surrounded by glistening eyes, full of positive fashionable critique! Nib to paper, pen inks were flowing from fellow bloggers writing their reviews. Shutters, flutters and flashing lights filled the room as awe inspiring models flaunted numerous designs on the runway.

In between the two shows, new blossoming designers displayed their own creations out in the foyer ready for attendees, buyers and press to explore.  One thing that struck almost instantly, was the vast concoction of culture and its intricate fusion with London fashion.  Designers originating from the Black and Asian continent were prominent.  

Most if not all of the designers were also female entrepreneurs who were juggling their passion for creative fashion and the every day challenges of being a woman.
Speaking to these inspirational and talented women, I learned some have been designing, creating and even inventing new fashion pieces for years. 

Alongside the experienced, there were blossoming creatives’ who were in the early stages of their own little empire but full of confidence and vision for their futures in fashion. These women are holding down or it may be fairer to say ‘up’ dreams alongside managing children, family and multiple jobs.

Fashions Finest respectively gets all the dues for being a great platform. The significance of empowering women in fashion will most definitely continue to thrive with such organisers around.

Fashions Finest can be rightfully recognised as a company that has made it their business to support and strengthen the abilities of these women, essentially in providing a gateway to mass media and primary level networking.

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Article by Jenny N Khatun
Edited by Crystal King

Fashions Finest - a great platform for Female Designers in the Uk and Beyond! Fashions Finest - a great platform for Female Designers in the Uk and Beyond! Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 14:25 Rating: 5

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